Get Closer to F(X) Member, Krystal Jung: Profile, Age, Height, Dramas, Facts, etc

Krystal Jung’s Fashion Style

The Jung sister most envied by their good looks and their fashion sense. Since Jessica left SNSD, she focused more on her fashion business. Jessica’s talent for fashion actually runs in the Jung’s family as Krystal’s style always become a trend.

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Krystal being a fashionista was invited several times to Fashion Week events around the world. Her most iconic outfit was from Milan Fashion Week this year when she showed up with a femme fatale concept. Her bold fashion taste make her unique features more prominent. The candid photos above are taken by fans yet Krystal still managed to look gorgeous. She also styled her hair differently for this special occasion.

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Her red carpet appearances look slightly different with her usual style, since she always looks so elegant. Her princess-like beauty and demeanor also stand out with her simple yet beautiful dresses. In most occasions, Krystal always chooses simple items with not much detail. Her choice of jewelry is also minimal and simple. Other than that, Krystal also let her hair be just naturally styled with not much accessories.

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When it comes to casual looks and airport fashion, Krystal always chooses the most simple and laid-back attire. She pairs basic items with an occasional statement through her shoes or bag or nothing at all. Her color choice is also safe with mostly natural or simple colors such as brown or navy. With only simple items, Krystal still manages to look stylish yet comfortable.

Krystal’s Instagram (@vousmevoyez)


After closing her instagram account back in 2013, Krystal finally opened a new one in 2015 under the name “Vousmevoyez”. Her username is in French with the meaning of “You see me”. Krystal shares a lot of her personal stuff in instagram. But it’s really interesting to look at since most of the pictures are aesthetically beautiful. She often shares quirky photos of herself in her daily activities. Krystal also gives nice content about her and her sister, Jessica.

It’s hard not to love they way she expresses herself in the form of photos. So go follow and support Krystal on her instagram account (@vousmevoyez)!

Latest News of Krystal Jung in 2018


Earlier this year, Krystal cut her hair short. She changed her signature black long hair after some long time. She wanted a fresh start for a new and fresh appearance. While she’s still a member of F(x) she actively joins many productions such as dramas and movies. She also has a lot of commercial offers throughout the year that make her super busy. The last offer was from Audi, a brand of luxury car.

Recently, she has hit massive success with her latest drama Prison Playbook. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, she revealed her thoughts on the possibility of leaving F(x) and being tagged as an idol-actress. Krystal assures the fans that she will never leave the group. Even though she successfully played many memorable roles in dramas, she will never get rid of her ‘idol’ title. The question arose since F(x) has been inactive for long time without a comeback. Let’s pray for the best for F(x) and Krystal!