The Disbandment of f(x) and the New Future for Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal

Sulli’s Solo Activity and Most Recent News

Sulli was a featured singer in Dean’s single Dayfly, released on November 9, 2018, and it was her first release since leaving f(x) in 2015.

On June 29, 2019, she made her debut as a solo artist with the single album “Goblin”, and held a special stage titled Peaches Go!blin at the SM Town Theater on the same day.

Sulli was found dead in her apartment on October 14, 2019. According to police statements, the performer, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, died from suicide. Choi Sulli’s body was found by her manager on Monday morning.

In a police statement, the 25-year-old idol is known to have acute depression. Sulli is indeed known as one of the Korean idols who often gets hate comments. A few simple things she did seemed to easily ignite netizens.

Sulli’s outspoken figure is considered controversial in the Korean entertainment industry scene. One of the controversial decisions she made was when she claimed not to wear a bra. This personal decision actually ignited bullying and hate comments. “Not wearing a bra is a form of freedom,” said the late Sulli on the Night of Hate Comment on the JTBC channel, on July 21, 2019.

When I upload photos without wearing a bra, people talk about it. I could be scared, but I’m not because I think it would be better if people started to throw away their prejudices,” Suli continued. Beyond the matter of how she dressed, there are many more controversies involving Sulli, including her love affair with Choiza and being accused of liking the sasme sex, after kissing Goo Ha-ra, her best friend.

Well, we hope she has her peace now.

That was all the information we could gather about f(x)’s disbandment and the members’ future. Let’s keep supporting them for whatever path they choose, and, as always, kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below!