Here Are Fun Facts You Never Knew About ‘Cheese in the Trap’ Actor Park Hae-jin

The Handsome Korean Actor Park Hae-jin

Park Hae-jin is a Korean actor who’s best known for his work in the drama “Cheese in the Trap”, in a lead role. Park Hae-jin was getting attention for his acting talent well before that, though, and actually won his first Best New Actor award at the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards for his very first role, in Famous Chil Princesses, in 2006.

In this article, Channel-Korea will let you know more fun facts about Park Hae-jin!

Fun Facts About Park Hae-jin:

  • He’s a Busan guy.
  • He made his acting debut in 2006 through the drama Famous Chil Princesses.
  • He is ambidextrous, which means he can use either of his hands for most tasks. You can see it in the web drama 7 First Kisses, when he uses a chopstick with his left hand. At fan sign events, he uses his right hand for writing.
  • He thinks he has the best chemistry onscreen with the actress Kim Go-eun.
  • In 2010, Park Hae-jin was investigated for evading mandatory military service by claiming to suffer from mental conditions. However, his military exemption has since been officially cleared.
  • The actor was exempted from fulfilling his military duty because he had suffered from depression from a very young age, and was treated at the hospital from June 2003 to November 2005.
  • It’s all because his parents divorced when he was young.
  • Not much is known about his early life. He moved back in with his mother after being away from her for more than 17 years.
  • In 2011, Park Hae-jin participated in a jewelry exhibition in Japan and showcased his own designs along with many famous jewelry designers and artists.
  • In 2012, Park Hae-jin launched his own jewelry brand, PHJ Kiss, in Japan and had been designing jewelry for the brand. His collection was limited in number.
  • In 2014, he sued netizens who spread malicious and false rumours about his personal life.
  • Also in 2014, Park Hae-jin had  a volunteer service event with his fans and the netizens who left him hurtful comments.
  • He opened the “Park Hae-jin Theater” in Tianjin’s Lotte Cinema, China.
  • He’s never had plastic surgery.
  • His hobby is collecting sneakers. He admits to having more than 1,800 pairs of shoes.
  • Park Hae-jin is also a fashion designer. In 2014, he made a collaboration with V-Modern (China brand). Here some of his designs.
  • He’s been nicknamed “Donating Angel” because of his philanthropy and volunteerism.
  • He currently lives with his niece and nephew, who are three and six years old. He said that he always feels really happy whenever he sees them.
  • In an interview, he said that “Just before I go to bed, I’ll search my own name using my phone. It’s my habit to check whether there’s any negative news before I sleep. “Is there anything wrong? Are there any issues I don’t know about?” That’s what goes through my head as I search my name.”
  • The first thing he does after he wakes up is drinks some water.
  • Interviewer: What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time?Park Hae-jin: I don’t really look at a specific part of a person. Rather than that, I look at the person as a whole and see what sort of feeling and aura I can sense from him/her.
  • While he says he is not that close to other celebrities when he does befriend someone the friendship lasts. “I maintain friendships for a long time once I get close to someone,” he said. “I’ve kept up friendships with Dynamic Duo, Bae Doo-na and Yoo Seung-ho.”
  • His favorite superhero is Ironman!
  • He said that he could be a good Ironman because most superheroes are either born with or somehow inherit their superpowers, but Ironman is different. He’s just a normal guy who becomes extraordinary with the help of the things and people around him. So he is confident that he’d make a good Ironman, too.
  • Originally, Park Hae-jin was cast for Lee Jae-kyung’s role in SBS’ popular drama My Love from the Star. Suddenly the rookie actor who was cast for Lee Hwi-kyung stepped down from the drama, so Park Hae-jin took over the role and Shin Sung-rok was quickly added for the Lee Jae-kyung role. The part get him a lot of attention from public, even if it was only a supporting role.

  • Even though he’s previously said that he wants to get married at 35, the actor, who will turn 35 next year, commented in 2017 that this now seems unlikely and that he doesn’t even have any thoughts about it at the present.
  • Park Hae-jin’s nationality is Korean, and his ethnicity is South Asian.
  • The actor, who is able to donate $50 million, must receive a tremendous salary. Besides his acting work, he has other several sources of income and his net worth, as of 2018, is an estimated $10 million. He drives a car which cost him $164,924 KRW.
  • The actor has proven again and again that he has a charitable heart. He even had a theater in China named after him because of his generosity. All the proceeds from this theater go to charity.
  • He loves to give presents.”I will give anything to the people closest to me, the ones that I treasure most,” he said. “I think my future girlfriend might feel a bit jealous knowing that whether the person I cherished was male or female, I might still buy them a pair of nice shoes.”
  • Park Hae-jin has a unique way of dealing with his haters. Instead of proceeding in suing the netizens who spread malicious comments about him. He invited those who apologized to do a community service program with him.
  • Having been in the acting industry for 11 years, Park Hae-Jin has a number of accomplishments to his name. In 2006, which was his debut year, Park won a Best New Actor award at the KBS Drama Awards. He also won the Best Couple award with his co-star Lee Tae-ran for Famous Chil Princesses’.
  • At the 43rd Baeksang awards in 2007, he won the Best New Actor award for his performance in his debut TV series Famous Chil Princesses.
  • In the same year, he won the Excellence Award for Actor in a Daily Drama and the Best Couple Award with his co-star Han Hyo-joo at he KBS Drama Awards for Like Land and Sky.
  • In 2008, he was named as the Best New Actor at the MBC Drama Awards for his series East of Eden.
  • A year later, he was honoured with the Popular Star Award at the 4th Asia Model Awards. He was also nominated for the Excellence Award for Actor in a Mid-Length Drama at the KBS Drama Awards for his series Hot Blood.
  • In 2012, he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award at the KBS Drama Awards for his role in My Daughter Seo-young. He won the Best Asia Star Award at the 2012 LETV Film & Drama Awards.
  • In 2014, My Love from the Star earned him 3 nominations: Excellence Award, Actor at the &th Korea Drama Awards, Excellence Award, Actor in Miniseries at 3rd APAN Star Awards, and Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special at the SBS Drama Awards. He also won the 7th Style Icons Award.
  • In 2015 and 2016, Park won a Top Excellence Award and a KDA Award for his performance in Bad Guys.
  • He also received Actor of the Year, Best Artist Award, and the Best Actor in Miniseries award for Cheese in The Trap.
  • He answered a few personal questions about his dreams and what he thought about his looks in an interview:

Interviewer: What’s something that you would like to do before you die?

Park Hae-jin: I want to do everything that an ordinary person does – such as get married. It doesn’t need to be anything grand or special, but just something mundane that an average person would do.

Interviewer: What makes you nervous?

Park Hae-jin: There’s a lot that makes me nervous – be it a hotel that I haven’t stayed in or somewhere that’s foreign. As a celebrity, there’s always a lot of attention on me so even if I’m right in front of my house – as long as it’s somewhere that has others apart from me – I’d start to feel a bit nervous.

Interviewer: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the least handsome and 10 being the most handsome, please rate your looks.

Park Hae-jin: Most people wouldn’t be fully satisfied with their own looks… So I’d give myself a seven. I don’t think my appearance is perfect; neither am I dissatisfied with how I look in general. I think I’m above average and I don’t have a particular feature that I find fault with, but I’ve deducted the remaining three points from my overall appearance.

Interviewer: You’ve been called the heart vending machine by fans. Do you agree with this nickname?

Park Hae-jin: To be honest, I’m not a person who shows aegyo or gives out hearts often. Fans would always say “Please show us a heart ” when they were taking photos so that’s where it all started. The fans have shown a good reaction to it and I’m happy to see them happy and that’s why I’ve continued showing the heart gesture in many pictures. So yes, I acknowledge that I’m now a heart vending machine.

I really like waving when taking photos and it’s also a way to say hello, but it never turns out well because photos are still images. It ends up looking like I was just posing with a hand up.

Interviewer: What would you do if you won the lottery?

Park Hae-jin: I’m not the kind of person who is lucky enough to win at such things but if I really did do so, I’d only want to spend it on good things. Currently, I have a lot of people that I’m helping, so I would use the money to build something or to help them even more.

Interviewer: You constantly make donations and do voluntary service. What do you treasure about the help you receive from others? 

Park Hae-jin: I’m always receiving help. My agency is my fence. I have a manager and a staff who make sure to give me what I need. All I have to do is to be a good actor. I’m always thankful to be in this situation.

Interviewer: A drama that makes you go through many emotions? 

Park Hae-jin: There was My Daughter Seo Young which marked my return after a long hiatus. The writer wrote the role to fit me perfectly. “Bad Guys” is my favorite work because I was able to work with awesome sunbaes, so it was nice.

Interviewer: Your drama’s genre? 

Park Hae-jin: It’s a very hardcore one. It’s hard, but it has an unstoppable charm.

Interviewer: The most dramatic moment of your life is?

Park Hae-jin: Just like people say there’s no way to die, that a crisis is an opportunity, I think I always find my way out of dramatic situations. It will happen again, but I will proudly overcome them.

Interviewer: When are you the happiest while acting? 

Park Hae-jin: When I’m being recognized as an actor. When people feel comfort, laugh, and cry while watching my acting, when I come across a good scenario.

Interviewer: Your interviews give the impression that you’re a perfectionist.

Park Hae-jin: I like following a good line a litle bit different from perfection. It’s like measuring with a ruler. It’s not mysophobia, it’s paranoia. I like when objects around me are placed in a straight line.

Interviewer: What do you think is the most imporant thing in human relationships?

Park Hae-jin: Trust. My mind is a bit old-fashioned. I think affection is the first thing people should share. I know everybody doesn’t think that way these days. There are many things I realize as I’m getting older.

Interviewer: What have you been figuring out lately?

Park Hae-jin: You don’t just earn money because you want to earn money. You can’t own all the things that you want. Things depend on the efforts I make. Money, work, people. Is the right line to follow? A penny saved is a penny earned, but I don’t want to live a life by being stubbornly clingy because it’s not meaningful either to get close to someone just because you force yourself to do it.

Interviewer: So making friends is the hardest thing for you?

Park Hae-jin: I’m a bit cold-hearted.

Interviewer: Is this what your entourage says?

Park Hae-jin: Many people tell me that I form and end relationships like a knife. Same goes in my work and when I’m in a relationship. If she says “let’s break up”, I’ll reply something like “okay”.