As Leader and Oldest Member, Let’s See More About SHINee’s Onew

SHINee’s Onew: Dating Rumors


When he was asked about his ideal type of woman in a variety show, Onew answered as follows: “My ideal type of woman is someone who looks good in anything. In short, someone who I think looks attractive in whatever she wears.” But, apparently, the other SHINee members stated that Onew’s ideal type changes every day. And, with that being said, no wonder there were so many rumours regarding Onew’s love life. Check out the list of his rumours below!

Onew and F(x)’s Luna


Onew once said that Luna was one of his ideal types of women, which caused many people to think that they were dating. Both idols were seen together in public places and used to sit close at music programs. The rumour skyrocketed when they co-starred an SM Entertainment concert and held hands while singing. At that time, Onew had fewer rumours about his romantic affairs compared to other members, which gave some credibility to the relationship between the two. As Onew was silent about the rumours and gossip, their relationship got credibility and was cited as an actual relationship.

Onew and Former After School’s Jung Ah


Onew’s infamous first dating rumour was with former After School’s Jung Ah back in 2013. Paparazzi spotted them inside a car together and exiting a restaurant where Onew appeared to be smoking an electronic cigarette. Korean media agency Kuki News who published the pictures claimed that they have been dating for a year, but both of their agencies, SMEnt and PledisEnt, denied the rumour and responded that it was a false report.

The two of them are merely close friends, not dating. As fellow entertainment workers, Jung Ah and Onew have a close relationship where they advise each other. Today, their schedules matched so they were only enjoying a light meal together, and aren’t dating like media agencies have reported.

Sometime in 2012, Onew said that Jung Ah is his ideal type, and the two tweet each other relatively frequently. In addition, there were rumors floating around sometime last year about Jung Ah frequenting SHINee’s dressing room at music show recordings. But, Jung Ah cleared up the rumors saying that Onew is like a little brother to her. During her showcase, Jung Ah told the press, “Onew and I are not awkward with each other after dating rumours were started when we were photographed together in Apugujeong. It’s not awkward because I see him as a younger brother after knowing him for so long. We are still friendly and comfortable with each other.

Onew and Actress Hwan-hee


There were also rumors in 2017 flying around saying that he may be dating South Korean actress Park Hwan-hee (Vasco’s ex-wife), but they have broken up now. Apparently, there were plenty of coincidental facts to support the rumors. It was SHINee’s Japanese fans who first made the suggestion, and it quickly spread through online communities in South Korea, reported Koreaboo.

They were spotted going out to cafes together, and the actress was spotted attending SHINee’s concerts. She was also seen ‘liking’ SHINee’s fan art, while Onew was discovered to have followed her private Instagram account. Onew worked with Rocoberry before for a song, and Rocoberry and Park Hwan-hee have been close for a while as Christian friends. Onew also began attending church since the previous year.

The two had co-starred in the hit K-drama Descendants Of The Sun, in which they played co-workers. The two reportedly became very close during filming. However, many of Onew’s fans choose to believe that they are simply close friends while some even supported the idea of them dating.

SHINee’s Onew: CF and Advertisement List

  • June 2008: Casual Clothing ‘Clride.n’
  • July 2008: SK Networks ‘Smart Uniforms”
  • November 2008: LG생활건강 10대 화장품 브랜드 “나나스비”
  • January 2009: Sports Brand ‘Reebok’
  • July 2009: Casual Clothing ‘Clride.n’
  • October 2009: Ottogi ‘Ppusyeo ppusyeo’ (뿌셔뿌셔)
  • December 2009: Chicken Brand ‘Mexicana’
  • September 2010: China’s Apparel Brand ‘H2’
  • November 2010: ‘Santa Fe’ (팔도 “산타페”)
  • December 2010: Casual Brand ‘MAYPOLE’
  • March 2011: Internet Shopping Mall ‘Auction’
  • August 2011: Denim Brand ‘Right-On’
  • November 2011: Cosmetics Brand ‘Etude House’
  • February 2013: Sports Brand ‘Skechers’
  • December 2014: Cosmetics Brand ‘The Sam’ (더샘)
  • April 2016: Ottogi ‘Ppusyeo ppusyeo’ (뿌셔뿌셔)

SHINee’s Onew: Collaborations and Discography


Shortly after debut, Onew contributed to single Vanilla Love with Lee Hyun-ji in 2008 and continued to participate on some collaborations since then. His notable duet collaboration was featured with a former member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica, for the song One Year Later in the Tell Me Your Wish mini album.

Title Year Peak Chart Positions Sales Album
“One Year Later” (with Jessica) 2009 N/A Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
“Starry Night” (with Lee Jin-ah) 2016 47 KOR: 65,044 S.M. Station Season 1
“Lullaby (수면제)” (with Roco of Rocoberry) 2017 60 KOR: 30,186 Non-album single
As Featured Artist
“Vanilla Love” (Lee Hyun-ji feat. Onew) 2008 N/A Kiss Me
“Vanilla Love Part 2” (Lee Hyun-ji feat. Onew) 2009 Non-album single
Soundtrack Appearances
“In Your Eyes” 2012 60 KOR: 82,605 To the Beautiful You OST
“Moonlight” 2014 54 KOR: 53,095 Miss Korea OST


Yes, besides doing activities as a member of SHINee, he is quite infamous for always working hard with his solo activities as well. You can check out one of his legendary live collaboration performances with Jessica below!

SHINee’s Onew’s Filmography, Musicals & Awards


These are respectively the lists of Onew’s filmography and awards regarding his individual activities without any other SHINee members.

Onew’s Film List

  • I AM : Biographical film of SM Town – 2012 / Himself
  • SMTOWN The Stage : Documentary of SM Town – 2015 / Himself

Onew’s Drama Series List

Year Title Role Network
2010 Dr. Champ Park Ki Young (cameo) SBS
Athena: Goddess of War Himself (cameo)
2012 Oh My God x2
2013 Pure Love Choi Joon Young’s cousin (cameo) KBS2
Welcome to Royal Villa Baek Soo JTBC
2016 Descendants of the Sun Lee Chi Hoon KBS2


Onew’s Variety Shows List

Year Title Network Role
2010 Night Star KBS2 Host
2010-2011 Show! Music Core MBC
2014 Law of the Jungle SBS Main Cast (Borneo edition)
2016 Eat, Sleep, Eat tvN Host


Onew’s Musical Theater List

Year Title Role Other Notes
2010 Brothers Were Brave Joo-bong Lead role
Rock of Ages Drew


Onew’s Awards List

Year Ceremony Award Nominated Work Result
2015 2015 SBS Gayo Daejeon Best Leader 2015 Shinee Won
2016 2016 Scene Stealer Festival Newcomer Scene Stealer Award (Male) Descendants of the Sun Won


Onew’s MC Activities

  • MBC Every1 – “Flower Generation” (지금은 꽃미남 시대)
  • KBS2 – “Nocturnal Night” (밤샘 버라이어티 야행성)
  • MBC – “Music Show” (음악중심) Special MC & MC
  • SBS “Incheon K-POP concert” MC
  • MNET – “M Countdown Nihao – Taiwan” (인천 K-POP 콘서트)
  • KBS2 – “Golden Camera” (황금카메라)
  • KBS2 – “Dream Concert” (드림콘서트)
  • KBS2 – “Music Bank in Hanoi” (뮤직뱅크 인 하노이)
  • SBS – “Inkigayo” (인기가요) Special MC

SHINee Members’ Activities in 2016


According to other members, Onew is recognized as the type of leader who watches the members silently from behind and keeps quiet when necessary. Known as the owner of a mild voice, Onew shows more advanced skills every time SHINee has a comeback. Especially in 2016, SHINee experienced the glorious day of becoming a group that has been included in the Forbes list of ‘Korea Power Celebrity’ multiple times, once in 2014 and again in 2016.

On January 1, 2016, SHINee released their fourth full-length Japanese album, D×D×D, which included the group’s previously released singles and the Japanese version of View. The album topped the Oricon charts for 2 consecutive weeks. Also in 2016, SHINee won Asia’s “Best Group Award” at the 23rd Dong Fang Music Awards in Shanghai and was crowned as the group which had the sixth biggest audience for their concerts in Japan with a rough estimate of 510.000 people drawn from 28 concerts. SHINee is one of two non-Japanese artists besides Big Bang to make it into the top ten of the list.

Aside from SHINee’s activities as a group in 2016, it appeared that Onew was also hugely successful with his appearance on the popular drama Descendants of the Sun, which starred Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki. The drama became a massive hit and surpassed more than 30 percent viewership ratings nationwide, and because of that, Onew was awarded the “Newcomer Scene Stealer Award” for his role.

SHINee’s Onew’s Controversy in 2017


Onew has already worked in various works such as movies, drama series, variety shows, and musical theaters, all while continuing his career as a member of SHINee. From his hard work, he has earned massive fame which made him a role model for his fans. Unfortunately, in 2017, the idol who was once known as innocent was accused of sexual harassment towards a woman in a club.

He was charged with touching the woman’s body more than three times while intoxicated. He was immediately taken into custody and mentioned having no idea of what happened because he was drunk. Due to his intoxicated state, Onew unintentionally came into physical contact with those around him, which caused a misunderstanding between him and a woman. The local witness said Onew was clinging to the woman’s legs to stand properly.

As there was no CCTV footage available, the case was weak. But, the police accounted witness justification. Later, the lady dropped the case and acknowledged that such incidents could happen under the influence of alcohol and withdrew the charge, but the case has since been forwarded to the prosecution with a recommendation for indictment without detention. Because of the sexual harassment case, Onew had to leave Age of Youth 2 as one of the important supporting actors.

SHINee’s Onew on Jonghyun’s Funeral


Onew was known as the member who was closest to Jonghyun. After SHINee’s Jonghyun’s sudden death news in December 2017, Onew was seen attending the funeral day as one of the head mourners to bid his last farewell. Although he was cleared of all charges and released an apology letter regarding his previous controversy, Onew continued to receive criticism until he made an appearance at the funeral which caused fans to worry about his condition.

As SHINee’s leader and oldest member, Onew helped support fellow members, especially Key, during the ceremony. He can be seen holding the other members but looking extremely drained the entire time. The other members were crying and out of it, but Onew looked like his soul had just gone. He didn’t even cry. That’s why netizens expressed their concern because he looked like he blamed himself for what happened.

Onew wasn’t able to be on stage with Jonghyun after the controversy, and he must have had difficulties dealing with this. But, of course, it’s no one’s fault, which had loyal fans wishing that SHINee would gain strength and stay positive. In February 2018, it was confirmed that SHINee decided to continue promoting as a four-member group and would proceed with their Japanese tour as scheduled after a long discussion. Let’s wish all the best for SHINee and especially for Onew who has already gone through a lot!