Full Profile of South Korean Girl Group WeGirls and Its Discography, Debut Era, and Latest Appearance

wegirls kpop profile

Find Out More About the Fan-Made Idol Group We Girls

We Girls is part of the latest generation of K-pop. Under the management of Aftermoon Entertainment, We Girls debuted in 2018. The group was formed through a crowdfunding project and managed to gather more than 31 million KRW. The girls debuted with nine members through the debut single “ON AIR.”

Prior to their debut, We Girls made headlines because of their unique promotional and management strategy. Fans were able to select the leader and the concept for We Girls’ debut. It was as if We Girls’ was a fan-made idol girl group.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk all about We Girls. So, stay tuned!

We Girls’ Profile

wegirls kpop profile

Debut Day: August 31, 2018

Debut Album: On Air

Member Lineup: JungA, Yehana

Former Members: Ellie, Nina, HaL, Hyeni, EunA, E.You

Agency: Aftermoon Entertainment

Official Website: aftermoonkorea.com

Instagram: @wegirls7

Twitter: @wegirls8

Facebook: wegirls7

Naver Café: wegirls7

Café Daum: wegirls



Fangroup: WINGS

Genre: Dance, Pop, Ballad

Yehana’s Profile

wegirls kpop profile

Birth Name: Lee Jeong-min

Stage Name: Yehana

Birthday: August 21st, 1994

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian

Education: Huwon University, Practical Music Department

Position: Main Vocal

Nationality: Korean

Zodiac: Leo

Yehana’s Facts

wegirls kpop profile
  • Yehana’s charming point is her friendly character.
  • She is most confident about her eyes. Yehana said that she has smiling eyes.
  • Before debuting with We Girls, Yehana collaborated in subbing and recording commercials.
  • She said that she resembles Kabuki dolls.
  • She debuted in August 2017.
  • Yehana was a former member of Alice White under the stage name Jenny.
  • Her ideal man is pure and innocent.
  • Her favorite celebrity is Sohyang.
  • Her hobbies are watching musical performances and reading books.
  • Her specialties are sports and writing songs.

JungA’s Profile

wegirls kpop profile

Birth Name: Han Jung-a

Stage Name: JungA

Birthday: February 20th, 1993

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: O

Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, visual

Nationality: Korean

Zodiac: Pisces

Instagram: @jeon9_a

JungA’s facts

wegirls kpop profile
blog.naver.com/kim_sally 2
  • Her hobbies are boxing, climbing, and board games.
  • JungA’s specialties are bowling, traditional Korean dancing, and dancing.
  • Even though she is positioned as a sub-vocalist, her dance skills are very good. Her position in Badkiz was as a dancer.
  • She is most confident about her lips.
  • In the future, she wants to own buildings.
  • She majored in dance.
  • JungA is also a model.
  • She used to be a member of ZZBEst, HOTTIES, AND BADKIZ.
  • Jung’s face slightly resembles Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung.

Career Journey of We Girls

wegirls kpop profile

We Girls debuted with nine girls: Jaina, Hyeni, YeHana, Vivian, Woori, Julie, HaL, Lina, and Suha. Their debut album was financed through the crowdfunding website Makestar. The project managed the collect more than 31 million KRW, slightly more than the initial fund of 30 million KRW. Aftermoon Entertainment arranged the crowdfunding project from October 31st, 2017, to January 24th, 2018.

Before the actual debut, most of the original members left the group and were replaced by new members. We Girls debuted with eight members: Han JungA, YeHana, Hyeni, HaL, EunA, Ellie, Nina, and EYou. Some of the members already debuted with other girl groups. JungA was a former member of ZZBEst, HOTTIES, and BADKIZ, YEhana was a former member of Alice White, and Ellie was a former member of HOTTIES.

We Girls’ Discography

wegirls kpop profile

Album Title: On Air (EP)

Release Date: August 31, 2018

Track Title Song Writer Composer Arranger
1 We Go House Rulez House Rulez
2 On Air House Rulez House Rulez
3 SelfieGram House Rulez


Album Title: Ride (EP)

Release Date: September 6, 2019

Track Title Song Writer Composer Arranger
1 We Like Ellie Yehana, The Lowkies
2 Ride Ellie, Danke Seoro, Superfly
3 Heart Beat Ellie, Yehana, Lee Sang Seoro, Superfly
4 Ride (Camp Fire Version) Ellie, Danke Seoro
5 Time To Go Danke, Enne VONDIVE


Album Title: Girls Wings Fly (Digital Single)

Release Date: October 9th, 2018

Track Title Song Writer Composer Arranger
1 On Air (Wings Version Ellie, House Rulez House Rulez, Jeonggen House Rulez


Album Title: Hello Christmas (Digital Single)

Release Date: December 3rd, 2019

Track Title Song Writer Composer Arranger
1 Hello, Christmas Annie House Rulez, The Lowkies
2 Hello, Christmas (Instrument) House Rulez, The Lowkies

We Girls’ Debut Era

wegirls kpop profile

Prior to their debut, We Girls attracted attention through its unique team management method. The group received votes from fans to decide the member who would be the leader. Aftermoon Entertainment stated that the company wanted We Girls to be the product of their own fans. About the album, the company also asked fans to collaborate and communicate in the production process.

We Girls showed off their cover song stage at KT WIZ Supporters Festival. The event was held at Suwon Sports Complex and attracted the attention of K-pop fans because of the performance lineup including Momoland, Teen Top, J Morning, and Rainbow Ji Sook. Fans could collaborate and decided the title song and concept before We Girls debuted. Their debut tagline was “One Person Creator.” They announced the upcoming debut album, The Sound You Need.

wegirls kpop profile

Before the group’s debut, We Girls’ members already had a huge fanbase in Southeast Asian countries, and We Girls also registered their official YouTube channel.

We Girls’ members expressed their emotions and aspirations, saying that they wanted to be singers who transfer positive energy and happiness for fans who listen to their music.

After announcing their debut, We Girls were appointed as the official ambassador of The Second Youth Day. They also were challenged to make a new record in The Guinness Book of Records by arranging a flash mob in Yoeuido Park for their debut stage.

We Girls’ Music Video

We Girls debuted with the title track “On Air” in 2018. Two weeks after their debut stage, Aftermoon Entertainment released the “On Air” music video.

We Girls’ members were reduced to six members during the comeback and promotion of the EP Ride. They debuted in the summer and used the summer concept in the music video. All of the members looked fresh and bright with excellent figures.

During the promotion of “Heart Beat,” We Girls changed the concept from sporty and sexy to cute and girly. They looked fresh and very chic.

We Girls’ Debut Stage

We Girls debuted with the single “On Air” through various music programs on October 31st, 2018. “On Air” has a future-oriented vibe and pop sound. The debut EP of We Girls consisted of a total of three tracks, including two skit tracks.

On the debut stage, We Girls presented themselves as a sporty and sexy charming girl group. The title track “On Air” was written, composed, and arranged by Houserulez.

Stage Performance of We Girls

Around 15 days after their debut, We Girls showcased the upgraded and dynamic version of “On Air.” The music video was also launched on the same day.

On the stage, they showed up in sporty outfits, and they were proud to show the healthy and dynamic version of an idol girl. The lyrics told a story about a dream and included samples of Korean children’s songs.

We Girls’ Instagram Updates

wegirls kpop profileAfter the departure of most of We Girls’ members, Aftermoon Entertainment announced recruitment and auditions to find new members. From September 2020, Aftermoon Entertainment posted teaser images of six new members. The identities and positions of each member are yet to be revealed. The initials of the members are D, A, Y, S, R, K. The teaser images of the new members were posted on We Girls’ official Instagram account every day from September 14th, 2020.

We Girls’ fans, WINGS, are very excited about the upcoming lineup. Keen fans had already noticed some actual names or profiles of the new members. The fans noticed the similarities with former members of another girl group.

That is all the information about the fan-made idol girl group We Girls. Find out information about other Korean girl groups in other Channel Korea articles.