Full Profile of Korean Actor and Kim Hyo-jin’s Husband Yoo Ji-tae: Wedding, Family, Movies, and Drama List

Blessed with Little Angels

Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin had their first son in 2014 named Soo-in. Some photos of this handsome little angel were shared on Kim Hyo-jin’s personal Instagram account @hyojin_0705.

In this photo, the family looks so happy together! Kim Hyo-jin also shared this lovely caption in one of her posts, “My love. He’s been getting better at communicating these days and has been chatty all day like a bird. I love him to death.”


And, recently, on Oct. 19 after four years since Soo-in’s birth, Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin finally announced baby number two! According to the agency Namoo Actors, Kim Hyo-jin is already in the third month of pregnancy, and she will postpone her drama projects to focus on her second baby.

Yoo Ji-tae’s agency BH Entertainment also announced this happy news and is thankful for the kind greetings towards the couple. The second birth is estimated to happen in 2019. Let’s hope Kim Hyo-jin and the baby will always be healthy as the upcoming little angel will increase the happiness level inside Yoo Ji-tae’s house.