Full Profile of Korean Actress Woo Hee-jin

Woo Hee-jin

Veteran Korean Actress Woo Hee-jin

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Woo Hee-jin’s Profile

Woo Hee-jin

Woo Hee-jin is a Korean actress who was born on May 24, 1975. Before she began her career in acting, she first started by modeling in commercials since she was in sixth grade. She made her acting debut in 1987. Her first drama was MBC’s 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon where she acted as the young version of Sejabin, who later became Queen Danui.

While pursuing her dreams as a successful actress, she attended Seoul Institute of the Arts and majored in theater. Woo Hee-jin became a household name after she starred in the campus drama Feelings which was aired in 1994 and the sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls alongside fellow actor Song Seung-hun. Right now, she is working under the management of HM Entertainment alongside various artists such as Park Hae-il, Lee Sang-woo, Kim Young-jae, An Gi-young, and many others.

If you want to know what kind of activities she is doing right now, you can visit HM Entertainment’s official Instagram account @hment__!

Career: Dramas, Movies, and TV and Radio Programs

Woo Hee-jin

Woo Hee-jin made her debut in 1987. Her first appearance on television was when she acted as the young Sejabin in the MBC drama 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon. After that, she returned 5 years later by starring in KBS2’s drama For Love. She continues to be active in the acting field and made many appearances in various dramas such as Feelings, War and Love, Three Guys and Three Girls, The More I Love You, and many more.

Woo Hee-jin in Scarlet Heart

She made a name for herself after she appeared in KBS2’s drama Feelings and MBC’s sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls. After her popularity rose, she kept appearing in many dramas. She even came out in the widely popular Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo alongside IU, Lee Joon-gi, and Kang Ha-neul as Court Lady Oh Soo-yeon.

Woo Hee-jin has received a few awards for her acting. For instance, she received the Excellence Award, Actress category back in 1996. She also received another award at the same event, this time the Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama category in 2002. In 2014, she was nominated for Best Actress in the One-Act/Special/Short Drama category at KBS Drama Awards.

Aside from dramas, she also made appearances in movies as well. So far, she has appeared in three movies, including Young Lover (1994) where she acted as Kim Yoon-hee, a short film titled Coming Out (2001), and National Security (2012) where she acted as a cameo.

She is also actively working on TV and radio programs. She has hosted a few TV programs, including Popular Music Best 50, A Fun Connection Between Two Friends, Oh! My Mistake, and Wow! e Wonderful World. She also hosted the radio program EBS FM Special on EBS Radio.

If you want to watch her performances, you can see her drama list below!

Year Title TV Network
1988 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon MBC
1992 For Love KBS2
1993 Good Moning, Yeong-dong KBS2
1994 Feelings KBS2
1995 General Hospital MBC
Good Man, Good Woman KBS2
Declaration MBC
War and Love MBC
1996 Salted Mackerel MBC
Three Guys and Three Girls MBC
1997 MBC Best Theater “Followed Recklessly by a Punch of Humor” MBC
The Third Man MBC
White Christmas SBS
1998 MBC Best Theater “Murphy’s Law” MBC
1999 Bridge over Troubled Water MBC
Assignable Appearance KBS2
MBC Best Theater “When You Look at Me While I Sleep” MBC
2000 The More I Love You MBC
Money.com SBS
Three Friends MBC
2001 More Than Words Can Say KBS1
2002 Miss Mermaid MBC
2003 Apgujeong House SBS
MBC Best Theater “Farewell Waltz” MBC
2005 Woman Above Flowers SBS
The Barefooted Youth MBC
2006 MBC Best Theater Mothan Woman, Haetdon Man” MBC
One Fine Day MBC
Look Back with a Smile KBS2
2007 It’s OK Because I Love You KBS2
2008 HDTV Literature “My Bloody Valentine” KBS1
2009 Three Men tvN
2010 Life Is Beautiful SBS
2011 I Trusted Men MBC
2012 Hometown over the Hill 2 KBS1
2013 Passionate Love SBS
2014 Drama Special “Playing Games” KBS2
Jang Bo-ri Is Here! MBC
Healer KBS2
2015 A Daughter Just like You MBC
2016 Good Person MBC
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo SBS
2017 Bad Thief, Good Thief MBC
2018 I Am the Mother Too SBS

Love Life

Woo Hee-jin and Lee Seong-yong

Woo Hee-jin had a long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend Lee Seung-yong. She first met Lee Seong-yong who is also an actor when they filmed MBC’s drama The More I Love You together back in 2000. They became close in the process of the drama’s shooting, and their relationship eventually developed into a romance. They started dating in 2001.

Woo Hee-jin first announced their relationship at a press conference for her drama I Trusted Men in 2011 at the tenth year of their relationship. While being in a relationship, she also had a chance to share her thoughts about an ideal marriage outlook in one of her interviews. She said that when she marries someone, she wants to live in a separate house from her husband, but their houses will still be located close to each other’s.

But, one year after she announced their relationship, she broke up with Lee Seong-yong and ended their long journey as a couple. Right now, it seems that there is still no news about her being in a new relationship.

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