Full Profile of Triple H Members (Hyuna, E’Dawn and Lee Hoe-Taek)

triple h

Knowing More About Triple H Members

In realizing that groups which consist of both male and female members is a rarity in the Korean music industry, CUBE Entertainment decided to form a new co-ed sub-unit named ‘Triple H’. The formation is occupied by solo singer Hyuna and two members of the rookie (new) boy group Pentagon, Hui and E’Dawn. Triple H, whose genre is concentrated on dance-pop and hip-hop, debuted on 1 May 2017 with ‘365 Fresh’ from their first mini-album titled ‘199X’. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide all information regarding the personal profile of each Triple H member. So, stay tuned!

Triple H Official Accounts


Before we get to know the profiles of Triple H members, it is good to know about their official accounts on several social media platforms.

Official Website: cubeent.co.kr/tripleh


Youtube: @theunitedcube

Triple H Hyuna Profile


Real Name: Kim Hyun Ah

Stage Name: HyunA

Nickname: Hyunbak (the combination of Hyuna and daebak (awesome),  Sexy Ya Seng Mah (Sexy Little Wild Horse), Kim PD, Jing Jing Hyuna (whiny Hyuna)

Date of Birth: Jeolla, 6 June 1992

Age: 27 (Korean age) / 26 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height:164 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 2 (younger brothers named Hyunho and Hyunsuk)

Position: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead vocalist

Origin Group: None (used to be the member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute)

Specialties: Singing, rap, dance (choreographing, popping, locking, break and street dance), music composition, lyrical composition, and cooking

Hobbies: Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, and taking selfies

Education: Korea High School of Music and Arts and Konkuk University

Language: Korean, Mandarin, Japanese

Favorite Color: Red and Yellow

Twitter: @4M_Hyunah

Instagram: @hyunah_aa

Tripe H E’Dawn Kim Hyo Jong Profile


Real Name: Kim Hyo Jong

Stage Name: E’Dawn

Nickname: Potato

Date of Birth: Hwasun, 1 June 1994

Age: 25 (Korean age) / 24 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 1 (Older brother)

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Origin Group: Pentagon

Specialties: Popping dance, rap, writing songs, DJ

Hobbies: Shopping, skateboarding, watching anime, ride a bicycle

Education: Unknown

Language: Korean, Japanese

Favorite Color: Black

Twitter: Unknown

Instagram: @cube_ptg (Pentagon Official Instagram)

Triple H Hui Lee Hoe Taek Profile


Real Name: Lee Hoe Taek

Stage Name: Hui

Nickname: None

Date of Birth: Gwacheon, 28 August 1993

Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Blood Type: A

Siblings: 1 (Older brother)

Position: Main vocalist, Lead dancer

Origin Group: Pentagon

Specialties: Playing the piano

Hobbies: Writing, playing soccer

Education: Modern K Academy

Language: Korean, English, Mandarin

Favorite Color: Unknown

Twitter: None

Instagram: @cube_ptg (Pentagon Official Instagram)

Triple H Members Popularity Ranking


Generally speaking, it is undeniable that the most famous and popular member of Triple H is Hyuna because she has the most working experience, starting with the time she was a member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute, to becoming a solo singer in 2010, and becoming a duo group with former member BEAST Jang Hyunseung in Trouble Maker. As for the second place, it is shared equally by Hui and E’Dawn who are known and recognized as the composers and lyricists of Produce 101’s concept song ‘NEVER’ and Wanna One’s debut track ‘Energetic’. Well, we can only hope that the popularity and fame of Triple H members will be on a par as they come back with their next album in the future!