Full Profiles of Teen Top Members (Name, Age, Religion, and Etc)



Let’s Get To Know the Members of Teen Top!

Teen Top (틴탑) is a South Korean boy group who debuted under OP Media, on July 10th 2010. It originally consisted of 6 members: C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, L.Joe, and Changjo. By the end of 2017, L.Joe stated that he left the group.


Teen Top Member C.A.P’s Profile And Facts


Real Name : Bang Min Soo (방민수)

Stage Name : C.A.P

Position : Leader and Main rapper

Birth : November 4th, 1992

Blood Type : 0

Zodiac : Scorpio

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 61 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter : @teentopbang

Fun Facts About C.A.P :

  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • He has a sister who is one year older than him, and another one who is 3 years older
  • He graduated from Seongname Information Industry High School and Dong Seoul University
  • He is the oldest member of the group
  • He loves wearing caps
  • His nicknames is Charisma Rapper
  • He started rapping during his first year of middle school
  • He always dreamed of performing on the same stage as T.O.P from BIGBANG
  • He has three tattoos
  • He likes to moderately exercise his body
  • His hobbies are drawing, designing, and exercising
  • He is interested in design, especially graffiti
  • He enjoys bullying Niel
  • He spends most of his time in the rehearsal studio
  • He chose C.A.P as his name because he loves wearing caps
  • His ideal type is JiHyun from 4MINUTE, and also Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls

Teen Top Member Chunji’s Profile And Facts


Real Name : Lee Chan Hee (이찬희)

Stage Name : Chunji (천지)

Position : Lead vocalist and visuals

Birth : October 5th, 1993

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Libra

Height: 173 cm

Weight : 53 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter: @wowous

Fun Facts About Chunji :

  • He was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • He has an older brother who is 5 years older
  • He graduated from Kwangnam Elementary School,  Tanbeol Middle School, transferred from Seongji High School to Gwangju High School, and Hanyang University
  • His stage name means to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth
  • He enjoys imitating people or things
  • He loves brain games
  • He loves doing puzzles, especially the 1000 piece ones
  • His loves to play basketball
  • He likes to go to the theater alone, when he has spare time
  • He always plays with his iPod whenever he has free time in the TEEN TOP dressing room
  • He can’t sleep without pajamas, and feels weird not wearing them
  • He used to listen to g.o.d songs when he was younger
  • He released a duet song along with Eunha from GFRIEND entitled “Hold Your Hand”
  • He played in the musical “Caffeine” or “Russian Coffee”
  • His ideal type is Yuri from Girls Generation

Teen Top Member Ahn Daniel’s Profile And Facts


Real Name : Ahn Daniel (안다니엘)

Stage Name : Niel (니엘)

Position: Main vocalist, and the Face of the Group

Birth:  August 16th, 1994

Blood Type : A

Zodiac: Leo

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 54 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter: N/A

Fun Facts About Niel :

  • He was born in Taean, Mallipo, South Korea
  • He has an older brother’s named David, and a younger brother named Bo Sung
  • He graduated from Heungjin High School
  • His nickname is “Emotional Vocals”
  • He was a child actor
  • He has dreamed of becoming South Korea’s Michael Jackson since he was young
  • He loves to watch and play football
  • He once said if he continued playing soccer, he would become famous like soccer player Park Ji Sung
  • He used to play soccer when he was in elementary school, but he was too lazy to continue to play
  • He has deleted his twitter account
  • His hobby is listening to music
  • He relieves stress by picking on Ricky
  • In the dorm, he shares a room with Ricky because they are the loudest members
  • His ideal type is someone who is beautiful when she smiles

Teen Top Member Ricky’s Profile And Facts


Real Name : Yoo Chang Hyun (유창현)

Stage Name : Ricky

Position : Lead dancer and vocals

Birth : February 27th, 1995

Blood Type : AB

Zodiac : Pisces

Height: 172 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter : @T_Ricky_T

Fun  Facts About Ricky :

  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • He has two older brothers, and one of them is AlphaBAT‘s E:psilon
  • He graduated from Namgang Middle School, Seoul School of Performing Arts, and Hoseo University
  • He has been an actor since he was a child
  • He cares a lot about his health, so he takes vitamins everyday
  • He likes to play board games, especially Monopoly
  • He likes science fiction and action movies
  • He claims that he is the maknae, but the fact is ChangJ is the real maknae
  • When he feels overly stressed, he smiles to make himself feel better
  • In the dorm, he shares a room with Niel because they are the loudest members
  • His ideal type is Hyomin from T-ARA

Teen Top Member Changjo’s Profile And Facts

Teen Top - Changjo

Real Name : Choi Jong Hyun (최종현)

Stage Name : Changjo

Position : Main dancer, Vocals, and Maknae

Birth : November 16th, 1995

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Scorpio

Height : 179 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter : @whdgus1004

Instagram : @cjongh

Fun Facts About Changjo :

  • He was born in Chuncheon, South Korea
  • He has an older sister
  • He graduated from Chuncheon Middle School, Seoul School of Performing Arts, and  Hoseo University
  • His stage name means “to create”, he wants to create a new world through his dancing
  • He knows how to do Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do
  • He is the quietest member, but he has a hot temper
  • He dreamed of being a bodyguard when he was younger
  • He looks up to T.O.P from BIGBANG
  • His hobby is to make new choreography, because he wants to create powerful choreography
  • He has acted in several dramas such as “Sweden Laundry” from 2014 until 2015 and “My Brother Disappeared” in 2017
  • He also acted in the movie entitled “Makgeolli Girls” in 2015
  • Hid ideal type is Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls


Former Teen Top Member L.Joe’s Profile And Facts


Real Name : Lee Byung Hun (이병헌)

Stage Name : L. Joe

Position : Lead rapper, Vocals,and Visuals

Birth : November 23th, 1993

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Sagitarius

Height : 171 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Religion : N/A

Twitter : @ljoeljoe1123

Instagram : @ljoeljoe931123

Fun Facts Abut L.Joe :

  • He lived in Oregon, California for five years, from when he was 12 until he was 17
  • His mother lives in the USA
  • He ran away from home when he was younger
  • He speaks English fluently
  • While living in America, he used his Korean name, Lee Byeonghyun, but people around him nicknamed him Joe
  • His stage name stands for Lee as his last name and Joe as his English name
  • He is good at playing piano and music composition
  • He was the shortest member of Teen Top
  • He has acted in drama series, such as “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team” in 2014 with a cameo in Ep.7, “Missing Noir M” in 2015 with a cameo in Ep. 7, and  “Entertainer” in 2016)
  • He filed a nullification contract to T.O.P Media, and left TEEN TOP in February 2017
  • He decided to leave TEEN TOP and go for a solo career, but the company put some limitations on his solo activities and promotions, so he decided to leave the company
  • His ideal type is HyunA from 4Minute, and they actually went to the same school but didn’t see each other often

Teen Top Members’ Popularity Ranking

Being an idol in South Korea is hard because there is a lot of competition. As a TEEN TOP member, they are all famous, but if we have to rank them, this is our ranking for their popularity.

1. Niel

He the most popular member out of the other members, because he has appeared on variety shows more often than the others.


2. L.Joe

The next one is L.Joe because of his acting skills. He became more popular after he starred in the drama Entertainer.


3. C.A.P, Chunji, Ricky, and Changjo

The last one is the other members because they don’t have a lot of TV appearances like Niel and L.Joe do. They only appear in musicals that are not too popular.


Goodluck to TEEN TOP!