Full Profile of T-Ara N4 Members (Name, Age, Weight, Height and Facts)

T-Ara N4 Kim Dani Profile And Facts


Real Name : Kim Da Ni (김다니)

Stage Name : Dani (다니)

Birth : December 23th 1999

Blood Type : –

Zodiac : Capricon

Height: 167 cm

Instagram: @cookiemonster3783

Facts About Dani :

  • She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States
  • She was the only member that not a korean
  • She can speak English
  • She has a younger sister
  • She was featured in T-ARA’s MV “Day By Day”
  • She joined the group in 2013
  • She replaced T-ara member Areum when she left the group in 2013
  • She never really debuted under T-ara
  • She was not a member of T-ara, but she was a T-ara N4 member
  • She is the youngest in the group

T-ara N4 Members’ Popularity Ranking

If we want to know about the popularity of the members, of course the members of the main group T-ara would lead the rank. Especially when they released “Roly Polly”. The first one is Eunjung, who became popular even before debuting in T-ara N4 because of the drama and variety shows she was in. She also become a leader in the main group.


The second one is Hyomin. She was popular because of her looks and sexiness and her work in variety shows.


The third one is Jiyeon. Like Hyomin, she was also popular because of her looks and because of her appearance in variety shows.


The next one is Areum. Maybe she wasn’t as popular as the other members of the main group because she left the group in 2013. But she was more popular than Dani because their agency never really released a photo of her like the other members.