Full Profile of T-Ara N4 Members (Name, Age, Weight, Height and Facts)


About T-ara Sub-unit Group: T-ara N4

T-ara N4 was a T-ara sub-unit group that debuted on April 12th 2013 under their agency MBK Entertainment. The name stood for T-ara Brand New 4. Previously, they had tried the sub-unit song when they promoted their 6th Japanese single “Bunny Style!”. They officially began to do their formal activities by releasing their debut single “Jeon Won Diary”. The song was inspire from the South Korean drama in the 1980s.

The sub-unit consists of Eun Jung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum. The other member, Dani, was originally revealed as the 8th member of T-ara in 2012 but she never debuted with the group. After Areum left T-ara and T-ara N4 in 2013, they only replaced Areum’s position in T-ara N4. But after their agency changed their name into Core Contents Media in October 2014, their agency stated that Dani wasn’t the part of T-ara N4. However, Dani continued to be a trainee under the agency. The group then disbanded in 2017, along with the sub-unit.

T-Ara N4 Ham Eun Jung Profile And Facts


Real Name: Ham Eun Jung (함은정)

Stage Name: Eunjung (은정)

Position: Lead vocal and lead rapper

Birth: Seoul, December 12th 1988

Blood Type: O

Zodiac : Sagitarius

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Twitter : @taraeunjung1212

Facts About Eunjung :

  • Her room mate was Soyeon when in T-ara
  • Her solo stage name was Elsie
  • Her nickname was Eunnie, Hamroo, Hammie, Hamburger
  • She graduated from Dongguk Women’s University with a major in Performing Arts
  • She had to take ballet classes when she was a kid
  • She is good at Taekwondo
  • She also can speak Japanese
  • Her hobbies are watching movies and reading, especially fashion magazines
  • She doesn’t have any siblings
  • She was a cast in MBC “We Got Married” with actor Lee Jang Woo as her husband in 2011
  • She played in Dream High along with Suzy from Miss A, IU, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, and actor Kim Soo Hyun
  • Her ideal type is a guy that is good at rapping, has warm charisma and has smaller eyes like she mentioned T.O.P BIGBANG

T-Ara N4 Hyomin Profile And Facts


Real Name : Park Sun Young (박선영)

Stage Name : Hyomin (효민)

Position : Main rapper, lead vocal, and lead dancer

Birth : Busan, May 30th 1989

Blood Type: O

Zodiac : Gemini

Height: 167 cm

Weight : 43 kg

Twitter: @b89530

Facts About Hyomin :

  • Her room mate was Jiyeon when in T-ara
  • She graduated from Sungkyunkwan University Major in Acting
  • She was a really famous ulzzang (popular beacuse of her good looks) before debuting with T-ara
  • She was a trainee at JYP Entertainment
  • Her hobbies are photography, styling, drawing and cooking
  • She has one sister
  • She is a big fan of Michael Jackson
  • She can speak Chinese and Japanese
  • Hyomin was a cast in the Chinese version of “We Got Married” with Chinese idol Fu Xinbo as her husband
  • She was the sexiest in T-ARA
  • She is also known as the mood-maker of T-ara
  • Her nicknames were horromi, hyoderella, and folding screen
  • She has an instagram @hyominnn
  • Her best friend is Sunny of Girls Generation
  • Her ideal type is someone that looks good in sweaters and is pure and genuine, also someone who is good with reactions, someone who can accept her words playfully, is fun, and likes to smile

T-Ara N4 Jiyeon Profile And Facts


Real Name : Park Ji Yeon (박지연)

Stage Name : Jiyeon (지연)

Position : Face of The Group, main dancer,  and vocalist

Birth : Seoul, June 7th 1993

Blood Type: AB

Zodiac : Gemini

Height: 167 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Twitter: @pjy1234

Instagram: @jiyeon2__

Facts About Jiyeon :

  • Her room mate was Hyomin when in T-ara
  • She was the maknae in the group beside Dani
  • Her nicknames were JiJi, yeonie, and dino
  • She has an older brother named Park Hyo Joon
  • She has an instagram @jiyeon2__
  • Her favorite color is sky blue
  • She is afraid of water, horror movies and heights
  • She said that IU and Luna f(x) were her best friends in the entertainment industry
  • She learned taekwondo for 7 years
  • She also can speak Japanese
  • She attended Seoul Arts High School, Hyehwa Girls High School and Lila Art High School
  • She didn’t say exactly what her ideal type is, but she always mentions Lee Chun Hee as her ideal type in every single interview and Yoo Seung Ho was once her ideal type until his “cool guy” image shattered

T-Ara N4 Lee Areum Profile And Facts


Real Name : Lee Areum (이아름)

Stage Name : Areum (아름)

Position : Main vocal and rapper

Birth : Seoul, April 19th 1994

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Aries

Height: 167 cm

Weight : –

Instagram: @army1004

Facts About Aerum :

  • Both of her parents are in the music industry
  • She has a younger sister and two younger brothers
  • She graduated from Hanlim School of Arts and majored in Applied Music
  • She debuted as a solo artist in early 2014