Full Profile of Sunny Hill Members (Name, Age, Birthday, Weight, and Facts)

Sunny Hill’s SeungA – Profile and Facts


Real Name : Lee Seung Ah

Stage Name : SeungA

Position : Vocals

Date of Birth : March 29, 1987

Age : 31 years old

Religion : N/A

Height : 163 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Zodiac : Aries

Blood Type : N/A

Twitter : @seungA_hill

Facts About Sunny Hill SeungA :

  1. She also appeared on the music video for Narsha’s Mamma Mia and FIESTAR’s Vista.
  2. Her ideal type is CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa.
  3. She is a fan of 4Men.
  4. Seungah is an original member since the beginning of Sunny Hill’s debut, along with Jubi and Janghyun.
  5. She studied at Kyungwon University.

Sunny Hill’s Janghyun – Profile and Facts (Former Member)


Real Name : Kim Jang Hyun

Stage Name : Janghyun

Position : Leader, Vocals, Visual

Date of Birth : July 16, 1985

Age : 33 years old

Religion : N/A

Height : 175 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Zodiac : Cancer

Blood Type : N/A

Twitter : @quix30

Facts About Sunny Hill Janghyun (Former Members) :

  1. He was an original member when Sunny Hill first debuted, with Jubi and SeungA.
  2. He was the leader of the group.
  3. He was the oldest in the group.
  4. His specialty was composing.
  5. He was the face of the group.

Sunny Hill Members – Popularity Rankings


Sunny Hill debuted with the single Love Letter on September 20, 2007 with three original members, Janghyun, Jubi, and SeungA. After that, they decided to hiatus, which turned out to be quite long.

After this long hiatus, they announced the move to a new label: Nega Network. After the label change, Sunny Hill added a new member named Kota. Not long after, they collaborated with Narsha (Brown Eyed Girl) for the single Mamma Mia. The popularity of Sunny Hill increased, and they eventually added another new member, Misung.

On June 3, 2011, Sunny Hill moved their label again to LOEN Entertainment. After moving to the new label, they finally released their first mini album titled Midnight Circus on July 3rd.

After undergoing mandatory milter, Janghyun came out in early 2014 on the grounds of focusing on his work as a producer. Nevertheless, he still supports Sunny Hill. More or less a group for 7 years, Sunny Hill finally launched their first full album titled Sunny Blues Part A on August 21, 2014. The album’s Part B was released on January 29, 2015.

After a hiatus of 1 year and 7 months, Sunny Hill came back with the new songOn The Way Home.” The song is the mainstay song of the maxi single, both of which officially debuted on August 31, 2016.

Popularity Rankings:

  1. Jubi – 25%
  2. SeungA – 20%
  3. Misung – 14%
  4. Kota – 9%
  5. Janghyun (former member) – 7%

After their last comeback in 2016, there has been no further news on Sunny Hill, and many are wondering if Sunny Hill is on another hiatus. Others assume that Sunny Hill disbanded after they released their comeback song On The Way Home.

After they released it, however, Sunny Hill actually reportedly gave a signal that they will be disband soon, from the lyrics of their new song. For example, in the song there are lyrics that imply they will break up, such as, “On the way home, I missed it so much but why do I keep on looking back,” or, “I worked hard enough, let’s go home.”

Netizens will be deeply saddened if Sunny Hill disband. According to netter, they are talented, but their promotional skills are not as great.

“I imagine if they disband, they should try to join the variety show, they’re talented,” said a netter. “They are talented, but the promotion is bad,” said another netter.

On the other hand, responding to rumors that they broke up earlier, Sunny Hill’s agency had given a statement. The agency said there was still no confirmation about it. “Nothing we can confirm,” said Loen Entertainment representative.

Let’s just wait for some good news from Sunny Hill for the future. Do you miss them?