Full Profile of Senior Korean Actor Song Jae-ho


The Pro Senior Actor, Song Jae-ho

Song Jae-ho is a South Korean veteran actor. He is one of the most respected senior actors who has been involved in so many Korean movies and television dramas, such as Memories of Murder (2003), The President’s Last Bang (2005), and Late Blossom (2011), as well as the television drama Precious Family (2004). He also often got the role as President, which might be because Song Jae-ho’s charm, wise, and authoritative vibe that make him suitable for the role.

Song Jae-ho made his debut in the entertainment industry as an actor in 1959. Since then, he became best known for his work in the 1970s and 1980s era. One of the most popular roles of Song Jae-ho was in Yeong-ja’s Heydays (1975), where he took the leading role of Chang Soo. Let’s take a look at Song Jae-ho’s full profile and career summary!

Full Profile of Song Jae-ho


Name/Hangul: Song Jae-ho/송재호
Date of Birth: March 10th, 1937
Place of Birth: Pyongyang, South Pyongan, North Korea
Age: 81
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Gender: Male
Height: 165 cm
Nationality: South Korean
Education: Dong-a University – Korean Language and Literature
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 1959 – present

Career Summary of Song Jae-ho



Year Title Role
2018 History of Jealousy Supporting role
2017 The Way Leading role
2015 Northern Limit Line Yoon Doo-ho (supporting role)
2013 The Suspect Supporting role
Marriage Blue Supporting role
The Spy: Undercover Operation South Korean President (supporting role)
2012 The Tower Mr. Yoon (supporting role)
2011 Sunday Punch President (supporting role)
Quick Kwak Han-soo (supporting role)
Late Blossom Jang Kun-bong (leading role)
2010 Troubleshooter Oh Joong-ho (supporting role)
2009 Haeundae Eok Jo (supporting role)
Private Eye Mr. Min [Interior Minister] (supporting role)
2008 Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool Ji Ho’s Father (supporting role)
A Tale of Legendary Libido Old monk (supporting role)
2007 May 18 Priest Kim (supporting role)
2006 South  of The Border Sun Ho’s father (supporting role)
2005 The President’s Last Bang President Park Chun-hee (leading role)
2004 Dance with Solitude Lee Pil-guk (supporting role)
Too Beautiful to Lie Hee Cheol’s dad (supporting role)
2003 Silver Knife Supporting role
Memories of Murder Sergeant Shin Dong-chul (supporting role)
Double Agent Song Kyeong-man (supporting role)
2002 The Beauty In Dream Granda (supporting role)
1984 Love Song Supporting role
The Winter That Year Was Warm Supporting role
1982 Night of a Sorceress Supporting role
1981 Three Times Each for Short and Long Ways Kim Jong-shil (leading role)
1977 Winter Woman Brother (supporting role)
1975 Story of Youth Supporting role
Yeong Ja’s Heydays Chang Soo (leading role)
1973 25 O’clock of Youth N/A
1972 Looking for Sons and Daughters N/A
1971 The Golden Harbor in Horror N/A
1970 King Sejo the Great N/A
1969 Evil Person N/A
1967 The Starting Point N/A
1965 Heukmaek N/A
1964 The Bachelor Pub N/A

Television Dramas

Year Title Role Network
2016 Local Hero President Hwang (supporting role) OCN
2012 Missing You Choi Chang-shik (supporting role) MBC
The Chaser Yoo Tae-jin (supporting role) SBS
2011 Can’t Lose  Grandfather (guest role) MBC
Miss Ripley President Lee (supporting role) MBC
Sign  Jung Byung-do (supporting role) SBS
I Believe in Love  Kim Young-ho (leading role) KBS2
2010 The Fugitive: Plan B  Yang Doo-hee (supporting role) KBS2
2009 Hot Blood President Yoo (supporting role) KBS2
Partner  Jo Hyung-rae (supporting role) KBS2
2008 Get Up   Disciplinary committee (guest role) MBC
2007 My Husband’s Woman Kim Yong-deok [Ji-soo’s father] (supporting role) SBS
Que Sera, Sera Cha Hyung-min (Hye Lin’s father) (supporting role) MBC
Crazy For You  Kang Oh-joon (supporting role) SBS
2006 The Invisible Man  Oh Ki-baek (supporting role) KBS2
Which Star Are You From?  Lee Young-no (supporting role) MBC
End of Love  Suh Nak-chun (supporting role) MBC
Shin Don  Lee Je-hyeon (supporting role) MBC
2004 Precious Family   Ahn Jae-hyo (leading role) KBS2
Sweet Buns  Jun Young-Il (supporting role) MBC
War of The Roses  Park Sung-man (supporting role) MBC
Rays of Sunshine  Jung Seung Beom (supporting role) SBS
2003 Breathless   Go Jin-rae [Moo Chul’s factory boss] (supporting role) MBC
The Fairy and The Swindler President Han (supporting role) SBS
While You Were Dreaming  Cha Yeok-jang (supporting role) MBC
2002 Jang Hee-bin  Min Yoo-joong (supporting role) KBS2
Whenever The Heart Beats  Chairman Park (supporting role) KBS2
Mom’s Song  Mr. Hong (supporting role) SBS
Present Kim Sun-jae (supporting role) MBC
2001 Piano Dr. Woo (supporting role) SBS
Empress Myeongseong  Kim Jwa-geun (supporting role) KBS2
2000 Air Force  old Han Tae-soo (supporting role) MBC
Medical Center  Ahn Sang-man (supporting role) SBS
Pardon  Kim Tae-ung (supporting role) SBS
The Full Sun  Park Chul-soo (supporting role) KBS2
1999 Roses and Bean Sprout  Jo Won-jang (supporting role) MBC
Kaist  Cha Jae-myung’s father (guest role) SBS
1998 The King and The Queen  King Sejong (supporting role) KBS1
1997 Beautiful My Lady  Director (supporting role) SBS
1996 The Most Beautiful Goodbye in The World  Dr. Jung [Chul’s colleague] (supporting role) MBC
Tears of The Dragon Min Je (supporting role) KBS1
Project Supporting role KBS2
Their Embrace Kang Chang-gook [Young Joo’s father] (supporting role) MBC
1992 Tomorrow Love Supporting role KBS2


Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
1982 18th Baeksang Arts Awards Best TV Actor The New Bride Won