Full Profile of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Members (Names, Age, Height, Religion, and Positions)

SNSD Profile And Facts : The Sexy Yuri

  • Real Name : Kwon Yu Ri (권유리)
  • Stage Name : Yuri (유리)
  • Position : Lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist
  • Birth : December 5th 1989
  • Blood Type : AB
  • Zodiac : Sagitarius
  • Height : 166 cm
  • Weight : 46 kg
  • Instagram : @yulyulk
  • Weibo : yurikwon_GG

Fun Facts Of Yuri :

  • She was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • She has an older brother that had participated in the Korean Variety Show ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’. His name is Kwon Hyuk Jun
  •  She graduated from Neunggok High School and Chungang University with a major in Theatre and Film along with her fellow member Sooyoung and actress Park Shin Hye
  • She was cast during 2001 S.M 1st Annual Youth Best Contest. She won the contest as the Best Dancer in the 2nd Place
  • She was a trainee for 5 years and 11 months
  • Her nicknames are Black Pearl, Cola, Kkabyul, and Yul referring to her unique personality and her tanned skin
  • Although she is one of the lead dancers she said that she is one of the slowest members to learn new moves
  • She and Sunny are the one who get the choreography wrong most of the time
  • Her hobbies are studying, swimming, and exercising
  • She is good at swimming, dancing, and acting
  • She acted in several dramas such as  “Unstoppable Marriage” in 2007, “Fashion King” in 2012, “Kill Me, Heal Me” in 2015, “Local Hero” in 2016, “Gogh, The Starry Night” in 2016,  and “Defendant” in 2017
  • She also acted in the movie “No Breathing”, along with actor Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk
  • She starred in TVXQ or DBSK music video of  “Beautiful Life”
  • She can speak Chinese
  • She can play violin
  • She also learned ballet
  • She made an appearance in Super Junior‘s movie “Attacks of the Pin Up Boys” as a ballerina
  • She has the best body in SNSD
  • She is the sexiest member in SNSD
  • She is also known as a SNSD member that has a husky voice
  • She is SNSD’s biggest prankster
  • She was in a relationship with a baseball player named Oh Seung Hwan
  • She likes to collect Mickey Mouse items.
  • She also likes anime or manga Crayon of Shinchan
  • She has released a song titled “Secret” via SM Station as an advertisement for Pantene on August 28th 2016 along with her fellow member Seohyun
  • She renewed her contract with S.M Entertainment in 2017 along with Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona
  • Her ideal type is a guy that shows his warmth even when you’re just looking at him. You can’t say that he’s a good guy if he’s fussy or sharp and a really affectionate person
  • Yuri is part of SNSD’s new unit called Oh!GG
  • Yuri MBTI type is ENFJ
  • Yuri made her solo debut on 2018 with mini album “The First Scene”
  • Yuri has a high tolerance towards alcohol. She also really like to drink wine
  • Blue is Yuri’s favorite color
  • Sometimes, Yuri like to talk in her sleep

The Goddes Of SNSD, Yoona Profile And Facts

  • Real Name : Im Yoon-A (임윤아)
  • Stage Name : Yoona (윤아)
  • Position : Lead dancer, vocalist, visual, and center
  • Birth : May 30th 1990
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac : Gemini
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Instagram: @yoona__lim
  • Weibo: linyuner90

Fun Facts Of Yoona :

  • She was born in Seoul, South Korea
  • She is a Christian
  • She has an older sister
  • She joined the agency through S.M Saturday Open Casting Audition in 2002
  • She was a trainee for 5 years and 2 months
  • She graduated from Daeyoung High School and Dongguk University Department of Art along with her fellow member Seohyun
  • Her nicknames are Yoong, Saseumi which means deer, Him Yoona means strong Yoona, Im-choding (elementary school-kid Im), Saebyuk, Alligator Yoong Yoong because of her unique laugh, and Goddess because for her beauty
  • Her hobby is watching movies
  • Her favorite season is winter
  • She loves roller coasters
  • She is good at dancing and acting
  • She acted in several dramas such as “Two Outs in the Ninth Inning” in 2007, “Park Jung Kum, Heavenly Beauty” in 2008, “You Are My Destiny”in 2009,  “Cinderella Man” in 2009, “Love Rain” in 2012, “Prime Minister & I” in 2013, “Because It’s The First Time” in 2015, “The K2”in 2016, and “King Loves” in 2017
  • She also starred in several music videos of S.M artist such as the japenese version of SHINee “Replay”, TVXQ or DBSK “Magic Castle“ and  “My Everything“ also “Propose“ by Lee Seung Chul
  • She also enjoys cooking and once she said that she would have become a chef if she wasn’t a singer
  • She once claimed that she has more confident in dancing and acting rather than in singing
  • She released her first solo single titled “When the Winds Blow” on September 8th 2017 through SM Station
  • She can speaks Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese
  • She can’t swim but she likes to bowl
  • She is a part of the Soshi dance trio
  • She loves to eat cereal before she goes to bed
  • She is SNSD’s second biggest eater (the one who really loves to eat big portions) after Sooyoung
  • She has the most male celeb fans among the SNSD members
  • She had a relationship with actor Lee Seung Gi in 2013
  • She renewed her contract with S.M Entertainment in 2017 along with Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yuri
  • She is the new maknae (the youngest) after Seohyun left S.M Entertainment
  • Her ideal type is a guy who looks like her dad.  She said once during an a interview “When you say good guy, I think of my dad. He never lost his calmness in any situation and comforted people considerately. Can I expect that kind of ‘consideration’ from the world’s best guy?”
  • She also mentioned that her ideal type is Daniel Henney after she got a sweet hug from him one time
  • Yoona is part of SNSD’s new unit called Oh!GG
  • Exit is Yoona first movie as the leading character in 2019
  • Yoona is another member with a high tolerance towards alcohol after Yuri in SNSD
  • Yoona was cast to be a regular part-timer for the second season of “Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast” in 2018
  • Yoona lived with her family which consists of her father and her sister
  • Blue is Yoona’s favorite color

SNSD The Foreigner, Tiffany

tiffany snsd
  • Real Name : Stephanie Hwang (스테파니 황)
  • Korean Name : Hwang Mi Young (황미영
  • Stage Name : Tiffany (티파니)
  • Position : Lead vocalist
  • Birth : August 1st 1989
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac : Leo
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Instagram: @xolovestephi

Fun Facts Of Tiffany :

  • She was born in San Francisco, California, USA
  • She is a Christian
  • She has an older sister named Michelle and an older brother named Leo
  • She graduated from South Pointe Middle School and Korea Kent Foreign School
  • She attended Diamond Bar High School but transferred to Korea Kent Foreign School because she passed the S.M Entertainment audition
  • She was cast thorough S.M Casting System in 2004
  • She was a trainee for 3 years and 7 months
  • She is really close to Taeyeon and also her family
  • She and the former SNSD member Jessica were born at the same hospital in California
  • Her nicknames are Fany, DdilFany which means clumsy Fany, AjumNy, Mushroom, T-Manager or Manager Hwang, Myong, and Jackson Hwang
  • She is known for her eye smile
  • Her hobbies are watching movies and listening to music
  • She likes the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.
  • She can play the flute
  • She used to speak Korean with her american accent
  • When learning Korean from the other members, she only believed Seohyun because the rest of the members liked to deceive her
  • Seohyun said that Fany’s voice is very loud. If she gets into fight on the 1st floor, the person on the 6th floor could probably hear her
  • She hates bugs
  • She is very competitive and hates to lose
  • She loves meat
  • She was in a relationship with Nichkhun from 2PM in 2014
  • She was an MC for MBC “Music Core” along with her fellow members Taeyeon and Tiffany
  • She is part of the subgroup “TaeTiSeo” (TTS) that debuted on April 2012 along with her fellow members Taeyeon and Seohyun
  • She debuted as a solo singer by releasing her first mini album “I Just Wanna Dance” in May 2016
  • She was the second SNSD member to make a solo debut after Taeyeon
  • She didn’t renew her contract with S.M Entertainment like the other members Sooyoung and Seohyun in 2017
  • She will return to the USA to study acting
  • Her ideal type is a guy who has a good appearance and personality because it is important. A guy that has a sense of responsibility, someone who she can trust but not too easily, and someone who is not too pressuring either
  • Tiffany Young is her new name stage after being a soloist in USA
  • Tiffany MBTI type is ENTJ
  • Tiffany was choose by Daniel Radcliffe as the prettiest member of SNSD
  • Tiffany signed with Paradigm Talent Agency
  • “Over My Skin” is Tiffany’s debut song in USA on 2018
  • Tiffany and Jessi are a very close friends

SNSD Model Look, Sooyoung Profile And Facts

  • Real Name : Choi Soo Young (최수영)
  • Stage Name : Sooyoung (수영)
  • Position : Lead dancer, and vocalist
  • Birth : February 10th 1990
  • Blood Type : O
  • Zodiac : Aquarius
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Instagram: @hotsootuff
  • Weibo: Sooyoung

Fun Facts Of Sooyoung :

  • She was born in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • She is a Christian
  • Her name “Sooyoung” literally means “swimming” in Korean
  • The former member Jessica gave her the English name, Summer
  • She has an older sister named Choi Soo-jin, who is a musical theater actress
  • She graduated from Chungang University, majoring in Theatre and Film along with her fellow member Yuri and actress Park Shin Hye
  • She was born wealthy
  • Her grandfather is the owner of a famous architectural company that was contracted to build the famous Seoul Arts Center and her father is the president of a trading company
  • She joined S.M Entertainment through the SM Open Audition, Korea Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition in 2000
  • She was a trainee for 7 years
  • She was a part of the short lived Korean-Japanese singing duo named Route θ along with Marina Takahashi in 2002 in Japan
  • Her nicknames are Shik shin, NaSoo (interrupter), and DJ Syoung
  • Her hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, and dancing
  • She can speak Japanese really well
  • She can also play piano
  • She feels that she is not beautiful and that only ahjussi fans (uncle fans) like her
  • She is the biggest eater (the one who really loves to eat big portions) in SNSD
  • She likes spicy cabbages
  • She is a huge fan of baseball
  • She is close to Siwon from Super Junior because of the same family name
  • She is the tallest in the group
  • She has a perfect body (tall, thin and her legs are really long) so the members called her a model
  • Although she has a tough image, she said that she is the one who cries easily
  • She acted in several dramas such as “Unstoppable Marriage” in 2007, “Oh! My Lady” in 2010, “Gentleman’s Dignity” cameo Ep.5 in 2012, “The 3rd Hospital” in 2012, “Dating Agency: Cyrano” in 2013, “The Spring Day of My Life” in 2014, “38 Task Force” in 2016, and “Polyclinic Doctor” in 2016
  • She has a relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho
  • She didn’t renew her contract with S.M Entertainment like the other members Tiffany and Seohyun in 2017
  • She wants to focus on her acting career
  • She signed a contract with Echo Global Group in the end of 2017
  • She once said in an interview about her ideal type,  “I wish he would be passionate in whatever he does. If he has passion, then he’ll know what real love is and how to value his girl. Of course, humor and courtesy is a basic factor.”
  • Sooyoung is one of the funniest member in SNSD
  • Currently, Sooyoung is starring in drama “Run On” alongside with Im Siwan, Shin Sekyung and Kang Taeoh
  • Sooyoung MBTI type is ESFP
  • Sooyoung favorite number is 8
  • Black is Sooyung’s favorite color
  • Sooyoung are close with actress Park Shinhye and Kang Sora as they are the same age (born on 1990)