Full Profile of Sistar Members (Names, Birthday, Height, Weight and Facts)

3. The Queen of Collaboration – Soyou


Real Name : Kang Ji Hyun

Stage Name : Soyou

Position : Lead Vocalist

Date of Bithday : February 12, 1992

Age : 25 years old

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 49 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Aquarius

Instagram : @official_soyou

Facts About Soyou :

  1. Her favorite color is black.
  2. Soyou auditioned for Starship, singing a cover of Navi’s “On The Road”.
  3. She was a Cube Entertainment trainee before debuting with SISTAR and was originally supposed to debut as a member of 4Minute. Soyu said that she didn’t make it into the group because she was lacking in many ways.
  4. After Sistar’s disbandment, Soyou renew her contract with Starship Entertainment and is going to pursue a solo career.
  5. She is a fans of INIFINITE and she close with the leader, Sunggyu.
  6. The highest SISTAR member.
  7. Another artist said “SoYou and JunggiGo” destroys another artist’s Comeback with his “Some” Song.
  8. She has an older brother and an older sister.
  9. Soyou’s body is not easy to change and does not care how much they consume food.
  10. Her ideal type are Chanyeol (EXO) and Baro (B1A4).

4. The Queen of Drama – Dasom


Real Name : Kim Dasom

Stage Name : Dasom

Position : Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Date of Bithday : May 6, 1993

Age : 25 years old

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 44 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Taurus

Instagram : @som0506

Facts About Dasom :

  1. Her favorite color are green and yellow.
  2. She started her acting in 2012, in the sitcom ‘Shut Up Family’.
  3. Because Dasom is on a strict diet, Dasom only blows candles on her birthday and only sees her birthday cake.
  4. Her role model is BOA.
  5. SISTAR’s most white member.
  6. Very interested in dance and singing since childhood, therefore she went to school in “Anyang High School.”
  7. Due to busy attending the Bank Music event in Paris she did not attend the graduation ceremony.
  8. Dasom is the best member to swim therefore any SISTAR activities related to swimming Dasom will be the person representing SISTAR.
  9. She is former JYP Entertainment training.
  10. Her ideal type, “My ideal type is a manly man, but the type of guy I tend to fall for is an innocent guy with little dating experience. Fascinatingly enough, all of them have had AB type blood as well.”

SISTAR Popularity Ranking Members


SISTAR is one of the most influential girl groups in Korea. SISTAR earned their first throphy in a music show with the song How Dare You, since then SISTAR began to be known and loved by many people.

In addition to looking beautiful and sexy every comeback, SISTAR itself has a different talent so that raises the name SISTAR itself in the eyes of netizens. As Hyolyn is a member who has the best voice also get into top5 votes gmember the best girl group in Korea, then Bora is a member who is active in sports. As we know every event of ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ or ISAC, Bora always bring home gold medal for the category of running and archery, even high jump, Bora also entered into top5 member girl group that fits into athletes if not become idol.

Then there is Soyou, who is known as the Queen of Collaboration. Soyou has done a lot of collaborations like with Junggio bringing in a song called Some and getting thirteen throphies from the music show during their promotional season, even they can beat Girl’s Generation girl group girlgirl “Mr Mr” with “Some.” The last one is Dasom. The youngest member at SISTAR has participated in many dramas and movies in Korea. The example of the drama is Melody Of Love which gets a pretty high rating on KBS in 2014.

However, unfortunately SISTAR had to disband because Hyolyn the Leader did not renew his contract with STARSHIP because he wanted to focus with his solo acrir. Hyolyn was a prominent member so STARSHIP promoted her to debut Solo with the song “One Way Love” and now she set up her own entertainment under the name Brid3 (re: bridge).

While Bora joined Lee Seung Gi’s agency in Hook Entertainment after which Hook Entertainment confirmed his relationship with Feeldog, their relationship has been for two years. Soyou and Dasom are still extending their contracts with STARSHIP Entertainment.


Even now they have disbanded, but their friendship remains strong, even sometimes they share their happiness in social media like Istagram.

  1. Hyolyn – 43 %
  2. Dasom – 39 %
  3. Bora – 32 %
  4. Soyou – 29 %