Full Profile of Korean Actor Oh Kwang-rok

Oh Kwang-rok’s Career

oh kwang rok

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Oh Kwang-rok has several titles under his belt ranging from films and theater, to the more commercial TV series and advertisement. He is truly a chameleon with the roles he chose, so let’s dive deeper into his career!


Year Title Role
1996 The World That I See With Closed Eyes
2000 The End of April (short film)
2001 Waikiki Brothers Hyun-gu
2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Anarchist
2003 Spring Bears Love
Oldboy Suicidal man (cameo)
2004 The Wolf Returns Eagle
A Moment to Remember Bum at station
2005 How Does the Blind Dream? (short film) The blind
She’s on Duty Bae Doo-sang
A Bittersweet Life
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Se-hyun’s father
Mr. Socrates (cameo)
Boy Goes to Heaven
2006 Vampire Cop Ricky Vampire Hunter
Maundy Thursday Death row inmate 2896
A Cruel Attendance
2007 The Elephant on the Bike Dong-gyu’s father
Seven Days Yang Chang-goo
2008 Like Father, Like Son Hyun-jin (cameo)
Baby and I Kwang-rok
2009 Marine Boy Doctor Park
Why Did You Come to My House? Suicide man (cameo)
Take Off Pharmacist
The Case of Itaewon Homicide Attorney Kim Byeon
The End (short film)
2010 Man of Vendetta GPS technician
No Doubt Professir Kim (guest appearance)
2011 Night Fishing (short film) Oh Kee-seok
Countdown Dr. Song
Endless Joke (short film)
Always Park Chang-soo
Sunday Punch Geun-seok
2012 Dangerously Excited Bob Dylan (cameo)
The Spies Man on bench (cameo)
The Decisive One Shot
2013 Eating, Talking, Faucking Jo Mool-joo
Born to Sing Section chief Maeng
Mai Ratima Junk shop owner (cameo)
Killer Toon Chief detective
Rough Play Jo Kang-ho
11 A.M. Doctor Seo
2014 God’s Eye View Jo Yo-han
The Stone Lee Soo (cameo)
My Sister Detective Kim
The Con Artists Professor Min (cameo)
2015 Five Senses of Love
Alice in Earnestland Art professor
My Sister, the Pig Lady Jae-hwa’s father
2016 If You Were Me Dr. Kim
Rock N Roll Grandpa
2017 The Tooth and the Nail Theater owner (special appearance)
Warriors of the Dawn Pockmark
Autumn Sonata

TV Series

Year Title Role Network
2006 Dr. Kkang Dr. Bong MBC
2007 If in Love… Like Them Mnet
The Legend Hyeon-go MBC
2008 Formidable Rivals Cha Gwang-soo KBS2
2011 Vampire Idol Kwang-rok MBN
2012 Faith Fortune teller (cameo, episode 1) SBS
Short Family Kwang-rok E Channel
2013 Empress Ki Heuk-soo (cameo) MBC
2014 High School King of Savvy Choi Jang-ho tvN
Love Cells Seo Rin’s manager Naver TV Cast
Healer Ki Young-jae KBS2
2015 The Invincible Lady Cha Oh Dal-soo MBC
2016 Page Turner Street vendor KBS2
2017 Tomorrow, With You Shin Sung-gyu tvN
Drama Stage – Assistant Manager Park’s Private Life TBA tvN
2018 Devilish Joy Dramax


Year Brand
2006 미떼 Hot Chocolate
2007 JOOYONTECH Computer
2007 CJ Energy Drink
2007 팔도 Seafood Ramyeon
2008 인사돌 Vitamins
2008 대상 청정원 Red Chilli Paste


Year Title
2010 A Nap

Oh Kwang-rok’s Scandal


In July of 2009, Oh Kwang-rok was part of an investigation detailing the use of prohibited substances. He was tested positive for the use of illegal drugs and was sentenced to 2 years probation and 80 days of community service. The drug in question was marijuana, as the drug is known to be pretty popular within the Korean entertainment industry.

Oh Kwang-rok then filed for an appeal to the court stating that the sentence was not appropriate for the offense, yet that too was rejected by the court. He is then made to go through said sentencing before returning to the entertainment industry.

Other than that, Oh Kwang-rok has been involved in another scandal regarding his co-star Bae Young-joon in the series The Legend. During his visit to the radio show SBS Love FM, he stated his dissatisfaction with up and coming rookie actors as he thought they are disrespectful to older and more experienced actors, such as himself.


In his explanation he used some very aggressive words that some might consider rude. In this instance, commentators online expressed their disappointment at Oh Kwang-rok’s use of such words. On the other hand, others criticized Bae Young-joon as they seem to believe the story told by Oh Kwang-rok to be true and is a juxtaposition of his public image.

So what do you think of actor Oh Kwang-rok? He is definitely a veteran actor to watch out for in upcoming dramas!