Full Profile and Movie List of Korean Actor Oh Dae-gyu

oh dae gyu

Oh Dae-gyu is one of the top actors in South Korea. His began his career in the SBS drama Little Women that was released in 2004, and he has acted in several series after. But, suddenly, his career discontinued. Some sources said that he went to focus on his studies, and after that, he returned to the industry. Channel Korea has introduced you to Oh Dae-gyu, and now we will learn more about him!

The Kind-Hearted Actor

In 2012, this talented actor revealed his thoughts about starting a project to stop bullying between students. When he was focused on his doctorate studies at Korea University, he said that he will use his influence to make a better change for student bullying cases. He really showed his concern for those teenagers who experienced bullying.

oh dae gyu

About his concern with bullying, it’s influenced by his break from acting. During that time, he thought about what he could do with his spare time if he wasn’t acting. His thoughts about bullying developed at that time and have made his concern grow regarding the issue.

Oh Dae-gyu is absolutely a kind-hearted and talented actor. Channel Korea will tell you all you have to know about Oh Dae-gyu, so keep reading!

oh dae gyu

Birth Name      : Oh Dae Gyu (오대규)

Date of Birth    : May 17, 1968

Age                 : 50 (International Age) / 51 (Korean Age)

Zodiac Sign      : Taurus

Weight             : 70 kg

Height              : 181 cm

Blood Type        : A

University          : Chung-Ang University (Theater and Film), Korea University (Master’s                                   Degree in Journalism)

Oh Dae-gyu’s Movies and TV Shows

oh dae gyu

As we promised you, here’s the list of Oh Dae-gyu’s movies and TV shows!

TV Shows

Year Title Role
2004 Little Women Oh Geon-tae
2005 Love Needs a Miracle Jin Jung-soo
2006 Love and Hate Park Jae-hyuk
2007 First Wives’ Club Lee Ki-jeok
2009 Three Brothers Kim Hyun-cal
2011 Living in Style Shin Ki-han
2012 Five Fingers Hong Soo-pyo
2013 Passionate Love Yoo Min-soo
2015 Make a Woman Cry Kang Jin-myung



Year Title Role
2005 Daddy Long Legs Doctor (cameo)


In 1990, Oh Dae-gyu also appeared in a musical theater production titled I’ll Go and Come Back Safely. Oh Dae-gyu also received some awards based on his greatness in acting. In 1993, at the SBS Drama Awards, he won Best New Actor for his appearance in The Faraway Ssongba River. In 2007, at the SBS Drama Awards again, he won Best Supporting Actor in a Serial Drama for his appearance in Love and Hate and First Wives’ Club. Also, in 2011, he was nominated at the SBS Drama Awards for the Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekend/Daily Drama for his appearance in War of the Roses.