Full Profile of Korean Actress Myung Se-bin: Profile, Boyfriend, Divorce, and TV Shows


Get to Know More About Korean Actress, Myung Se-Bin

Myung Se-Bin is a South Korean actress from the Seochok Myeong clan. She debuted in 1996 and is still active as an actress. She was spotted in 1996 at a department store in Seoul by singer Shin Seung-hun, who cast her in his music video. She later modeled for magazines and commercials, which led to an acting career.

In 2017, she received the Female Excellence Award at the 2017 KBS Drama Award for drama, First Love Again. Myung Se-Bin married a lawyer at Gang Ho-Sung at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel from August 17, 2007, but something happened just five months later! But, let’s put that aside for now.

Now, let’s get closer to Myung Se-Bin!

Full Profile of Myung Se-Bin


Name : Myung Se-Bin

Date of Birth : April 10, 1976

Age : 42 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Aries

Education : Sookmyung Girls’ High School, Dongduk Women’s University (Textile)

Religion : N/A

Top 5 of Myung Se-Bin’s Drama List

1. Marry Me (2004)


Marry Me is a drama aired by MBC with a total of 18 episodes. In this drama Myung Se-Bin plays the lead role, as Lee Shin-Young along with Lee Tae-Ran as Jin Soon-Ae.

This drama tells about, Lee Shin-Young who is now 30-years-old and has worked her way up as a reporter. She gets the chance to audition for an anchorwoman position. Her boyfriend though decides to leave her for a much younger woman.

Soon-Ae is also 30-years-old and friends with Lee Shin-Young. She works as a flight attendant and is the sole provider for her family. Soon-Ae becomes infamous after she sees her boyfriend with another woman and then beats him up. She is also fired from her job.

2. Wedding (2005)


Wedding is the only drama starring Myung Se-Bin in 2005. The drama was aired by KBS2 with a total of 16 episodes. In this drama, Myung Se-Bin plays Shin Yoon-Soo.

This drama tells about a daughter of a wealthy family. She eagerly awaits marriage and would like to be the perfect homemaker, assuming her husband provides generously for her. Her parents introduce her to a diplomat from a respectable background.

She never imagined the affect these words could have on her. An avid reader and curious mind, a diplomat from a respectable background strategy for a top career to fulfill his responsibility. By following his parents’ dreams instead of his own, he is forced to give up his two passions; one was to become a novelist and to declare his love.

3. The Sons (2012)


The Sons is a drama that was quite popular in 2016 which was aired by MBC with a total of 50 episodes. In this drama, Myung Se-Bin plays Sung In-Ok.

This drama tells about, a family and their three sons with different personalities. Jung-Sook (Na Moon-Hee) asks her husband Won-Tae (Park In-Hwan) for a divorce and prepares to go to Japan to see her daughter.

Meanwhile, their eldest son Hyun-Gi (Lee Sung-Jae) drives his daughter to school on her school’s picnic day. They are running late. In addition, In-Ok (Myung Se-Bin) takes her son to the same school.

4. First Love Again (2016)


First Love Again is a drama aired by KBS2 with a total of 104 episodes. In this drama, Myung Se-Bin plays the lead role, as Lee Ha-Jin along with Kim Seung-Su as Cha Do-Yoon.

This drama tells about, Lee Ha-Jin who fell in love with Cha Do-Yoon, but they broke up. Now, Lee Ha-Jin is enthusiastic about cooking. She meets Cha Do-Yoon again. After Cha Do-Yoon dumped Ha-Jin, he has been full of vengeance and hatred toward her.

5. Avengers Social Club (2017)


The Avengers Social Club is the latest drama starring Myung Se-Bin in 2017. In this drama, Myung Se-Bin plays the lead role as Lee Mi-Sook along with Lee Yo-Won as Kim Jung-Hye and Ra Mi-Ran as Hong Do-Hee. This drama was aired by tvN with a total of 12 episodes.

The drama tells the story of, Kim Jung-Hye, Hong Do-Hee, Lee Mi-Sook who all have their own different reasons for carrying out a revenge plan.

Kim Jung-Hye is the daughter of a family that runs a big company. She appears straightforward and arrogant, but she is actually naive and cute.

Hong Do-Hee sells fish, traditional market and raises her two kids alone. Her husband passed away. She is bright and good natured. Her son gets involved in a violent incident at school.

Lee Mi-Sook was an orphan and married. She has tried hard to have a happy family with her university professor of husband, but he is violent towards her.

Myung Se-Bin and Kang Ho-Sung are Divorced


On August 17, 2007 Myung Se-Bin married Kang Ho-Sung, a lawyer at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, but after five months of marriage they decided to get a divorce in January 2008. The statements are described their troubles that they had emotionally progressed from love to indifference.

They admit that there are some doubts and troubles over their different life views, personalities, and careers before the wedding. But they decided to go ahead, believing that they could somehow work out the differences. They both asked for understanding so they can go on with their lives. Myung Se-Bin said that although their marriage failed, they still respect and trust each other.

Even she had confessed why she got divorced for the first time after only five months’ marriage, “I was lonely with being together.”

Who is Myung Se-Bin’s Boyfriend?


After her failed marriage with Kang Ho-sung, Myung Se-Bin experienced trauma to get married, and so she only focused on her career as an actress and had not thought about remarrying, let alone having a boyfriend.

Previously, she still insisted on marrying even though there were many differences between Se-Bin and Ho-Sung, now Myung Se-Bin was more careful in choosing a partner so as not to fail in undergoing a future marriage.

Let’s pray for the best for Myung Se-Bin!