Full Profile of Myteen Members (Names, Age, Religion, Height, etc)


Let’s Get to Know About MYTEEN

MYTEEN (마이틴) is a boy group from South Korea. They formed in 2016 and did several activities before their debut on July 2017 under The Music Works with the release Myteen Go! for their debut. The group consists of seven members: Eunsu, Taevin, Xihyeon, Chunjin, Yuvin, Junseob and Hanseul. In October 2017, Chunjin, Eunsu, Xiheon, Junseob and Yuvin were confirmed to participate YG’s survival program in JTBC, MIXNINE. Eventually only Chunjin, Xiheon and Junseob passed the auditions and made it into the Top 170.

The group name is the combination of My and Teen from teenager. The meaning is that they were idols who had a teenagers feelings. Yuvin was the first member to be introduced as a member after he followed Superstar K6. The other members were introduced on August 27th 2016 when they performed at Baek Ji Young concert. They had recently held their first international fan meeting in Hong Kong in January 2017.

We can get contact with the members through MYTEEN’s several Official Sites below.

Facebook: officialmyteen
Twitter: myteen_official

MYTEEN Leader Eunsu Profile and Facts


Stage Name : Eunsu (은수)

Birth Name : Choi Eun Su (최은수)

Position : Leader and rapper

Birth: Ansan, February 12th 1997

Zodiac : Aquarius

Height : 179 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Blood Type : O

Religion : N/A


Facts Of Eunsu :

  • He is a former member of NPI
  • He is considered the mom of the group
  • His nicknames are “Armadillo” and “Mom Rapper”
  • He appeared in the show “The Stage Big Pleasure” along with member Yuvin

MYTEEN Smartest Taevin Profile and Facts


Stage Name : Taevin (태빈)

Birth Name : Lee Se Woong (이세웅)

Position : Rapper and vocalist

Birth : Busan, January 22nd 1996

Zodiac : Aquarius

Blood Type : B

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 62 kg

Religion : N/A


Facts Of Taevin:

  • He is the oldest member
  • He can speak English
  • He studied abroad in New Zealand
  • His IQ is 142
  • His nickname is “Saewookkang” (shrimp chips).

MYTEEN Dancer Chunjin Profile And Facts


Stage Name : Chunjin (천진)

Birth Name : Kim Sang Jin (김상진)

Position : Main Dancer and vocalist

Birth : Gwangju, December 22nd 1996

Zodiac : Capricorn

Blood Type : B

Height : 176 cm

Weight : 55 kg 

Religion : N/A


Facts Of Chunjin:

  • His nickname is “Samakyeowoo” (desert fox).
  • His birthplace is Gwangju, South Korea

MYTEEN Main Vocal Xiheon Profile And Facts


Stage Name : Xiheon (시헌)

Birth Name : Kim Guk Heon (김국헌)

Position : Main vocal

Birth : Bundang, April 15th 1997

Zodiac : Aries

Blood Type : A

Height : 176 cm

Weight : 62 kg

Religion : N/A


Facts Of Xiheon :

  • His nickname is “Gukkwon”
  • He is close with ASTRO member MJ
  • He is considered the dad of the group