Full Profile of Miss A Members (Names, Age, Height, Weight and Etc)

miss a

Say A to Miss A

Miss A means “Made in Asia” and the intent of the letter A is that they are in the “A Class” where all members are high quality. Miss A was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010, so have already been entertaining the Korean music world for seven years and have since lost two members, Jia and Min, as they did not renew their contracts. Bad Girl Good Girl was their first song on the Korean entertainment scene. Say A is the collective name for their fans.

Jia left Miss A in May 2016 and Min in November 2017. Now Fei and Suzy are busy with their individual activities. Fei is busy with her acting activities, while Suzy who is now on the rise for playing in a drama with Lee Jongsuk entitled “While You Were Sleeping” which successfully attracted the attention of netizens. Unfortunately Suzy’s relationship with her boyfriend Lee Minho has to end because of something not yet spoken about. Some netizens have concluded the end of Suzy’s relationship with Lee Minho was because of her drama.

Miss A Official Accounts and Member Profiles :

Facebook : SayMissA

Twitter : @jypemissa

Website : missa.jype

While Miss A only has two current members, let’s check the profile all of them.

1. Miss A Fei Profile and Facts


Real Name : Wang Fei Fei

Stage Name : Fei

Position : Main Vocalist

Date of Bithday : April 27, 1987

Age : 30 years old

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Taurus

Hobby :  Shopping

Twitter : @missA_fei

Instagram : @ff0427

Facts About Fei :

  1. Her favorite color is red.
  2. She is the most feminine member.
  3. She likes girlbands Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, and Orange Caramel.
  4. She can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and a bit of English.
  5. She is known for her exotic face, her perfect body proportion and her charismatic eyes.
  6. She is the chef in the group because she can cook very well.
  7. One of Fei’s dance skills is the “Fan Dance” which she has performed at MAMA 2011.
  8. She very close with 2PM’s members.
  9. She won gold for women’s high jump in “3rd Idol Star Athletics Championship.”
  10. Her ideal type is a man with a sense of responsibility.

2. Miss A Jia Profile (Former Member) and Facts


Real Name : Mong Ji Ah

Stage Name : Jia

Position : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Date of Bithday : February 3, 1989

Age : 28 years old

Height : 166 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Religion : N/A

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Aquarius

Hobby : Dancing, laughing, and playing with her dog

Twitter : @Mengjia0203

Instagram : @mjbaby0203

Facts About Jia :

  1. She learned body bending when she was in China.
  2. She can speak Mandarin, Korean and a bit of English.
  3. Famous for her versatility, long sexy legs, and sexy back.
  4. She doesn’t like romantic things.
  5. Very fond of her funky style. She loves to wear sneakers and glasses.
  6. The member which most often read fans’ comments about Miss A on the internet.
  7. Jia was selected to join JYP Entertainment through an audition held at her dance school.
  8. Her role models are Beyonce and Rihanna.
  9. She left JYP Entertainment in May 2016.
  10. Her ideal type are handsome men who love family