Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Tae-hwan: Profile, Height, Age, ABS, and Drama List


For those of you who just recently watched the hit drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, you guys must be already familiar with Lee Tae-hwan. Yes, in the drama, he is portrayed to be a super charming and romantic author that every girl is dying to date! Well, would you like to get closer and know him better? Then, just keep on reading!



Lee Tae-hwan is a South Korean model, actor, and musician. This charming guy was born on February 21, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea. He was born into a rich family, and ever since he was a kid, he was adored by many people. Therefore, he was a bit mischievous. As a kid, he showed a large interest in sport, acting, and music.

In the beginning, his parents did not allow him to pursue his career as an actor, but as his career started to improve when he was in high school, his parents started to support his dream. Thanks to his lean and tall frame, he became quite successful as a model both nationally and globally. To enhance his acting skills, Lee Tae-hwan attended Sungkyunkwan University while majoring in acting arts.


At the age of eighteen, he started his career as an actor by forming a group of actors called ‘5urprise’ along with Seo Kang-joon, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae-oh. All of them appeared in the high school drama After School: Lucky or Not. Unlike any other boy group, this group actually started acting first and released their own album later. The boys are now working under the talent agency Fantagio. Since then, his career, especially in acting, has shown significant improvement, and now he has worked on many drama series. Hopefully, in the future, he will get more prominent roles in acting. Good luck, Lee Tae-hwan!


As a model, of course having a perfect figure is a must, as can be seen in the picture below of Lee Tae hwan’s abs. Check him out in this close-up picture of his abs and remember not to drool too much over this gorgeous man!


Drama List

Check out the list below of all of Lee Tae-hwan’s drama series!

Year Title Role Network
2013 After School: Lucky or Not Han Jae-hee Nate Hoppin/
2014 Wonderful Day in October young Lee Shin-jae SBS
High School King of Savvy Oh Tae-seok tvN
Pride and Prejudice Kang Soo MBC
After School: Lucky or Not – Season 2 Han Jae-hee Sohu.com/
2015 Splendid Politics young Prince Gwanghae MBC
2016 Come Back Mister Choi Seung-jae SBS
Thumping Spike Baek Woo Jin Sohu TV
W Seo Do-yoon MBC
2016–2017 Father, I’ll Take Care of You Han Sung-joon MBC
2017–2018 My Golden Life Sunwoo Hyuk KBS2
2018 What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Lee Sung-yeon tvN


Su Saek | 2016


This dramatic action movie was released on March 31, 2016, in South Korea. The movie was both directed and written by Choi Seung-Yeon. The movie tells the story of four best friends, Yoon-seok, Sang-woo, Won-seon, and Ho-young, who live in Susaek, a poor area of Seoul. When Korea is selected to be the host for the 2002 World Cup, Susaek is mentioned as the spot for the new soccer stadium. Suddenly, many rich developers crowd into the town while the locals are eager for the promise of redevelopment. At the same time, Won-seon joined the local gang and gets tied up in the redevelopment business which makes Sang-woo jealous and starts to ruin their friendship.

Variety Shows

Living Together in Empty Room


Living Together in Empty Room or also known as My Unexpected Housemate is a South Korean variety show which aired on TV network MBC since April 14, 2017, until March 23, 2018. This TV show had several celebrities become housemates with one of them playing the role of the landlord and the other playing as the renter. Lee Tae-hwan appeared on the show as the renter from episodes 8 to 11, and the landlord role was played by Han Eun-jung.

Law of the Jungle in Komodo


Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality documentary show which has been airing since October 21, 2011, on TV network SBS. In this TV series, celebrities are sent to survive in secluded areas around the world. Lee Tae-hwan made an appearance as a cast member in episodes 278–282 where the cast was sent to explore Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his career, Lee Tae-hwan has already won an award and received many nominations. Check out the list below of all of Lee Tae-hwan’s awards and nominations since 2011!

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2011 6th Asia Model Festival Awards Best New Model N/A Won
2016 35th MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor W Nominated
2017 31st KBS Drama Awards My Golden Life Nominated