Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Jin-woo (1969)

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All About Korean Actor, Lee Jin-woo

Lee Jin-woo is a South Korean actor. He is a South Korean actor who made his acting debut in 1987 through the movie “Saturdays with No Nights”. He still active as an actor, although his last appearance was on KBS drama “Single-minded Dandelion” in 2014. Let’s get to know more about actor, Lee Jin-woo.


Lee Jin-woo: Full Profile and Facts

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Real Name : Lee Jin-woo

Birthday : January 25, 1969

Origin : Paju, South Korea

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Blood Type : A

Relationship Status : Married

Occupation : Actor, Pastor

Agency : Ares Entertainment

Daum Cafe : Jinwoobaragi



  1. He was nominated at the “KBS Drama Awards” in 2007 in the category of Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama for the KBS drama “Hometown Over the Hill”.
  2. He married actress Lee Eung-kyung in 2005.
  3. His is Lee Jong-taek’s son.
  4. He is currently focused more on religious activity than being an actor.


List of Lee Jin-woo’s Movies and Dramas

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Lee Jin-woo debuted as a movie actor in 1987 with the movie “Saturday with No Nights”. However, most of his works were dramas, and his last drama appearance was on KBS’s “Single-minded Dandelion”. His last movie appearance was in 2001’s “Paradise Villa”. Here is a list of his movie and drama appearances.

Lee Jin-woo Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
1987 Saturday with No Nights
1990 North Korean Partisan
The Dream
1993 The Cast Off Chains
1995 Go Alone Like Musso’s Horn Sun-woo
1997 D-Day
Repechage Jin-woo
Bad Movie
1998 The Bait
1999 Piracy
2001 Paradise Villa Room 2003


Lee Jin-woo Drama List
Year Network Drama Title Role
1994 MBC The Moon of Seoul Cha Hyung-guen
1995 KBS2 Men of the Bath House Kim Dong-hwan
1996 Jo Gwang-jo King Jungjong
1997 SBS Women Jung Man
1998 KBS1 The King and the Queen King Seongjong
2000 MBC Say It with Your Eyes Product Planning Representative
2001 SBS I Still Love You Jung Goo-kyoung
MBC Delicious Proposal Shim Woo-kyung
KBS2 Empress Myeongseong Kim Gojong
2002 Saxophone and Chapssaltteok Lee Soo-nam
2003 MBC Forever Love Kim Jae-guk
2004 EBS Count of Myeongdong Kim Soo-young
SBS Proposal Shim Woo-kyung
2005 MBC Pharmacist Kim’s Daughter Kang Geuk
5th Republic Hur Hwa-pyong
Shin Don Lee Seong-gye
2007 KBS1 Hometown Over the Hill Na Jin-suk
2008 King Sejong the Great Jung In-ji
2009 KBS2 Empress Cheonchu Han Duk-yang
2012 KBS1 Dream of the Emperor King Ulja
2014 KBS2 Single-minded Dandelion Jin Sun-jae