Full Profile of the Prince of K-POP , Lee Ji-hoon (Profile, Movies, Dramas, TV Shows, and Songs)

2000 – Eternity Friend

Eternity Friend was Lee Ji-hoon’s fourth album. It released on April 2, 2000 through Nice Entertainment through CD and cassette format. The album consists of 14 songs and reached 4th on music boards during its release in South Korea.

Eternity Friend Album Track List
No Track List
1 덫 (Trap)
2 Angel
3 천애 (For You…)
4 Wedding
5 가장 사랑할 때 떠난 너를
6 시선 (Allure)
7 Sad
8 사화 (아이리스)
9 친구라는 이름 (Eternity Friend)
10 슬픈 연극
11 마지막 잎새 (Tears)
12 날 위한 이별 (Without You)
13 Happiness
14 Open

2001 – Special With…

Special With was Lee Ji-hoon’s fifth album which released on February 1, 2011 through SM Entertainment through CD and Cassette formats. During its release, it ranked at 7th position on the Korean album chart. The album consists of 16 songs.

Special With Album Track List
No Track List
1 Until
2 인형 (with Shin Hye-sung)
3 Here I Am
4 My Romance
5 왜 하늘은
6 나만의 신부
7 이별
8 그녀가 가잖아
9 Good-bye Love
10 언제라도
11 너를 지켜줄게 (with Yangpa)
12 천애
13 Angel
14 가장 사랑할 때 떠난 너를
15 인형 (Ji-hoon solo version)
16 인형 (MR)

2004 – Trinity

Trinity was Lee Ji-hoon’s sixth album. It was released on April 21, 2004 through Nice Entertainment through CD and cassette format. The album consists of 12 songs. During its release, it hit the 20th position on the Korean album charts.

Trinity Album Track List
No Track List
1 이별 이야기
2 약속
3 My Last Love
4 다른 세상에서도
5 U
6 Goodbye
7 오늘만은
8 그날
9 제발
10 더 늦기 전에
11 지켜만 볼게
12 Just For You

2008 – The Classic

The Classic was Lee Ji-hoon’s seventh album. It released on February 13, 2008 through M&FC label through CD and cassette format. It released in Korea but unfortunately was unable to rank on the album chart.

The Classic’s Track List
No Track List
1 그대가 떠나갑니다
2 너를 닮은 나라서
3 그만두세요
4 가슴아 미안하다
5 친구
6 아나요
7 Goodbye
8 그대가 떠나갑니다 (Instrumental)
9 가슴아 미안하다 (Instrumental)

List of Lee Ji-hoon’s Drama Appearances

Lee Ji-hoon acting

Most of Lee Ji-hoon’s acting appearances are in drama. He started starring in dramas in 2005 through MBC’s drama Wonderful Life. He starred in 13 dramas total. Lee Ji-hoon even starred in several hit dramas such as KBS1’s The King of Legend, KBS2’s You Are the Best and KBS2’s My Fair Lady. Here is the list of Lee Ji-hoon’s drama appearances.

Lee Ji-hoon Drama List
Year Network Drama Title Role
2005 MBC Wonderful Life Min Do-yun
2006 – 2007 Billie Jean, Look at Me Choi Hye-sung
2007 KBS2 Hello! Miss Hwang Dong-gyu
2007 – 2008 MBC New Heart Lee Dong-gwon
2008 – 2009 KBS1 You Are My Destiny Kim Tae-poong
2009 MBC Can’t Stop Now Noh Soo-ri
2010 – 2011 KBS1 The King of Legend Hae Gun
2011 KBS2 Drama Special : Identical Criminals Han Sang-won
2011 – 2012 SBS My Daughter the Flower Eun Chae-wan
2012 – 2013 tvN Glass Mask Kim Seon-jae
2013 KBS2 You Are the Best! Kim Young-hoon
2016 KBS1 Jang Yeong-sil Jang Hee-je
2016 – 2017 KBS2 My Fair Lady Cha Chi-soo