Full Profile of the Prince of K-POP , Lee Ji-hoon (Profile, Movies, Dramas, TV Shows, and Songs)

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All About the Prince of K-Pop, Lee Ji-hoon

Le Ji-hoon is a South Korean multi-talented actor. He got his nickname ‘The Prince of K-pop’ because of his charming and amazing appearance on stage or on air. These days, Lee Ji-hoon is more focused on theater plays that appear on TV. Lee Ji-hoon is also known more as singer than actor. Let’s get to know more about singer and actor, Lee Ji-hoon.


Lee Ji-hoon’s Full Profile and Facts

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Real Name = Lee Ji Hoon

Other Name = Lee Jee Hoon

Nickname = The Little Prince / Cute Rebellion

Birthday = March 27, 1979

Origin = Seoul, South Korea

Zodiac = Aries

Height = 182 cm

Weight = 63 kg

Blood Type = AB

Occupation = Actor, Musical Actor, Singer

Years Active = 1996 – Present


  1. His first time debuting was while he was still in high school on October 15, 1996 with the single “Why the Heaven”.
  2. He, Shin Hye-sung and Kangta formed a project group called ‘S’ on February 2001.
  3. He performed as Daniel, male lead of the musical drama Jack The Ripper from July 5th through 14th of August 2011 at Chungmu Arts. The role rotated with Uhm Ki-joon, Ahn Jae-wook, FT Island’s Song Seung-hyun and Super Junior’s Lee Sungmin.

Lee Ji-hoon’s Love Life

Lee Ji-hoon love life

Lee Ji-hoon actually rarely has had any dating rumors during his career up until January 2017. During MBC’s Radio Star he revealed that he just broke up with his girlfriend which surprised the public and also his fans. On January 31, 2018, Lee Ji-hoon’s representative confirmed that he just broke up with his girlfriend who he almost got married to. For now, Lee Ji-hoon is single and busy with his schedule.