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Filmography of Actor Lee In-sung : Movies & Dramas


Let’s dig back at the past small and big screen appearances by Lee In-sung who has emerged from his humble and memorable beginnings as child actor!

Movie Appearances by Actor Lee In-sung

Year Title Hangul Role
2005 Bungeoppang 붕어빵
The Twins 역전의 명수 Child
Cracked Eggs and Noodles 파송송 계란탁 Seo In Kwon
2006 Bambi II 밤비 2 Thumper (Voice, Korean dubbed)
Monopoly 모노폴리 Butcher boy
2009 City of Damnation 유감스러운 도시 In Seong (cameo)
2013 Fists of Legend 전설의 주먹 Leader of delinquents at Im Soo Bin’s school

Drama Appearances by Actor Lee In-sung

Year Title Hangul Role Network
2003 A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House 일일드라마 : 흥부네 박터졌네 Young Woo SBS
2004 Jang Gil San 대하드라마 : 장길산 Myo Ok’s childhood friend SBS
2005 Hello Franceska – Season 3 주간시트콤 : 안녕, 프란체스카 In-sung MBC
Springtime 특별기획 : 봄날
Yoon Seok’s Son SBS
2006 Spring Waltz 월화드라마 : 봄의 왈츠 Lee Kang Goo KBS2
Drama City : “Blockhead’s Quadratic Equation”   Se Min KBS2
2007 My Mom! Super Mom! 일요아침드라마 : 최강 울엄마 Choi Gun KBS2
Yi San 창사 46주년 특별기획드라마 : 이산 Young Jeong Hu Gyeom MBC
2008 Hong Gil Dong 쾌도 홍길동 Young Hong Gil Dong KBS2
The Last Scandal of My Life 특별기획 주말드라마 : 내 생애 마지막 스캔들 Jang Hoon MBC
2012 Love Again 미니시리즈 : 러브 어게인 Seo Min Jae jTBC
2013 Goddess of Fire 월화특별기획 : 불의 여신 정이 Young Prince Imhae MBC

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