Full Profile of Young Actor Lee In-sung and Facts


“The Little Kang Dong-won” is All Grown Up Now!

Lee In-sung, who was known as “The Little Kang Dong Won”, is an actor who began his entertainment career as a child actor, notably in the comedy film “Cracked Eggs & Noodles” (2005), the third season of sitcom “Hello Franceska” (2005), as well as the film “City of Damnation” (2009). Seeing as the actor hasn’t appeared in the entertainment world since 2013, it seems he is slowly being forgotten by the public because he didn’t get enough recognition from his previous projects. So here we are, providing you with more information about Lee In-sung! Keep on reading to get to know this former child actor!

Full Profile of Actor Lee In-sung


Looks like Lee In-sung has transformed from a cute kid into an absolutely charming young adult. Even though there has been no further news regarding his activities since his last appearance in 2013, here is his actor profile based on trusted resources!

  • Name : Lee In-sung
  • Native Name : 이인성
  • Occupation : Actor (2005 – present)
  • Debut : 1999 as Magazine Model
  • Agency : N/A
  • Nationality : South Korean
  • Date of Birth : July 28, 1996
  • Place of Birth : South Korea
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign : Leo
  • Western Zodiac Sign : Rat
  • Height : 180 cm
  • Education : Dongmyeong Elementary School (동명초등학교), National Traditional Arts Middle School (국립전통예술중학교), National Traditional Arts High School (국립전통예술고등학교)

Facts & Trivia About Actor Lee In-sung

  • At the age of 4, he started his career as a magazine model through street casting, and participated in Andre Kim fashion shows.
  • He was called ‘Little Kang Dong Won’ due to his resemblance to handsome actor Kang Dong Won.
  • Instead of sending her child to a gym school, his mother, who runs a children’s theater company, took Lee In-sung to a local performance or appeared in a short film to learn the acting skills.
  • He attracted attention with his big eyes during his childhood, glanced with his charismatic eyes.
  • Lee In-sung, who has grown up so much in the past  few years, became a hot topic among the netizens after his photos were posted on an online community site. Those who watched Lee In-sung’s storm growth showed various reactions such as “He grew up so fast”, “He grew handsome”, “The little kid is all grown up!” and more.
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  • In 2006, he appeared on MBC’s “TV Popopo” as an MC.
  • During the vacancy period, he continued to study acting at the National Traditional Arts Middle School and High School. He learned drumming, jangmoo, Korean dance and so on. He even made a play with friends and lived his life with acting guidance.
  • He is not interested in studying.
  • He wanted to grow up as an actor who digs into various characters and wanted to be in a musical if he gets a chance.
  • He showed an entirely different character in drama “Goddess of Fire” than his image that has been loved in past movies. In the drama, he potrays a rude and disrespectful character which made a deep impression on viewers.
  • Lee In-sung and Kim So Hyun appeared in the drama JTBC’s “Love Again” as 16-year-olds, but actually Lee In-sung was three years older than Kim So Hyun.