Full Profile of Korean-American Singer and Actor, Lee Hyun-woo or Jessie Lee

Le Hyun-woo

Who is He?

Lee Hyun-woo, or also known with his American name as Jessie Lee, is a singer and actor who made his debut in 1991. He is an American-Korean descent since he was born in America. He is popular for his songs such as “Dreams” and he is also an actor who appeared in Oh! My Lady (2010) alongside Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Chae Rim.

Lee Hyun-woo or Jessie Lee

Lee Hyun-woo

Lee Hyun-woo was born on March 6, 1966. He graduated from Parsons the New School for Design and he majored in Industrial Design and also graduated from Kyungwon University Graduate School where he majored in Fine Arts. He is one of the artists who works under H.W. Entertainment. In the beginning, he was known as a singer turned actor who made his debut in 1990 with an album named Black Rainbow. From this album, his singles, “Dream” and “Day After the Break-up”, had gained huge popularity and many people loved his songs at that time. He was quite active as a singer and then he made his debut as an actor in Rooftop Room Cat (2003) which made him as a popular actor in his era. In 1993, he was reported for a drug problem and he was arrested for having marijuana. Because of this issue, he was banned from several TV stations which made him move and live in USA for a couple of months.

Lee Hyun-woo’s Marriage Life

Le Hyun-woo

He married a Korean curator named Lee Je-ni in 2009. They have a son who was born in September 2009 called Lee Dong-ha. His life as a husband and a father has brought him to create a cookbook which is inspired by his experiences as a family man. His cookbook entitled ‘Happy Recipes of Happy Dad Lee Hyun-woo”. This book contains various recipes specially made for males or husbands so that they can treat their pregnant wife. The recipes use simple ingredients and are easy to make. This book represents his life during his wife’s pregnancy and the birth of his son. This book is his second book after he published his first book in 2002 named “Lee Hyun-woo’s Easy Cooking for Singles”. Hyun-woo and his wife had their second child on April 2011. His name is Lee Jung-ha and both of his sons made their first appearances in the Korean entertainment industry by joining a reality show, The Return of Superman.

Lee Hyun-woo’s Filmography

Lee Hyun-woo


  • Before the Summer Passes Away (2006) – Min-hwan
  • Ssunday Seoul (2005) – light aircraft pilot
  • My Boyfriend Is Type-B | B-hyeong namja chingu (2005) – man in introduction
  • S Diary | Eseu Daieori (2004) – Gu-Hyeon
  • The Beauty in Dream (2002)
  • Saturday, 2:00 pm (1998)

Drama Series

  • Entertainer | Ddanddara (SBS / 2016) – Choi Joon-Ha (ep.14)
  • Ruby Ring | Roobibanji (KBS2 / 2013-2014) – No Dong-Pal
  • Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team | Dolongnyong Dosawa Geulimja
  • Jojagdan (SBS / 2012) – Kyung-Ja’s ex-husband (ep. 5)
  • Oh! My Lady | O Mai Reidi (SBS / 2010)
  • Dalja’s Spring | Daljaui Bom (KBS2 / 2007) – Uhm Ki-Joong
  • Singles Game | Doksin Cheonha (SBS / 2006) – Jang Hyeon-Su
  • Love Can’t Wait | Sarangeun Amudo Motmalri (MBC / 2006) – Yun Ki-Hun
  • Wedding | Weding (KBS2 / 2005) – Seo Jin-Hee
  • Sad Love Song | Seulpeun Yeonga (MBC / 2005) – Jang-Ho
  • Marry Me | Kyeolhonhago Sipeun Yeoja (MBC / 2004) – Kim Ji-Hoon
  • Cat on the Roof (2003)

Lee Hyun-woo’s Discography

Lee Hyun-woo


  • Black Rainbow (1991)
  • Blue Vanity (1993)
  • Let’s Go Fishing (1996)
  • Freewill Of My Heart (1997)
  • Both Sides of the Story (1998)
  • Virus (2000)
  • Free Your Mind & Bady (2001)
  • Da Painkiller (2003)[8]
  • Sinful Seduction (2004)
  • Heart Blossom (2007)
  • Till Dawn (2011)

Soundtrack contributions

  • “I Wish I Had a Wife” (track from I Wish I Had a Wife OST, 2001)
  • “지금 내게 필요한 건…” (track from Man in Crisis OST, 2002)
  • “Join in Love” (track from Exhibition of Fireworks OST, 2006)
  • “Can’t Stop Loving You” (track from The Invisible Man, Choi Jang-soo OST, 2006)
  • “Love Night” (track from Loving You a Thousand Times OST, 2009)
  • “Hero” (feat. Lee Ha-neul and Sohyang) (track from Hero, 2012)