Full Profile of Korean Actress Lee Hwi-hyang


Lee Hwi- hyang’s Profile

Lee Hwi-hyang is a South Korean actress born on October 1, 1960. The 57 year old actress made her way to the South Korean entertainment industry in 1981, when she joined the Miss MBC beauty pageant. In the following year, she successfully made her acting debut by acting in Chief Inspector. Before debuting as an actress, she graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts majoring in Theater. She is best known for television dramas such as Love and Ambition (1987), Forget Tomorrow (1988), Ambitious Times (1990), and The Beginning of Happiness (1996).

Her height is 166 cm, and she weights in at 50 kg. Her blood type is known to be O. Lee Hwi-hyang is currently single, but she has been in a marriage before. She was married to Kim Du-jo from 1983 until their divorce in 2005.

Lee Hwi-hyang’s Filmography

Check out these lists below of Lee Hwi-hyang’s drama series and movies!

List of Lee Hwi-hyang’s Dramas

Here is a complete list of all Lee Hwi-hyang’s drama series from 1982 until the most recent one. Check it out!

Year Title Role Network
1982 Chief Inspector MBC
1986 Dew on Every Blade of Grass Baek Sang-hee MBC
1987 Love and Ambition Jae-eun MBC
Guests Who Arrived on the Last Train MBC
1988 Forget Tomorrow Oh Se-young MBC
We Don’t Know Either MBC
Blue Season MBC
1989 Moonlight Family Eldest daughter-in-law MBC
500 Years of Joseon: Pamun Queen Hyoui MBC
1990 Days of the Dynasty Yi Bangja KBS1
Ambitious Times Gelsomina KBS2
1992 Sweetheart KBS1
1993 Lovers KBS2
1994 너의 뺨에 입맞추리 KBS1
Ambition MBC
General Hospital Kim Ji-won MBC
Daughters of a Rich Family Kwon Il-ryung KBS2
1995 Love Formula Han Cha-sook SBS
1996 The Beginning of Happiness Jin Yoo-kyung/Jin Hee-sook SBS
Meeting Yoo Kang-ae SBS
Dad’s Soul KBS2
1997 One Fine Spring Day Eon-hyang KBS2
1998 I Want to Keep Seeing You Park Ja-young SBS
As We Live Our Lives KBS1
My Mother’s Daughters SBS
1999 KAIST Lee Hee-jung SBS
Love In 3 Colors Kim Sun-young KBS2
2000 Secret Yoon Myung-ae MBC
2001 Ladies of the Palace Merchant Jang SBS
Beautiful Days Yang Mi-mi/Yang Kyung-hee SBS
Why Women? Wife of the Ha family’s middle son KBS2
2002 Sunlight Upon Me Miss Yoon MBC
2003 Briar Flower Ahn Sung-hee KBS1
Stairway to Heaven Tae Mi-ra SBS
2004 Forbidden Love Shin Soo-jang KBS2
Ireland Kim Boo-ja MBC
2005 Spring Day Oh Hye-rim SBS
Pearl Earring Han Sun-jin SBS
2007 Ahyeon-dong Madam Sung Mi-sook MBC
2008 I Am Happy Lee Se-young SBS
2009 Innocent You Yoon Soon-hee SBS
Loving You a Thousand Times Son Hyang-sook SBS
2010 Please Marry Me Song In-sun KBS2
2011 I Trusted Men MBC
My Love By My Side Bae Jung-ja SBS
Lights and Shadows Song Mi-jin MBC
You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here Oh Se-ah MBN
2012 Take Care of Us, Captain Yang Mi-hye SBS
Here Comes Mr. Oh Lee Ki-ja MBC
2013 Two Women’s Room Yeo Ok-sun SBS
Shining Romance Kim Ae-sook MBC
2014 You’re Only Mine Jang Young-sook SBS
2015 The Family Is Coming Kim Jung-sook SBS
Save the Family Bok Soo-ja KBS1
2016 Marriage Contract Oh Mi-ran MBC
Blow Breeze Ma Chung-ja MBC
2017 The Secret of My Love Wi Seon-ae KBS2

List of Lee Hwi-hyang’s Movies

Here is a list of all of Lee Hwi-hyang’s movies, along with a little synopsis of each one. Check it out!

Confession (Joeun Chingoodeul) | 2014


This crime movie was released on July 10, 2014 in South Korea. The movie tells the story of three men, Hyun-Tae who has a strong sense for justice, In-Chul who is known to be a swidler, and Min-Soo who relies on his two good friends like family. They have been friends since their school days. They do something, believing it would be nice, but that act eventually connects to them a crime which causes their friendship to end. This movie was both directed and written by Lee Do-Yoon. In this movie Lee Hwi-yang plays as Hyun-Tae’s mother.

In My End is My Beginning (Kkeutkwa Sijak) | 2013


In My End is My Beginning is a romance movie with a little twist of its portrayal of a lesbian relationship. This movie tells the story of Jung-Ha, who recently just lost her husband in an accident, but then she finds out that all this time, her husband had been two timing her with her friend Na-Roo. Later Na-roo begs for Jung-Ha’s forgiveness and begs her to let her live with her, and that is where their relationship starts. In the movie Lee Hwi-hyang plays the role of Jung-Ha’s mother. This romance movie was released on April 4, 2013 and directed by director Min Kyu-Dong also written by him, Park Sun, Kim Sun-Hyoun, and Jung Sam-Sung.