Full Profile of Korean Actress Lee Eung-kyung


Lee Eung-Kyung is a South Korean actress. She debuted through KBS Special Talent in 1987, and has been acting for over 25 years. She is a veteran actress now. Lee Eung-kyung has played many main and supporting roles in many television dramas and movies. Lee Eung-kyung’s popularity peaked in 1990s, when she got many roles in regular television series at that time. Until now, Lee Eung-kyung is still active as actress. In this article, Channel Korea will reveal the full profile of Lee Eung-kyung!

Lee Eung-Kyung: Full Profile And Career

Name Lee Eung-kyung
Hangul 이응경
Born February 3, 1966 (age 52)
South Korea
Education Inha Technical College majoring in Airline Service Management
Occupation Actress
Years active 1987-present
Agent Ares Entertainment
Spouse(s) Choi Gap-soo (m. 1987; div. 2000)
Lee Jin-woo (m. 2005)
Height, Weight, Blood Type 168cm, 54kg, Type B
Hobby Reading Books, Gardening
Talents Cooking


Lee Eung-kyung began her acting career in 1987, and has since appeared in films and television dramas such as Palace of Dreams and Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja.

After showing off her charisma in the 1989 movie “Alien Baseball Team 2” with the role of Um-Ji, she then dominated TV in the 1990s with “Assi”. With her elegant and charming acting style in the drama “Jealousy”, she still stands out to the audience as a friendly and warm actress.

Later, on the KBS drama “Everybody Cha Cha Cha”, she broadened her scope by playing a confident career woman. On the SBS drama “Ae-Ja’s Older Sister, Min-Ja”, she was both noble and pure. She also churned out a great performance in her recent sitcom “Oh My God”. She is an actress who is able to portray a wide variety of roles, and has worked hard throughout her career.

In her career, she awarded with Most Popular Actress (TV) at the 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in “Palace of Dreams”. She also got an Excellence Award at the 2009 KBS Drama Awards.

Husband and Marriage Controversy

MBCs Tomorrow Victory

Actress Lee Eung-kyung was accused of infidelity during her previous marriage with Choi Gap-soo after her public criticism of her ex-husband on SBS morning talk show “Bae Gi-wan, Choi Young-ah, Jo Hyung-gi’s Good Morning.” She is currently married to actor Lee Jin-woo.

Lee Eung-kyung, who jointly appeared on the show with her current husband “Lee Jin-woo” on Friday, claimed she suffered financial and emotional distress in her first marriage that lasted for 13 years. She blamed her ex-husband,  for “using” her as a means of money making, and leaving her debt ridden and vulnerable after their divorce in 2000. She then remarried to Lee- Jin-woo in 2005.

In response to Lee Eung-kyung’s remarks, Choi Gap-soo posted an enraged entry on the SBS show’s website, saying the divorce was in fact a result of the actress’ affair outside with her current husband Lee Jin-woo. He said that “I even went to a police station to bring an accusation against them for adultery, I decided to drop the idea at the last minute because I didn’t want Lee to be remembered as a ‘cheating mother’ to our child.”

Following the angry claims, a man who claimed to be Lee Jin-woo’s former manager posted another online entry on the same website, saying he knows the truth behind Lee’s divorce. He posted “Do not act as if you are an innocent victim,” the man, whose last name is Jeong, criticized Lee Eung-kyung of her remarks against his ex-husband on the show. He also blamed Lee Eung-kyung’s husband Lee Jin-woo for not paying his wages for two years of his work. “I’d lived with him for two years while working for him,” he wrote. “But I was fired after not being paid at all, not even 10 won.”

The SBS show no longer provides the particular episode featuring Lee online, as her remarks increasingly became controversial and brought a lot of hate towards the actress.

Lee Eung-kyung’s Filmography and Awards

Over the more than 25 years of her career, Lee Eung-kyung has played so many roles. She’s portrayed characters from innocent young ladies to mothers. It proves that her skill in acting can not be questioned.

Here is a complete list of all Lee Eung-kyung’s television dramas and Movies!


Year Title Role
1988 Lee Jang-ho’s Alien Baseball Team 2 Eom-ji
1989 My Love, Don Quixote Je-ha
25 Dollar People
1990 Man Market Jae-hee
A Crazy Love Song Mi-jung
1994 The Young Man Cha Seung-hye
1996 The Day a Pig Fell into the Well Bo-kyung
Grown-ups Grill the Herring Seo Woon-young
1997 He Asked Me If I Knew Zither Hae-sook
2001 My Wife Is a Gangster Yu-jin
2004 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant Kang Ha-yeong’s mother
Bunshinsaba (cameo)
Don’t Tell Papa Elena Kim
2005 Jenny, Juno Juno’s mother
2017 My Little Baby, Jaya

Television Series

Year Title Role Network
1988 Golden Tower KBS2
The Winter That Year Was Warm Soo-in KBS2
1989 2nd Republic Shin Jae-soon MBC
1990 That Woman MBC
1991 Another Happiness MBC
Dictionary of Happiness Cha Sung-hee MBC
Dongui Bogam
(Mirror of Eastern Medicine)
Da-hee MBC
Windmills of Love SBS
1992 Blue Thread Red Thread SBS
Jealousy Han Young-ae MBC
이젠 아무도 사랑하지 않는다 Lee Hye-in MBC
Ambitions on Sand Sung-joo SBS
1993 해야 솟아라 MBC
I’m No Angel Se-hwa MBC
1994 Han Myung-hoi Han Myung-hoi’s concubine KBS2
The Lonely Man Jae-hee KBS2
한쪽 눈을 감아요 KBS2
1996 Lady Chunhyang, Newcomer to Hanyang MBC
Lover Lee Myung-ae MBC
MBC Best Theater
“Me, 28 Years Old and Unmarried”
1997 Palace of Dreams SBS
Lady Lady KBS2
1998 Seoul Tango SBS
Dying Young MBC
1999 Cello Jung Myung-hee SBS
Magic Castle Mrs. Han KBS2
2000 The Full Sun Jang Moon-hee KBS2
I Want to Keep Seeing You Oh Dong-hee SBS
2001 I Want to See Your Face Seo Ji-hyun/Yoon Soo-kyung MBC
2002 Days in the Sun Lee Seung-hye KBS2
Five Brothers and Sisters Seo In-soon SBS
Confession Lee Jung-hee MBC
Honest Living Lee Eung-kyung SBS
2003 Merry Go Round Yoo Myung-ja MBC
Sharp 1 Kim Sung-hee KBS2
2004 TV Novel: You Are a Star Hwang Ae-shim KBS1
Magic Kim Mi-jung SBS
Stained Glass Cha Jin-joo SBS
2005 Sharp 2 Kim Sung-hee KBS2
2006 I Want to Love Woo Yeo-jin SBS
2007 My Mom! Super Mom! Kim Young-ja KBS2
Belle Chun Mi-ja KBS1
New Heart Kim Hye-sook MBC
2008 Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja Joo Ae-ja SBS
Wife and Woman Park Yeon-ha KBS2
2009 Jolly Widows Na Eun-hye KBS1
2010 Pure Pumpkin Flower Se-mi SBS
2011 Oh My God Lee Eung-kyung SBS Plus
2012 Operation Proposal Oh Jung-rim TV Chosun
Tasty Life Jo Hye-ran SBS
I Do, I Do Doctor MBC
2013 You Are the Best! Yoon Soo-jung KBS2
Nine Kim Yoo-jin (2012) tvN
Empress Ki Court lady Noh MBC
2014 Angel’s Revenge Na Dal-nyeo KBS2
A Witch’s Love Baek Soo-jeong
(guest, episodes 1-2)
Only Love Lee Young-ran SBS
2015 Love on a Rooftop Yang Mi-ja KBS2
Tomorrow Victory Kong Cho-hee MBC
2016 I’m Sorry, But I Love You Jung Sook-ja SBS
2017 Lovers in Bloom Oh Kyeong-ah / Oh Choon-rae KBS
2017 Our Sturdy Neighborhood KBS
2017 Reverse MBC

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1997 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress (TV) Palace of Dreams Won
2009 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama Jolly Widows Nominated