Full Profile of Korean Actress Yoon Jung-hee (Born 1980): From Her Wedding to Her Drama List

Yoon Jung-hee

Yoon Jung-hee’s Profile!

Yoon Jung-hee was born on December 21, 1980, in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. She debuted as an actress in 1999, and she once attended Suwon Women’s College for acting and modeling. Before she became an actress, she was a representative for the Gyeongyeong Province in the Miss Korea beauty pageant in 2000. She became known for filling for the variety show The War of the Roses in 2003. After several years of being active on the screen, in 2005, she had the opportunity to play in the Dear Heaven drama as the lead role. Besides Dear Heaven, Death Bell and My love, My Bride with Shin Min-ah and Jo Jung-suk also increased her popularity.

Yoon Jung-hee’s Wedding

Yoon Jung-hee

On May 31, 2015, Yoon Jung-hee married a man who works as an office employee rather than a celebrity. They chose to be married in Bali, Indonesia, where they also enjoyed their honeymoon.

Her marriage was held privately with only her family and friends attending. They met for the first time in the fall of 2014. This eventually led to a relationship. They dated for 8 months before marrying.

Yoon Jung-hee
Yoon Jung-hee
Yoon Jung-hee

Yoon Jung-hee’s Husband

Because she held a private wedding, the face of her husband was not published. There are no photos showing his face. What is clear is that Yoon Jung-hee’s husband is not an artist. He is a simple man and an office employee.

Drama List

This is a list of dramas that Yoon Jung-hee starred in:

Title Year Role TV Channel
  • Screen
2003 SBS
  • Nonstop 4
2004 MBC
  • Choice
2004-2005 Kim Min-ji SBS
  • Dear Heaven
2005-2006 Lee Ja-kyung SBS
  • Blissful Woman
2007 Lee Ji-yeon KBS2
  • Familly’s Honor
2008-2009 Ha Dan-ah SBS
  • Smile, Mom
2010-2011 Kang Shin-young SBS
  • Tasty Life
2012 Jang Seung-joo SBS
  • The Firstborn
2013 Young-sun jTBC


The most historic drama for Yoon Jung-hee is Dear Heaven. Through this drama, Yoon Jung-hee played the lead role for the first time and did so successfully. This drama tells the story of a makeup artist named Lee Ja-kyung whose mother left her at birth. Her mother remarried, but he eventually died.

Yoon Jung-hee

Ja-kyung loves her step-uncle, but her family leaves her and makes Lee Ja-kyung forget about her feelings. One day, she falls in love with Gu Wang-mo and marries him, but she didn’t know that he was her half-brother, or rather, her mother’s stepchild.

Yoon Jung-hee

Yoon Jung-hee has not starred in many TV dramas. The last drama she starred in is 2013’s The Firstborn.

Movies and Variety Shows

This is a list of movies that Yoon Jung-hee has starred in:

Title Year Role
Death Bell 2008 Choi So-young
My Love, My Bride 2014 Seung-hee


A very successful film of the time was Death Bell where she played as Choi So-young who is a high school teacher. It is a horror story that follows 20 students who undergo a test, but some strange and terrible events happen. Namely, if there are students who cannot answer the questions, one by one they will die and lose their friends. Aside from Yoon Jung-hee, this film stars Lee Beom-so, Nam Gyu-ri, and Kim Bum.

Yoon Jung-hee

Besides movies and dramas, she also appeared on some variety shows. This is the list!

Title Year TV Channel
The War of the Roses 2003 KBS
싱싱 Saturday 2005 KBS
Exploration of Gender 2012 MBC