Full Profile of Korean Actress Bae Noo-ri: Age, Height, Drama List, etc


Meet The Cute-Sexy Actress, Bae Noo Ri!

Bae Noo Ri or Noori, who is known for her innocent yet sexy charm, has been a model-turned-actress under a new agency called Echo Global Group since 2017. She was formerly signed under KeyEast Entertainment when she started her modeling career in 2008. In 2010, she branched into acting with a small role in the drama “Ang Shim Jung” as Myung Wol.

As of now, she is best known for her major roles in hit Korean drama series “The Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012), “Sweden Laundry” (2014), and “The Bride of Habaek” (2017). She also appeared in the first-ever Viki Original series “Dramaworld”, which is set in both Los Angeles and Seoul as a sous-chef in early 2016.

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Bae Noo Ri’s Full Profile


Real Name : Bae Noo Ri (배 누리)
Nationality : South Korean
Place of Birth : Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Date of Birth : February 4th, 1993
Status : Active
Start : 2008 (Litmus exclusive model contest)
Occupations : Actor, Model
Agency : Echo Global Group
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Star Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : B
Education : Dongduk Women’s University, Theater and Film Department

Bae Noo Ri’s Facts

  • Her former agency was KeyEast Entertaiment, alongside actresses like Jung Ryeo Won, Park Soo Jin, Wang Ji Hye, etc.
  • She began modeling in 2008 for the clothing brand Litmus.
  • She was also an underwear model with her chest and thigh exposed in the pictures.
  • She likes to attend fashion show events.
  • Around 2012, she was the first foreigner to be allowed to film in the Manila Hotel Suite, where President Lee Myung-bak stayed during his visit to the Philippines.
  • Many netizens were amazed by the resemblance between B1A4’s Baro and Bae Noo Ri from “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”. Both of them have the same big eyes without eyelids, round noses, small lips, and a lot of other similarities as well.
  • Bae Noo Ri used to like the innocent heroine when she would watch dramas. But she said that being a villain is a lot easier. (Interview : Ten Asia).
  • Since she was a child, she has been hanging out with her sister and cousin. (Interview : Ten Asia).
  • Bae Noo Ri is close with Girl’s Day’s Yura (Both from Ulsan). They also went on vacation together to Jeju island in early December 2017.
  • She is rumoured to be in the same bowling club as Girl’s Day’s Yura, Sojin and Hyeri.

Bae Noo Ri’s Past Appearance in Dream High

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Bae Noo Ri acted as a high school student named Han So Ri, which was a small supporting part, only appearing in episode 6, 9, 12, and 13. At that time, Bae Noo Ri tied her hair up and displayed her innocent childish side among the many students. She acted jealous while watching at Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy dancing together.

Bae Noo Ri’s Age


Bae Noo Ri was born on February 4th, 1993. Her birth place was in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, but she was raised in Ulsan. Despite having a mature aura and tall model figure, she is actually the same age as the young-looking actor Park Bo Gum and solo singer IU.

Bae Noo Ri’s Height

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As you can see in the pictures above, as opposed to her chubby round face, Bae Noo Ri has a long and thin waist line with her 166cm tall body. It goes without saying that she looks good in everything she wears, not to mention the fact that she works as a model. Once in 2012, the hearts of male fans were thrilled by her photoshoot in Philippines. At the time, she tried more than 50 outfits over 5 days, and showed her perfect, voluptuous figure, a.k.a “mannequin body” in the sexy spread (wearing revealing clothes).

Bae Noo Ri’s Drama List


Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2010 Ang Shim Jung Myung-Wol E Channel
2011 Dream High Han So-Ri (ep. 6, 9, 12-13) KBS2
Killer K Nal Na-Ri CGV
My Daughter the Flower Daily tea lady SBS
Drama Special Series – Sorry I’m Late Student Seung-Hye KBS2
2012 Moon Embracing the Sun Jan-Shil MBC
Dear You Hong Ran JTBC
2013 Adolescence Medley Jang Hyun-Jin KBS2
Drama Special – My Dad Is a Nude Model Shin-Hye KBS2
2014 Inspiring Generation Yang-Yang KBS2
You’re All Surrounded New cop SBS
Sweden Laundry Bae Young-Mi MBC Every 1
2016 Dramaworld Seo-Yeon Viki
Woman with a Suitcase Oh Ahn-Na MBC
2017 The Bride of Habaek Shin Ja-Ya tvN


  • Movie : “Mr. Zombie” as Sora (2010)
  • Music Video : “Crackin’ Love” by Catch The Goblin (2010)
  • She is also appear on new drama titled “Mysterious Personal Shopper” (KBS2 / 2018) as Kkot-Nim.