Full Profile of Korean Actor Um Hyo-sup and Drama List

uhm hyo sup

Get to Know about Senior Actor, Uhm Hyo-sup

Um Hyo-sup is a South Korean actor who was born in October 1966. He mostly plays supporting roles in dramas and movies. Um ha played in various dramas such as My Love from the Star, While You Were Sleeping, Live up to Your Name, School 2013, and many more.

Full Profile of Um Hyo-sup

um hyo-sup
  • Name: Uhm Hyo-sup
  • Hangul: 엄효섭
  • Birthdate: October 24, 1966
  • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Actor
  • Talent agency: Star Village

Um Hyo-sup’s Filmography

um hyo-sup

Um Hyo-sup’s Movies

Year Title Role
2018 Sovereign Default
2017 Confidential Assignment Chairman Yoon
2015 Gangnam Blues Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Kim Jung Gyu
2015 Shoot Me in the Heart Soo Myung’s father
2012 Gabi Danya’s father (cameo)
2011 Silenced Police Officer Jang
2009 Private Eye General Murata
2009 Marine Boy Director Jo
2007 May 18 Captain Kim
2006 Romance
2004 Springtime Support Role
2003 Double Agent Support Role
2003 The Star
2001 One Fine Spring Day Soon Kyeong
2001 Yellow Hair 2
1995 Who Drives Me Mad?


Um Hyo-sup’s Drama List

Year Title Role Network
2018 Bok Soo’s Back Principal SBS
2018 Terius Behind Me Shim Woo-cheol (Dir. NIS) MBC
2018 Life Lee Sang-yeob (Cancer Ctr) JTBC
2017 I’m Not a Robot Doctor Oh MBC
2017 While You Were Sleeping Park Jun-mo (So Yoon’s father (cameo)) SBS
2017 Live up to Your Name Heo Jun tvN
2017 The King in Love Lee Seung-hyoo MBC
2017 Stranger CEO Park Moo-sung tvN
2017 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
2017 Super Family 2017 Director Choi Suk-moon SBS
2016 Shopping King Louis Kim Ho-joon MBC
2016 Doctors Jin Myung-hoon (Seo Woo’s father) SBS
2016 The Master of Revenge Politician Choi KBS2
2015 Remember – War of the Son Prosecutor Hong Moo-suk SBS
2015 Loss:Time:Life
Head Referee Naver TV Cast
2015 Falling for Innocence Doctor Jo Nam-soo (cameo) JTBC
2015 Splendid Politics Hong Young MBC
2015 Life Tracker Lee Jae Goo
Kim Tae Soo SBS
2015 Heart to Heart Ko Jae-woong (Yi Seok’s father) tvN
2014 Liar Game Nam Da Jung’s father tvN
2014 Secret Door Min Baek-sang SBS
2014 Gunman in Joseon Jung Hwe-ryeong KBS2
2014 Big Man Kang Sung-wook KBS2
2014 Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion Jang Kook’s father JTBC
2013 You Who Came from the Stars Cheon Min-koo (Song Yi’s father) SBS
2013 Two Weeks Han Jung-woo MBC
2013 Empire of Gold Choi Won-jae SBS
2013 Gu Family Book Park Moo-sol MBC
2013 Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Oh Chul-min tvN
2012 School 2013 Eom Dae-woong (Uhm force) KBS2
2012 Golden Time Kim Min-joon MBC
2012 Queen In-Hyun’s Man Min Am tvN
2012 Syndrome Park Sun-woo JTBC
2012 Feast of the Gods Ko Jae-cheol MBC
2011 Come, Come, Absolutely Come Company President Kong MBN
2011 The Peak
Park Yi-man MBC
2011 The Princess’s Man Lee Gae KBS2
2011 Warrior Baek Dong Soo Baek Sa-goeng (Baek Dong-soo’s dad) SBS
2009 The Great Queen Seondeok Yum Jong MBC
2009 Three Men
Da Hoon’s golf course President tvN
2009 A Man’s Story
Kim Jung-jin (Mayor Yang’s Secretary) KBS2
2007 Pretty Insun Seo Kyeong-joon KBS2
2007 H.I.T Shil Il-yeong MBC


Um Hyo-sup’s Drama Specials

Year Title Role Network
2017 Frozen Love Shin Yeong’s father MBC
2014 We All Cry Differently Ryoo Jeong-cheol (father) KBS2
2013 School 2013 Special Uhm Force KBS2