Full Profile Of Korean Actor Cha In-pyo: Wife, Son, Movies and TV Shows, etc

Cha In-Pyo TV Shows – Dae Mul (2010)


The 24-episode drama written by In-kwon Park, Hwang Eun-kyung, Yoo Dong-Yoon and directed by Oh Jong-Rok, Jo Hyun-tak, gave Cha In-Pyo a role as Kang Tae-San.

Dae Mul tells about Seo Hye-Rim played by Ko Hyun-Jung is a temperamental woman who works as a broadcaster in a broadcasting company. Because he protested strongly against the death of her husband who should not be fired, he was fired by the broadcasting company. After his success as provincial governor of Namhae County, Seo Hye-Rim became the first female president of South Korea.

Kang Tae-San’s father (Cha In-Pyo) tried 7 times to become a member of the National Assembly, but failed. Kang Tae-San then passes the civil servant exam test with flying colors. For a moment he worked as a prosecutor and later became a politician. Due to his high ambitions, Kang Tae-San enters marriage with comfort. His wife is the daughter of the powerful Chaebol group. Kang Tae-San led the impeachment against President Seo Hye-Rim.

Cha In-Pyo TV Shows – Endless Love (2014)


The drama with 37 episodes aired on SBS was written by Na Yeon-Sook and directed by Lee Hyeon-Jik aired every Saturday and Sunday. Cha In-pyo plays Cheon Tae-Woong.

This drama tells abou contains works and love of a woman named In-Ae played by Hwang Jung-Eum. Gwang-Hoon played by Ryu Soo-Youn is an ambitious person. He comes from the eldest son of a poor family. In-Ae looks at her mother’s death and decides to take revenge. Gwang-Cheol played by Jung Kyoung-Ho is Gwang-Hoon’s sister. Since he was a child, he never stopped loving In-Ae who is his brother’s lover.

Cha In-Pyo TV Shows – D-Day (2015)


The drama written by Hwang Eun-Kyung and directed by Jang Yong-Woo aired on JTBC with a total of 20 episodes aired every Friday and Saturday. Cha In-Pyo acts as Goo Ja-Hyuk.

This drama tells about how a natural disaster strikes the city of Seoul. The whole city becomes paralyzed. Doctors and emergency personnel struggle to save the people.

Cha In-Pyo’s Wife

cha in pyo wife

Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra are one of the first celebrity couples to marry after co-starring in a TV drama. They fell in love on the set of 1994 MBC drama “Love in Your Heart,” and got married the following year, although Cha In Pyo had to serve the mandatory military service shortly after the wedding.

Shin Ae-ra is an actress born in 1969 and made her debut in the entertainment world in 1989, and has since played leading roles in few television dramas such as Love in Your Arms and Bad Housewife. 

Cha In-Pyo and Shin Ae-Ra

shin aera

Cha In-Pyo and Shin Ae-Ra are blessed with three children- two daughters and one son. Their daughters are Cha Ye-eun who was born in 2005 and Cha Ye-jin who was born in 2007, and their son Cha Jeong-Min who was born in 1998.

Ae-Ra retreats from acting to take care of her daughter, her son, who is homeschooling for a year and is in sixth grade.

Cha In-Pyo’s Son


Cha Jeong-Min is Cha-Pyo’s only boy with Shin Ae-Ra. Cha In-Pyo once took his son in the screening of the inaugural Crossing. Jeong-Min also participates in the film.

Cha In-Pyo as an Actor


Not only performing in Korea, Cha In-Pyo also performs as a Hollywood actor. On July 2017, Cha In Pyo’s production company TKC Pictures released a statement reading, “Cha In Pyo will be taking part in Hollywood movie ‘HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress’ as a producer and actor.”

The movie will be co-produced by TKC Pictures and US production company King Street Pictures. The arrangement for the joint movie production was made last March, when Cha In Pyo visited Los Angeles and met the head of King Street Pictures through actor Ricky Kim.

“HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress” is an action fantasy movie rebooted from John Bunyan’s almost 340-year-old novel “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

The movie is scheduled to be released worldwide next summer, while the cast includes international actors including the United States’s Alan Powell, Eric Tiede, and Patrick Thompson, Australia’s Peta Sergeant, Mexico’s Fernanda Romero, Denmark’s Asger Folmann, as well as Korea’s Ricky Kim and Cha In Pyo.

TKC Pictures shared, “Cha In Pyo has signed to take part in three Hollywood films during the next three years to kickstart his career in the US. He will be going back and forth US and Korea from now on.”

TKC Pictures plans to become a gateway for Korean actors to enter the US industry, and create more roles for Asian actors in the US.

Cha In-Pyo’s Running Man


Running Man is one of the most popular variety shows of Korean netizens. Variety shows hosted by Kwang-Soo, Ji-yo, Ha-Ha, Jae-Suk, Jong-Kook, Suk-Jin, and So-Min are also See-Chan new members who replaced Gary. Running Man is an event where Running Man members must complete missions every week with guest staring Korean idols including actors and actresses. Includes Cha In-Pyo. He participated in Running Man episode 144.

With brains, brawn, talent, and an overall amiable personality to boot, Runing Man’s members call him Mr. Perfect. In episode 144, Cha In-Pyo with guest star also another Running Man member playing Ttakji.


During the name tag removal game, Cha In Pyo sees Gary. Cha In Pyo stated, “Gary sent some clothes to our house to be sent to people in need in Africa.”

When his past good deeds were revealed, Gary looked embarrassed as he stated, “I’m leaving now.”

Netizens who heard this news commented, “Gary is really a good person,” “Now everyone knows why Gary is so popular,” “There’s nothing like him,” “I want him!”