Full Profile Of Korean Actor Cha In-pyo: Wife, Son, Movies and TV Shows, etc

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Cha In-Pyo General Information

Cha In-Pyo is a 1967-born actor who made his debut in 1993 as an actor in television drama “Han Ji Bong’s Three Families.” He has since starred in many popular films and television dramas, including the recent “Endless Love” (2014) , “D-Day” (2015) and “Laurel Tree Tailors” (2016-2017), as well as the English-language Netflix original series “Sense8” (2015).

He has three children, two daughters and one son from his marriage with Shin Ae-Ra.

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Cha In Pyo’s Profile

cha inpyo

Name : Cha In Pyo

Date of Birth : October 14, 1967

Age : 50 years old

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 75 kg

Blood Type : O

Zodiac : Libra

Profession : Actor and Singer

Religion : N/A

Cha In-Pyo’s Movies and TV Shows

Cha In-Pyo Movies – The Best (1998)


This is the second movie starring Cha In-Pyo, a film written by Park Kye-Ok and directed by Yun-ho Yang giving Cha In-Pyo a chance to spin as Hwang Gi-Pung for 90 minutes.

This movie tells the story of Hwang Gi-Pung who was a music teacher who failed a certificate exam for college four times and had a very bad score in a teacher’s exam. He is responsible of students with problems at school. He participated in the Music Band Competition for high school students and gave them confidence. However, some students like Lim Se-Bin played by Jang Hyuk, and other friends do not consider Gi-Pung as their teacher, but over time, they try to accept him.

Cha In-Pyo Movies – Mokpo The Harbor (2004)


In the film, Cha In-pyo plays Seong-Ki and competes acting with actor Cho Jae-Hyun who plays Lee Su-Cheol. Written by Kim Ji-Hoon, Lee Su-Nam, Na Hyeon, and directed by Kim Ji-Hoon, it costs up to US $ 2.8M. This movie is 114 minutes long.

Mokpo The Harbor tells about Detective Lee Su-Cheol Mr. Goodness’ in whose detective abilities are better than Sherlock Holmes, but he always gets a job at the desk. But this time, he’s heading to Mokpo to prove himself as a homicide detective.

Su-Cheol passes himself as a local gangster by the name of Nam Nam Nam to infiltrate Seong-Ki’s family, a criminal ring connected to a drug deal. But there are too many people in his path; a female district prosecutor Lim Ja-Kyeong played by Song Seon-Mi, the captain of the homicide department, and the Pari Fish Family to take revenge on the Seong-Ki Family. Su-Cheol finds true friendship and loyalty in Mokpo.

Cha In-Pyo Movies – A Dream Comes True (2009)


Written by Japanese writer Miho Nakazono and directed by Jang Yong-Woo, Jang Yong-Woo, the movie stars Cha In-Pyo who plays Lim Sang-Hyeon and Kim Hyo-Jin who plays Lee Ha-Na.

This film tells about Sang-Hyeon is a third-rate comedian working in a shady nightclub. One day, a man came to the club with boys and briefcases. The man is looking for the owner but he is not there.

That night Sang-hyeon witnessed a car accident involving the man who came to the nightclub. The man is dying and he asks Sang-hyeon to bring the child and his bag to his family. The family asks Sang Hyeon to bring Jae-yeong’s son to his mother in Donghae, South Korea. When Sang-hyeon arrives at the address given by Jae-yeong’s family, the mother can not be found.

Cha In-Pyo TV Shows – Perfect Love (2003)

perfect love

Perfect Love is a drama written by Kim Soo-Hyun and directed by Kwak Young-Bum giving Cha In-Pyo a role as Park Su-Woo. The drama that aired on SBS has 24 episodes.

This drama tells about the true love journey of a husband played by Cha In-Pyo, when his wife, played by Kim Hie-Ae as Ha Yeong-Ae, struggles with a deadly disease. Their process of falling in love, getting married, and facing difficulties along the way, is portraying thethe journey of a teenage husband learning the true meaning of love, whilen his wife fought for her life with a deadly decease, tragically and beautiful illustrated.