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Ko Sung-hee is a South Korean actress who became a rising star in 2014. She is a multi talent actress who also worked as an MC and a model. Ko Sung-hee was born in America because her father was working as a Korean Ambassador for United States. Before working as an actress, Ko Sung-hee almost debuted as an idol during her trainee days at KeyEast Entertainment. Ko Sung-hee is still a hot topic even now, with a lot of fresh rumors coming out about the actress. Let’s get to know the rising actress, Ko Sung-hee.


Ko Sung-hee: Full Profile and Facts

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Real Name : Go Seong-hui

Birthday : June 21, 1990

Nationality : South Korean-American

Zodiac : Gemini

Height : 170 cm

Weight :  48 kg

Education : Sungkyunkwan University – Performing Arts (Acting)

Language skill : Korean, English, Japan

Years Active : 2008 – Present

Agency : Saram Entertainment

Social Media : @krnangel 

Official Site : official website, facebook page, vlive



  1. Her first award was through the MBC Drama Awards in 2014 as Best New Actress for the drama “Miss Korea The Night Watchman’s Journal”.
  2. On the SBS variety show “The Master Key”, she revealed that her ideal type should be a man who only loves one girl, an innocent man.
  3. She ate samgyupsal (pork belly meat) before she shot a kissing scene with JYJ’s Jaejoong on the KBS2 drama “The Spy”. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much smell from that.
  4. She needed to refilm a kiss scene with JYJ’s Jaejoong on the KBS2 drama “The Spy” due to extreme hail.
  5. She once made a mistake during a KBS award show. She walked behind the MC when the MC was talking, which made a funny scene, and became a hot topic afterward.
  6. She become an MC for Elle TV’s “Style Studio – Season 1” in 2009 as her start in the entertainment industry.
  7. She can dance jazz.
  8. She used to train with RiSe from Ladies Code at KeyEast, and almost debuted as a girl group member. She decided to leave KeyEast and pursue acting afterward.
  9. Many netizens claim that she looks like actress Park Shin-hye because of her facial expressions and also her look.
  10. She got a burn during a scene of the 2014 MBC drama “The Diary of a Night Watchman” and said that it was an “honor bruise”.
  11. She has been a “Prem” cosmetic ambassador since March 2018.