Full Profile of Korean Actress: Kim Su-jung


Former Child Actress, Kim Su-jung Is All Grown Up!

Kim Su-jung, most known for her role as the ‘Answer Girl’ on KBS 2TV’s “Star Golden Bell” in the past, is a former child actress who has transformed into a stunning young lady. She began her career as a child actress, and starred in several television series and films. Although most of her roles may not be as big, as a child star, Kim Su-jung always did her part well by adding a youthful charm and spirit to liven up the productions. It’s true that she was so much younger back then, but her acting proves that she was much more mature than the other thumb suckers! So have you ever wondered what this former child actress has been up to lately? And where she is now?

Full Profile of Actress Kim Su-jung


Name : Kim Soo Jung / Kim Su-jung (김수정)
Nickname : Answer Girl & Princess Sujung (from Star Golden Bell)
Nationality : South Korean
Talent Agency : SIDUS HQ
Occupation : Actress, TV Host
Date of Birth : April 9, 2004
Place of Birth : Incheon Gyeoyang District, South Korea
Chinese Star Sign : Monkey
Western Star Sign : Aries
Blood Type : O
Height : 165 cm (still growing)
Family : Two younger brothers
Education : 인천계양초등학교 – Incheon Gyeongyang Elementary School (transferred), 유콘국제학교 초등부 – Yukon International Elementary School (graduated), 인천동양중학교 – Incheon Dongyang Middle School
Hobbies : Singing, Dancing, and Acting
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sujung449/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/sujungcode123
Fancafe : http://m.cafe.daum.net/kimsujungcode/_rec
Official Profile : http://ent.ihq.co.kr/star/kimsujeong

Facts and Trivia About Kim Su-jung

  • She is 1/4 Russian (father Korean, mother half Korean & half Russian).
  • Kim Su-jung’s mother lived in Russia until the age of 16 and is of Korean nationality.
  • Her brother’s name is Kim Min Joon.
  • According to some broadcasts, she usually speaks Korean with her Russian mixed mother, and speaks a little Russian with her grandmother.
  • She made her debut when she was 4 years old on SBS’s “Strong Heart” in 2008, and become known for appearing on variety show “Star Golden Bell” on special corner where she got her ‘Answer Girl’ nickname.
  • When she was on KBS’s “Star Golden Bell” as ‘Answer Girl’ in 2010, she revealed that her ideal type is none other than former U-KISS maknae Dong Ho!
  • Every week on KBS’s “Star Golden Bell”, the highlight of her corner is the battle between Kim Soo Jung and Kim Tae Hyun. Kim Tae Hyun is the ‘detective’ who usually guesses the correct answer by investigating Soo Jung, and observing her reactions and gestures.
  • She chose actress Go Hyun Jung as her role model.
  • She has received the 2009 SBS Drama Awards ‘Child Actress’ Award (“Two Wives”).
  • She made viewers envious when she was kissed on the lips by Kim Hyun Joong (former SS501) on the “Style Icon Award” stage in 2009. Check out the video below!

  • She appeared in the Music Video of U-Jin “오늘 그댈 : Today You” (2008).
  • In 2012, she was selected as Russia Yakut Mammoth Excavation Ex-PR Ambassador (러시아 야쿠트맘모스 발굴대탐험전 홍보대사)
  • She lent her voice to the song “마음이송” (마음이 2 Album OST) in 2010.
  • She appeared on magazines such as Kids Fashion Magazines (키즈 패션잡지 아망 모델), Best Baby Model Magazine (잡지 베스트 베이비 모델), and Fashion Show Marc Jacobs Model (패션쇼 마크 제이콥스 모델).
  • She tagged Hwang Sung Jae, Ri Won, and Lee Min Woo, after completing the ice bucket challenge on her Instagram.
  • She had been inactive since 2015, and on June 30, 2017, she showed a stormy appearance as a protagonist in front of the Samsung Lions and SK Wyverns at Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium (Baseball Stadium).
  • She revealed that she has an animal hair allergy on the show “Nest Escape Season 2”. Because of that, she can’t go near or touch animals.
  • She was rumored to appear in MNET’s “Produce 48”, but then the rumor proved false.
  • She filmed tvN’s “Escape The Nest” alongside Yoo Seonho, Hong Hwari, and Kim Samuel. The group traveled to Greece on their first trip overseas without any parental or adult supervision.
  • In August 2015, she signed with HQ Sidus to work as actress.
  • She was known as a little ‘Song Ji Hyo’ for her resemblance with the actress.
  • Like any other teenagers in general, she was interested in cosmetics.

Actress Kim Su-jung’s Transformation


Many of the hottest stars appeared on KBS’s show “Star Golden Bell” back in that era, and Kim Su-jung, who was known as the ‘Answer Girl’, was a memorable and pretty child actress who always showed up on the show’s special corner. She captured the viewers’ hearts with her adorable looks and spunky way of hosting the quizzes. Well, forget that image! She is now no longer a cute child actress, but a pretty lady who has been spotted looking more elegant than before.

one hallyu

As you can see in the comparison photos above, no wonder many netizens were completely amazed at how much Su Jung has grown up since they last saw her. The transformation boasts her astounding beauty with an impressive 165 cm height when she’s not even 20 years old. She’s still growing!