Full Profile of Korean Actress: Kim Soo-mi

actress Kim Soo-mi

All About Senior Actress, Kim Soo-mi

Kim Soo-mi is a senior South-Korean actress who began her debut in the entertainment industry in 1980. She is not only famous as an actress, but also as an entertainer, radio DJ, author, and model for music videos. Although she became well known for her comedy act at the beginning of her career, she also acts serious for some roles in several dramas and movies. Let’s get to know senior actress Kim Soo-mi.


Kim Soo-mi: Full Profile and Facts

Kim Soo-mi profile


Real Name = Kim Young-ok

Stage Name = Kim Su-mi / Kim Soo-mi

Nickname = Queen of Ad-lib

Birthday = September 3, 1949

Origin = Gunsan, North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Education = Korea University Graduate School of Media

Years Active = 1970 – Present



  1. She has a daughter named Jung Joo-ri who works as jewelry designer.
  2. She debuted in a talent contest in 1970.
  3. She was the most popular Korean actresses in 1980 after she shot to fame through the landmark TV series “Country Diaries” which aired for almost 20 years.
  4. She made a low-budget indie movie become a sleeper hit and for her portrayal of an Azheimer’s-afflicted woman.
  5. Her chauffeur-driven BMW shot backwards killing her mother-in-law, and she filed a 1 billion won lawsuit against BMW at Seoul High Court in 1998, alleging that the sudden-start had been a car defect.
  6. She become a model for 2 music videos such as Tara N4 “Countryside Life” in 2013, and  EZ-Life “Your Sister, Instead of You” in 2005.
  7. She became a radio DJ for KBS Radio “The Pursuit of Happiness with Kim Soo-mi and Kang Nam-gil” in 1995 and MBC Radio “Hello, This is Kim Hong-shin and Kim Soo-mi” from 1993 until 1995.
  8. As an author, she has already released 8 books since 1990.
  9. She has already won 14 awards as an actress. Her first award was in 1972 at the MBC Drama Awards for Best New Actress for the MBC drama “Adada”.
  10. She starred in 3 theatre plays, starting in 1998 and her last play was “My Mother” from 2010 until 2013.
  11. She has been he chairman of the Department of Theater and Film at Soongsil University College of Social Sciences since 2003.
  12. She headed the publicity as part of the organizing committee of the 1999 Hanam International Environment Expo.
  13. She once put a stop to her entertainment activities and needed to start seeing a psychiatrist due to malicious comments that she read over the internet.


List of Kim Soo-mi’s Variety Shows

Kim Soo-mi variety show

Kim Soo-mi began to appear on variety shows in 1982 on MBC’s “Kim Soo-mi’s Cooking of the Day”. Her love for cooking made her rise in the variety show. Kim Soo-mi’s amazing entertainer skills can be seen in 7 variety shows afterwards, with her latest variety show being tvN’s “Soo-mi’s Side Dish” which shows her amazing cooking skills. Check out the other variety shows of Kim Soo-mi.

Kim Soo-mi Variety Show List
Year Title Channel
2013 Mamado KBS2
2011 – 2012 Show King (Global Korean Talk Show King) Channel A
2011 Soo-mi Ok QTV
2005 Sunda Sunday Night : Age of Charm MBC
1982 -1985 Kim Soo-mi’s Cooking of the Day
2015 A Look at Myself KBS
2018 Soomi’s Side Dishes tvN


List of Kim Soo-mi’s Dramas

Kim Soo-mi drama

Kim Soo-mi has already acted in 48 drama since 1970. Most the dramas she has started on have aired on MBC. Her latest drama was the SBS drama “Unni is Alive” in 2017. Here is a list of Kim Soo-mi’s drama appearances.

Kim Soo-mi Drama List
Year Title Channel
1972 Adada MBC
1973 한백년
1976 Samiingok
1977 You
1979 엄마 아빠 좋아
1980-2002 Country Diaries aka Lifetime in the Country
1981 Angry Eyes
1982 Park Soon-kyeong
1983 Father & Son
1985 The Season of Men
1987 The Face of a City
1989 Your Toast
1990 마당 깊은 집
1991 That Woman
말로만 중산층
1992 마포 무지개
1993 Professor Oh’s Family SBS
1995 Our Sunny Days of Youth KBS2
Asphalt Man SBS
1996 Their Embrace MBC
Salted Mackerel
1997 A Bluebird Has It KBS2
Beautiful Lady SBS
1998 The King’s Path MBC
1999 You’re One-of-a-kind
누룽지 선생과 감자 일곱 개 KBS2
2001 See You in the Morning SBS
2003 MBC Best Theater “내 딸 소란이” MBC
2004 What Happened in Bali SBS
2005 Cute or Crazy
Beating Heart MBC
Hello Franceska Season 3
Love Needs a Miracle SBS
2007 The King and I
Unstoppable Marriage KBS2
2010 Daring Women SBS
2011 Hooray for Love MBC
Vampire Idol MBN
2012 Ohlala Couple KBS2
2013 Incarnation of Money SBS
The Firstborn jTBC
2014 Legendary Witches MBC
2017 Unni is Alive SBS


List of Kim Soo-mi’s Movies

Kim Soo-mi movie

Kim Soo-mi began her acting career through the movie “Cuckoo’s Dolls” in 1976. She made a memorable appearance as a cameo in the comedy movie “Oh! Happy Day” which starred actress Jang Nara. Her acting as profanity-spouting ajumma at the time led to her successfully revamping her image, and it rejuvenated her fading career after her first movie appearance. Kim Soo-mi became well known as “Queen of Ad-lib” with her comic talent showcased in many successful projects afterward such as “Mapodo”, “Twilight Gangsters”, “Granny’s Got Talent” and the “Marrying the Mafia” sequel. Here is a list of Kim Soo-mi’s movie appearances.

Kim Soo-mi Movie List
Year Title Role
1976 Cuckoo’s Dolls
1982 Hwa-sun
1984 Milky Way in Blue Sky
1987 Ureme 4 : Thunder V Operation
Blitz of Ureme from Outer Space
1988 Brave Trio
1996 Boss
1997 Downfall
2003 Oh! Happy Day Cameo
The Greatest Expectation
2004 Mr. Gam’s Victory aka Superstar Mr. Gam
2005 A Bold Family
Marrying the Mafia II : Enemy-in-law
Mr. Housewife Quiz King
2006 Sunday Seoul
Oh! My God
Hoodwinked! Korean dubbing
Now and Forever
Barefoot Ki-bong
Detective Mr. Gong aka Detective ODD
Dasepo Naughty Girls
Marrying the Mafia III : Family Hustle
2007 Mapado 2: Back to the Island Cameo
Unstoppable Marriage
Underground Rendezvous
2008 Black Heart aka Delivering Love aka Beyong All Magic
2009 Fortune Salon
2010 Twilight Gangsters aka Pistol Bandit Band
2011 Late Blossom
Shotgun Love
Meet the In-Laws
The Suicide Forecast Cameo
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil Korean dubbing
Marrying the Mafia IV : Unstoppable Family
2012 Woosoossi Cameo
2013 Born to Sing
2015 Granny’s Got Talent
Enemies In-Law Cameo