Full Profile of Korean Actor: Kim Mu-saeng


Kim Mu-saeng was a Korean senior actor. He was one of the most successful actors in Korea in his time. Kim Mu-saeng played almost every major role in movie production while he was living. He died at the age of 62 in 2005. It was a great loss for the Korean creative industry. He received the “Special Contribution Award” at the SBS Performance Awards ceremony that the same year.

Kim Mu-saeng Facts and Profile

Name Kim Mu-saeng (김무생)
Born March 16, 1943
Zuizan, Japanese Korea
(now Seosan, S. Chungcheong, South Korea)
Died April 16, 2005 (aged 62)
Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Other names Kim Moo-saeng
Alma mater Dongguk University
Occupation Actor
Years active 1963–2004
Spouse(s) Kim Ui-sook
Children Kim Joo-hyuk (son)


  • He studied at Dongguk University in Seoul, beginning his career as a voice actor for Tongyang Broadcasting Company (now KBS) in 1963.
  • Kim made his on-screen acting debut in 1969.
  • In his whole career, he made over 100 appearances in film and television, his final role being in the television drama series Save the Last Dance for Me, which ended on January 2, 2005.
  • His youngest son is also an actor, Kim Joo-hyuk.
  • They both made appearances in a TV commercial together in 2004.
  • He and his son both played real-life court physician Heo Jun.
  • Kim Mu-saeng traveled to Kumgangsan resort in North Korea for the tenth round of inter-Korean family reunions, where he met his maternal uncle Jang Gyeong-su.
  • He died at the Samsung Medical Center in Ilwon from pneumonia on April 16, 2005, after having suffered from a lung disease for the previous two years and spending a month in a coma.

Kim Mu-saeng’s Son, Kim Joo-hyuk


Kim Joo-hyuk is the second son of Kim Mu-saeng. Like his father, Kim Joo-hyuk also chose to be an actor and he became one of most popular actors in Korea. Kim Joo-hyuk died in a car accident in 2017. Kim Joo-hyuk’s Mercedes-Benz SUV was driving down Yeongdong Daero when it crashed into Hyundai Grandeur near an I-Park apartment complex in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul. Kim’s car then crashed into the wall of an apartment block and flipped down the stairs.

Kim Mu-saeng’s Partial Filmography (Movie and Drama)


Throughout his career Kim Mu-saeng played over 100 roles in a hundred productions. He started acting in 1969 as a voice actor. Here are some of his works from his career!

Year Title Role
1969 Temporary Government in Shanghai
1973 Special Force
1976 Great Cause
1977 Only You
1979 The Trappings of Youth
1981 The First Republic (TV)
1985 A Deep, Deep Place
For Women, It’s All or Nothing
The Imjin War (TV) Yi Sun-sin
1986 Son of God
You Cannot Outdo Others
Susana’s Experience
1988 Fishing for Love
1989 The Second Republic (TV)
1993 The Third Republic (TV)
1995 Jang Hee-bin (TV)
1996 Tears of the Dragon (TV) Lee Sung-gye
1997 Wedding Dress (TV) Grandfather
1998 Heart of Lies (TV) Lee Pil-ho
Barefoot of Youth (TV) Jang Myung-suk
1999 Trap of Youth (TV) Chairman Noh Hoe-jang
2000 SWAT Police (TV) Kim Hoe-jang
Il Mare
2001 Mina (TV)
Life is Beautiful (TV) Chairman Yu
2002 The Dawn of the Empire (TV) Wang-kyu
Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma (TV) Choong Won-kong
2003 Rooftop Room Cat (TV) Lee Pil-deuk
2004 Who’s Got the Tape? Tae-shik’s father
Into the Storm (TV)
Sweet Sixties Jo Jin-bong
Save the Last Dance for Me (TV) Chairman Kang