Full Profile of Kim Gyu-ri: Plastic Surgery and Movies

4. Portrait of a Beauty (2008)


In the film, Kim Gyu-ri plays the role of Yun-jeong, Kim Young-Ho plays Kim Hong-Do, Kim Nam-Gil plays Kang-Mu, and Choo Ja-Hyun plays Sul-Hwa. Portrait of a Beauty was written by Kee Jung-Myeong (novel), Han Su-Ryeon, Jeon Yun-Su and directed by Jeon Yun-Su which was released on November 13, 2008 with a duration of 108 minutes.

This film tells the story of retired court painter Shin Han-Pyong, who seeks to settle an old score with the most sought after painter of that time, Kim Hong-Do. Shin raises his son to surpass Kim Hong-Do, but his son commits suicide over his lack of talent. The father then pushes his daughter, Yun-Jeong, to disguise herself as her brother and enter the world of court painters.

Now the grown-up Yun-jeong, under the pen name of Shin Yun-Bok, finally enters the court and learns to paint under the guidance of Kim Hong-Do, who is trusted by King Jung-Jo.

Kim Hong-Do quickly notices Yun-bok’s huge potential as well as his girlish features. Things remain normal until Yun-bok goes out, and comes across a playful seller of mirrors, Kang-Mu. When their romantic adventure takes off, it is Kim Hong-Do who ends up heartbroken. Kim’s jealousy, and his desire to own Yun-Bok physically and emotionally, soars to a perilous level.

5. HaHaHa (2010)


The film was written and directed by Hong Sang-Soo. The film was released on May 6, 2010 with a duration of 116 minutes. HaHaHa stars Kim Sang-kyung as Jo Moon-Kyeong, Yu Jun-Sang as Bang Jong-Sik, Kim Gyu-ri as No Jung-Hwa, and Kim Kang-Woo as Kang Jung-Ho.

HaHaHa tells the story of movie director Jo Moon-Kyeong, who recently decided to immigrate to Canada, and takes a trip down to the small sea-side town of Tongyeong, South Korea. There he meets acquaintance Bang Jong-Sik, who is a movie critic. The movie director and movie critic sits down to have drinks and talk about their past.

They also come across Yang Seong-Wook, who is an amateur poet and cultural guide in Tongyeong, and a charming young woman.

6. Shotgun Love (2011)


The film was written by Jung Woo-Chul, Rain Jung, Min Byung-Guk and directed by Rain Jung which was released on March 10, 2011 with duration of 116 minutes.

Shotgun Love tells the story of Sang-Yeol, played by Im Chang-Jung, who is not particularly attractive, does not possesses a college degree, and does not have any sense of fashion. He works as a model for a home shopping channel, specifically for kitchen products. Sang-Yeol also has an intense crush on popular model So-Yeon, played by Kim Gyu-ri, who also works for the home shopping channel. Unfortunately, So-Yeon dislikes Sang-Yeol.

Then on a rainy night, So-Yeon calls Sang-Yeol to meet for drinks. The next morning, Sang-Yeol finds himself naked in a motel room. Although Sang-Yeol can not remember what happened the night before, he assumes that he slept with So-Yeon, because the front desk confirmed that he came in with a woman.

Meanwhile, So-Yeon finds herself pregnant. Her boyfriend PD Park, played by Kim Tae-Hoon, pushes So-Yeon to have an abortion. So-Yeon wants to have the baby, so she implies to naive Sang-Yeol that she is pregnant with his baby.

7. My Dear Girl, Jin-Young (2013)


My Dear Girl, Jin-Young is a film written and directed by Lee Sung-Eun which was released on November 7, 2013 with a duration of 102 minutes. In this film, Kim Gyu-ri plays the main role along with Park Won-Sang.

This film tells the story of Jin-Young, played by Kim Gyu-ri, who is not a popular screenwriter. She’s been stuck writing a zombie movie script for the past couple of years. During this time, she has not made any money or dated. Hwang Tae-Il, played by Park Won-Sang is a movie director. He decides to direct a zombie movie based on the Jin-Young’s script. The pair become romantically involved.

8. Revivre (2014)


Movie Revivre is Kim Gyu-ri’s last film before she decided to take a hiatus. The film was written by Song Yoon-Hee and directed by Im Kwon-Taek. It was released on April 9, 2015 with a duration of 106 minutes.

This film tells the story of Mr. Oh’s, played by Ahn Sung-Ki, whose wife passes away from cancer. He works at a large cosmetics company. While his wife suffered from cancer for 4 years, Mr. Oh remained a devoted husband. At his wife’s funeral, his subordinates from work arrive to offer their condolences and talk about work. Among the people from his company, Mr. Oh can not stop thinking about Choo Eun-Joo, played by Kim Gyu-ri. As his wife grew closer to death, he started to fall in love with another woman.