Full Profile of Kim Gyu-ri: Plastic Surgery and Movies


Get Closer to Korean Actress, Kim Gyu-ri

Kim Gyu-ri is the South Korean actress best known for her film, Portrait of a Beauty. She was involved in a controversy in 2008 when she made a statement against eating imported beef from the United States. She debuted as an actress in 1998.

The actress formerly known as Kim Min-Sun legally changed her name to Kim Gyu-ri in November of 2009. The Korean Times reported that Kim Min-Sun has gone by the name of Gyu-Ri at home since her childhood days, and the name change reflects a fresh new start for her. Let’s look at the full profile of Kim Gyu-ri!

Full Profile of Kim Gyu-ri


Name : Kim Gyu-ri

Date of Birth : August 16, 1979

Age : 39 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood Type : AB

Zodiac : Leo

Religion : Buddhism

Talent : Swimming

Education : Dongduk University

Entertainment : MBK Entertainment

Has Kim Gyu-ri Had Plastic Surgery?

Kim Gyu-ri is rumored to have had plastic surgery on her face, no further confirmation from Gyu-Ri or her entertainment, but some netizens found some evidence to suggest that Gyu-Ri was having plastic surgery. In fact, netizens concluded that Gyu-Ri’s plastic surgery failed, and made her face a bit strange.


From her recent pictures, it’s obvious that Kim Gyu-ri completely re-did her face. Her eyes are still puffy from another round of double eye-lid surgery, her lips are grossly plump after filler injections, and her jaw line is disgustingly sharp.

What do you think? Does she look different?

List of the Top 8 Kim Gyu-ri Movies

1. Momento Mori (1999)


Momento Mori is the first movie that Gyu-Ri starred in. This movie’s themes are horror and homosexuality. The film, written and directed by Kim Tae-Yong and Min Kyu-Dong, was what made the name Kim Gyu-ri known as an actress. The film was released on December 24, 1999 with a duration of 98 minutes.

The movie tells the story of Min-Ah, played by Kim Gyu-ri, who spots a maroon diary near a water fountain at school. She’s late for class, and takes the diary with her. In class, Min-Ah opens the diary, and has a brief hallucinatory experience. The diary originally belonged to two girls that attended the same school, Hyo-Shin, played by Park Ye-Jin, and Si-Eun, played by Rie Young-Zin. The two girls seem to share a relationship that’s closer than even best friends. As Min-Ah becomes immersed in their world, a suicide occurs at school. Hyo-Shin leaps to her death from the roof of a school building. Soon, Hyo-Shin’s spirit unleashes unbridled terror upon her former school.

2. Afrika (2002)


The film was written by Kim Sung-Sil, Song Min-Ho, and Ko Hyun-Chang; and directed by Shin Seung-Soo. It was released on January 11, 2002 with a duration of 111 minutes. Africa, starring Lee Yo-Won as Ji-Won, Kim Gyu-ri as So-Hyun, Jo Eun-Ji as Young-Mi, and Rie Young-Zin as Jin-A.

This film tells the story about how, when they are dissatisfied with their lives, Ji-Won and So-Hyun decide to take a trip away from it all. They acquire a car from Su-Hyun’s deadbeat boyfriend Young-Bae, and he says it’s no trouble, he can easily borrow one.

Meanwhile a cop and a gangster are knee-deep in a poker game run amok. They’re down to the feelings, and have a final go at the pot. Naturally they lose, and another gangster walks off with their second weapons.

3. My Beautiful Days (2002)


The film was written by Choi Hong-Suk and directed by Lim Jong-Jae. It was released on March 15, 2002 with a 91 minute duration. In addition to Kim Gyu-ri as Hyun-Ji, the film also stars Kim Hyun-Sung as Jun-Yi and Bien Jeong-Min as Eun-Ji.

The film tells the story of public service worker Joon-Yi, who is about to be discharged in one month, who is involved with three women. Married woman Mi-Young is a county office official, obsessed with sex and Joon-Yi. Eun-Ji is Joon-Yi’s first love and she can not get over Joon-Yi. Meanwhile, Joon-Yi is interested in Eun-Ji’s younger sister Hyun-Ji because of her brightness, but he does not know who he really likes. After Joon-Yi is discharged from his public service work, he takes over a dry-cleaner business where Joon-Yi’s part-time worker, and all three women leave.