Full Profile of Kang Nam-gil: Wife, Movies, and TV Shows

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All About Korean Actor, Kang Nam-gil

Kang Nam-gil is a South Korean actor who debuted in 1966. He is known as a writer and an actor until now. He is still active as a senior actor and earned an award for veteran actors in 2009. He debuted as a young actor back in the day, and has been able to maintain his acting career until now. Let’s get know actor Kang Nam-gil.

Kang Nam-gil’s Full Profile and Facts

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Real Name = Kang Nam-gil

Birthday = August 27, 1958

Origin = Seoul, South Korea

Height = 178 cm

Weight = 63 kg

Occupation = Seoul, South Korea

Years Active = 1966 – Present

Agency = Live Code Entertainment



  1. He dropped out of Hangyang University when he wanted to learn the English language and literature.
  2. He is already married and has 1 son and 1 daughter.
  3. He debuted when he was 9 years old.
  4. He moved to England in 2000 along with his children after he divorced his wife.
  5. He had a heart disease.
  6. He had a comeback as an actor in 2004, after getting back from England.


Kang Nam-gil as a Writer

Kang nam-gil writer

He has enjoyed writing from a long time ago. He has already published several books. His last book was published in 2004 through YoungJin.com. Here is the list of the books that has published:

List of Kang Nam-gil’s Writing
Year Books Title Publisher
1998 Kang Nam-gil’s TV is Easier Than the Computer YoungJin.com
1999 Kang Nam-gil’s TV is Easier Than the Internet
2991 Kang Nam-gil’s Computer
Kang Nam-gil’s Internet
2003 New~ I Con Do! Kang Nam-gil’s Internet
2004 Kang Nam-gil’s Computers Are Easy to Learn
Kang Nam-gil’s Oh! My God


List of Kang Nam-gil’s Movies

kang nam-gil movie

Kang Nam-gil begin to act in the movies in 1969 as a child actor. He stopped acting in movies when moved to England. He came back and continued to act in 2005 in the movie “Jenny, Juno” as Juno’s father. He is still act working in the movie industry now and his last movie was in 2016. Here is the list of his appearances in movies until now.

List of Kang Nam-gil’s Movie
Year Movie Title Role
1969 School Excursion Island Child
1975 Graduating School Girls
1976 Prayer of a Girl
1977 K&J
Good Bye, Sir!
Our World
1983 The Memo of a 21-year-old Im Tae-hwan
1987 Gorgeous Transformation
1988 Don Quixote on Asphalt Son
Sunshine at Present Friend
1989 My Love, Don Quixote Min-ho (cameo)
Shinsa-dong Gigolo Dong-joon
1990 Hero Flash Chan (Red Flash)
1991 Longing for Love
The Night Full of Stars Woo Dong-sik
1992 His Excellency of Sae-al City Jo Jin-sang
2005 Jenny, Juno Juno’s father
2016 Chasing Police Commissioner