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Kang Ji-hwan and Yoon Eun-hye’s Couple in ‘Lie to Me’


A romantic comedy drama featuring Kang Ji-hwan and Yoon Eun Hye as lead actors was a big hit in its time slot back then. In “Lie To Me,” Kang plays the role of Hyun Ki-jun, the president and C.E.O of World Hotel who has a harsh personality, and ends up getting his perfect reputation tarnished because of a lie told by Gong Ah-jung (played by Yoon Eun-hye), a level five government employee.

One day, she meets an old friend So-ran, who has recently tied the knot with her first love. When So-ran teases her about being single, A-jeong, annoyed, abruptly says that she is married, igniting an imagined marriage. Her accidental fib takes concrete shape as it spreads through word of mouth, and her imaginary husband manifests as Hyeon Gi-jun, the owner of World Hotel (played by Kang Ji-hwan).

Yoon said her character is similar to other rom-com heroines. “A-jeong is more mature and passionate about her work than my previous characters,” Yoon said.

Some 80 percent of the scripts I receive are romantic comedies. I think it would be best to choose what people want to see from me.”

Gi-jun is the president of a hotel, and is a hardhearted person, so I try to exclude comical elements,” Kang said.

Kang and Yoon both said they knew they would eventually work together as co-stars.

I had a feeling that I would act with Yoon someday,” Kang said. Yoon said she once sat with Kang at the same table at an award ceremony. “I felt then that our acting careers would later overlap in the same drama,” she said.

The effect of their relationship was huge. There are many fans and shippers who came out of the drama, and they hope the onscreen couple would date as a real couple. Forums were filled with many comments praising their acting skills, and saying that the couple made the viewers feel flustered while watching their romantic interactions.

After the filming ended, the couple received many couple gifts sent by their fans. Both of them got various items, from dolls to wedding cakes. How sweet!

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