Full Profile of Jeong Ha-dam: Name, Height, Weight and Facts

jeong hadam

Get Closer to Korea Actress Jeong Ha-dam

Jeong Ha-dam is one of the most famous South Korean actress, with a lead role in Wild Flowers in 2015 and her second lead role in Steel Flower in 2016, in which she was praised for her outstanding performance by Variety. She was awarded the Rising Star Award to recognize new actors and actresses who have contributed to the film industry at the 2016 Max Movie Awards.

Jeong Ha-dam’s name may be a bit unfamiliar, and many still do not know about her, but Jeong Ha-dam is quite accomplished. In 2015 she won an Independent Star Award at the 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival, in 2016 she won the Rising Star Awards at the 11th Max Movie Awards, Best New Actress at the 36th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, and in 2017 she won Best Actress at 4th Wildflower Film Awards. Let’s take a look at the full profile of Jeong Ha-Dam!

Full Profile of Actress Jeong Ha-dam

jeong hadam

Real Name : Jeong Ha-dam

Date of Birth : February 28, 1994

Age : 24 years old

Profession : Actress

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 50 kg

Blood Type : N/A

Religion : N/A

Facts about Actress Jeong Ha-dam

jeong hadam
  1. While preparing to portray a homeless girl in the 2014 indie film “Wild Flower,” actress Jeong Ha-Dam spent several days ambling around whichever odd Seoul neighborhoods her feet would take her.
  2. In the 2015 film “Steel Flower,” Jeong Ha-Dam reprises the role of the young homeless wanderer, also named Ha-dam. “There’s no particular reason behind the name,” she said. “Director Park just felt that the name suited the character. And he also thought it would help bring a bit more exposure to an unknown actress.”
  3. Jeong Ha-Dam received praise for her portrayal, as the film attracted international attention. Director Francis Ford Coppola lauded the film’s “reliance on pure sound and image to expose the feelings of its beautiful protagonist” while awarding it the jury prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival in 2015.
  4. In high school, she tentatively joined the theater club, and felt that the process of putting on a play was something unique, “the combination of both an active and still energy perfect for me.”
  5. Jeong reprises the role of Ha-Dam in “Ash Flower,” set to hit local theaters this June. In the film, Ha-dam has now settled in a small farming commune. A young girl, much like herself, comes to the village in search for her father.