Jeon Moo-song’s Full Profile and Facts


Jeon Moo-song’s Profile

  • Name: Jeon Mu-Song
  • Hangul: 전무송
  • Birthdate: September 28, 1941
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 174 cm.
  • Blood Type: n/a

Jeon Moo-song’s Movies, Shows, and Awards



Year Title Role
1978 Acting Class
1981 Mandala Ji-san
1982 Abengo Airborne Corps Operations staff
Woman of Fire ’82
The Chrysanthemum and the Clown
1983 Women Don’t Fear the Night
1984 The Woman Who Shot the Man Jung In-ho
To My Children with Love
The Fire of Tandra Lawyer Moon
You Can’t Stop a Flowing River
1985 Adultery Tree
Deer Hunting
Graduation Journey
1986 Gilsoddeum
Hwang Jin-ie
Seoul Is Cloudy with Rain Showers
1987 Our Joyful Young Days
Prince Yeonsan
Gorgeous Transformation
Son of Wind
Hello, God
1988 Adada Father
The Chameleon’s Poem Poet Cheon
The Isle of Shiro Min-woo
1989 Come Come Come Upward Monk
Seoul Rainbow Artist Na
Gagman Director
Country of Fire Company president Shin
1990 Moonlight Over University Town Heo Byung-soo
My Love, My Bride Editor-in-chief
1991 Stairways of Heaven Jung Gi-seob
Beyond the Mountain Mu-bul
Silver Stallion Hwang Hun-jang
For Agnes Father Kim
Mary Jane
Fire and Blood Jung Sa-yong
1992 Bihwang Juk-san
Twenty Seven Roses Kyung-ja’s father
Easy Virtue
1993 In Your Name When the Morning Comes Jang-gil
A Honeymoon Trip
1994 In a Handful of Time Professor Lee
Young Lover Professor Oh
1995 Mugoonghwa – Korean National Flower Kim Hyung-jin
48 + 1 Hong-seok
1996 Love Story Man at furniture store
Albatross Soryeong
1997 D-Day
Robinson Crusoe ’97
(re-released in 2013 as Kid Cast Away 2013)
Old man
1998 Blues Sergeant Go
1999 White Valentine Kim Jeong-min’s grandfather
The Harmonium in My Memory Principal Hwang
Cinematographer Jung Il-sung:
색과 빛으로 조율하는 아픔!
Documentary interviewer
2001 Turtle Hero Dragon King
2002 Yesterday Priest
Dig or Die Jin-hee
2003 Garden of Heaven Choi Moon-do
A Little Monk Woodcutter
2007 Epitaph Professor Park Jung-nam (cameo)
M Bartender
2008 Little Prince Hee-soo’s father
Eye for an Eye Ahn Hyeok-tae (cameo)
2009 My Father Father
2010 Hear the Song of the Woods
2011 Beautiful Legacy Dr. Lee Myeong-sik
2012 Snow Is on the Sea Dr. Jo
2014 100 Great Years of Korean Cinema Documentary commentary
My Love, My Bride Pan Hae-il
2016 The Bacchus Lady Jae-woo
Curtain Call Jang Jin-tae
2017 The Bros Choon-bae (special appearance)