Full Profile of Im Ye-jin: Name, Height, Weight, Religion and Facts

List of Im Ye-jin’s Movie

Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin has appeared in 32 movies since her debut in 1974. She made her debut in a movie called Transgression. In 1975, she payed in 2 movies, Red Shoes and Graduating School Girls. In 1976, she appeared in 7 movies, Really Really Don’t Forget, Prayer of a Girl, Ever So Much Good!, I Really Have a Dream, Blue Classroom, I’m Really Really Sorry  and I’ve Never Felt Like This Before.

Her latest movie was Secret Love in 2010. Here’s a list of the movies that she has appeared.

  1. Secret Love (2010)
  2. My Mighty Princess (2008)
  3. Miss Gold Digger (2007)
  4. Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)
  5. Ssunday Seoul (2006)
  6. Windstruck (2004)
  7. The Classic (2003)
  8. Crack of the Halo (1998)
  9. Love’s Scribble (1988)
  10. A Fine, Windy Day (1980)
  11. Love Song in a Peanut Shell (1979)
  12. The Hey Days of Youth 77 (1979)
  13. Cheerful High School Class (1978)
  14. Fire (1978)
  15. Nobody Knows (1977)
  16. Our World (1977)
  17. I Really Really Like You (1977)
  18. The Double Rainbow Hill (1977)
  19. Goodbye, Sir! (1977)
  20. The First Snow (1977)
  21. When We Grow Up… (1977)
  22. Angry Apple (1977)
  23. I’ve Never Felt Like This Before (1976)
  24. I’m Really Really Sorry (1976)
  25. Blue Classroom (1976)
  26. I Really Have a Dream (1976)
  27. Ever So Much Good! (1976)
  28. Prayer of a Girl (1976)
  29. Really Really Don’t Forget (1976)
  30. Graduating School Girls (1975)
  31. Red Shoes (1975)
  32. Transgression (1974)

List of Im Ye-jin’s Variety Shows

Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin started her career in variety show programs in 1978. She was an MC of MBC Campus Song Festival from 1978 until 1981. From 1981 until 1982, she was an MC for a program called영11 that was airing on MBC. In 1995, she was an MC for a program called My Mom’s the Best.

She took a hiatus from variety shows for 10 years. In 2005, she appeared as panelist in a program called Vitamin. The next year, she was appeared as an MC in a program called Lee Jae-yong and Im Ye-jin’s Good Day. After her hiatus, she appeared on several shows as a panelist or an MC.

Her latest appearance is in variety show was King of Mask Singer. She appeared as a contestant in that singing competition program.

  1. Sunday Sunday Night Parody Theater “Temptation of the Legacy of the Queen of Housewives” (MBC, 2009)
  2. Quiz to Change the World (MBC, 2008-2010) – panelist
  3. Oasis (SBS, 2008) – MC
  4. Truth Game (SBS, 2005-2007) – panelist
  5. Vitamin (KBS2, 2006-2007) – panelist
  6. Lee Jae-yong and Im Ye-jin’s Good Day (MBC, 2006-2007) – MC
  7. My Mom’s the Best (GTV, 1995) – MC
  8. 영11 (MBC, 1981-1982) – MC
  9. MBC Campus Song Festival (1978, 1979, 1981) – MC
  10. King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2017) – Contestant as “The Goal Is Marriage Report Juliet” (episode 99)

Im Ye-jin’s Music Video Appearances

Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin has appeared in several music videos. Who’s music videos? What songs?

Check out the list below.

  • T-ara – “Roly-Poly” (2011)
  • Joo Hyun-mi and Seohyun – “Jjarajajja” (2009)
  • Psy feat. Snoop Dogg – “Hangover” (2014)

List of Im Ye-jin’s Theater Productions

Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin has performed in one play since her debut. It was in 2010. She was in the show I Really Really Like You .

  • I Really Really Like You(2010)


Im Ye-jin’s Radio Program Appearances

Im Ye-jin

Im Ye-jin was a DJ for TBC Radio’s The Lee Deok-hwa and Im Ye-jin Show from 1978 until 1979. After hosting a radio on TBC station, she was a DJ for MBC Radio for two shows. Song Chang-ho and Im Ye-jin’s Ode to Youth from 1981 until 1981, and Hopeful Music at Noon from 1980 until 1984.

  • Hopeful Music at Noon(MBC Radio, 1980-1984)
  • Song Chang-ho and Im Ye-jin’s Ode to Youth(MBC Radio, 1980-1981)
  • The Lee Deok-hwa and Im Ye-jin Show(TBC Radio, 1978-1979)

Im Ye-jin’s Nominations and Awards

Im Ye-jin

As a veteran actress, Im Ye-jin has won several awards. In her debut days, she won Best New Actress due to her role in a drama called Graduating School Girls. In 2007, she won Best TV Host because of her skill in hosting a program called Good Day. In 2008, she made an appearance on a program called Quiz to Change the World and she won the award of Best Entertainer at the MBC Entertainment Awards. A year later on the same award show, she won Female Excellence Award in Variety.

  • 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards: Female Excellence Award in Variety (Quiz to Change the World)
  • 2008 MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Entertainer Award (Quiz to Change the World)
  • 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Best TV Host (Good Day)
  • 1975 Grand Bell Awards: Best New Actress (Graduating School Girls)