Full Profile of Han Yeo-reum

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All About Actress Han Yeo-reum

Han Yeo-reum is a South Korean actress who is famous through her acting in movies. Even though she has also starring in several tv drama series, she is most well known for her roles in the movies “Kim Ki-Duk: Samaritan Girl”  and “The Bow”. Let’s learn more about the actress Han Yeo-Reum.


Han Yeo-reum’s Full Profile

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Real Name = Seo Min-Jeong

Birthday = October 25, 1983

Origin = South Korea

Height =  163 cm

Weight = 43 kg

Blood Type = A

Occupation =  Actress

Social Media = @hanyeorem | hanyeorem


Han Yeo-reum’s Fashion Impact

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Actress Han Yeo-reum always plays brave characters in everything she’s a part of and always appears beautiful and charming in her own way on every screen. But there isn’t really any news about her fashion impact other that a fictional character named Han Yeo-Reum played by Jung Yu-Mi in the drama “Discovery of Romance”.


List of Han Yeo-reum’s Films and Dramas 

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Han Yeo-reum has been rising as an actress since the movie Kim Ki-duk: Samaritan Girl in 2004. Most of the films that she has starred in are famous and popular. Here is the list of her appearances in movies and dramas up until now.

Han Yeo-Reum’s Movie List
Year Movie Title Role
2004 Kim Ki-duk: Samaritan Girl Jae-Yeong
2005 The Bow The Young Girl
2007 Fantastic Parasuicides Gina
2008 Crazy Waiting Jo Bi-Yang
2010 Sex Volunteer: Open Secret 1st Story Ye-Ri


Han Yeo-Reum’s Drama List
Year Network Drama Title Role
2002 MBC Nonstop 2
2003 KBS2 Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School!
2008 – 2009 SBS City of Glass Kang Hye-Young
2011 – 2012 MBC A Thousand Affections Chae Hee-Soo
2012 KBS2 Drama Special: Do You Know Taekwondo? [TV Movies] Won-Seon