Full Profile of Park Yoochun’s Partner in “Rooftop Prince”, Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min and Park Yoo-chun


The couple from Rooftop Prince was gaining a lot of praises for how they performed in the drama. Park Yoo-chun revelaed his interest in his co-star in an interview.

If it’s a girl like Han Ji Min, I don’t think I will receive negative comments, even if I decide to publicly date her.” This was what JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun stated during a recent interview, when asked about Han Ji-min.

Prior to this interview, Han Ji Min also stated in her own interview, “Yoochun worked so hard that I felt guilty for being prejudiced toward him because he was originally a singer. He is an actor with one of the best work ethics.” Likewise, Yoochun did not hold back with his praise for Han Ji Min.

He said, “Since she is so easy-going, it was very comfortable to act with her. Even kissing scenes weren’t that hard. We spent four months filming this drama, and it seemed like I knew her for over ten years. That’s how comfortable she was to me. When she was Park Ha, I wanted to hug her, but when she came back to herself as Ji Min nuna, she was the one who took care of me. She always laughed harder and cried harder at my parts. She always pulled me forward.”


The interviewer asked Yoochun, “Have you ever viewed Han Ji Min as a woman you’d like to date?” He laughed as he answered, “Not at all. But honestly, even I can see how we would fit well together. That’s the viewer’s reaction as well. I even thought, ‘If I date this kind of person publicly, people would actually like it and cheer for it’ since everyone kept saying we looked good together.”

Finally, the interviewer said, “Han Ji Min once said that she couldn’t imagine a singing Park Yoo Chun.” Then Yoochun replied, “I’ve heard that too. It was unexpected. I’ve never thought of myself that way. So for a moment, I was blank. Whether I am engaged as a singer or an actor, I focus on each part of myself at that certain time. Anyhow, the steps have been laid out so I really hope that our music and appearance on broadcast will be able to happen soon.

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Han Ji-min in Rooftop Prince


Actress Han Ji Min hit the jackpot by scoring the main female role on SBS’s 2012 drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’! Han was lucky to be surrounded by four flower boy co-stars, one of which was JYJ’s Yoochun.

Han Ji Min expressed, “No matter what we film, it’s a fun experience to film with these cool people. Usually, I work with just with one or two actors; this time, I’m with four flower boy actors. I feel like I received a lot of luck.”

She continued, “Yoochun comes and gives encouragement before the other male actors; he always makes the filming atmosphere comfortable, which in turn makes the set fun. We’re having fun filming.

As for the story, Han Ji Min explained that it’s an “emotional melodrama with comedic elements. It’s important for the five actors to match and understand each other well.”


‘Rooftop Prince’ follows the story of a Crown Prince (Yoochun) who lost his Princess — he’s transported 300 years into the future with his royal entourage (Jung Suk Won, Lee Min Ho, Choi Woo Shik), where he finds a girl who looks just like his beloved princess.

Rooftop Prince is a popular drama, which has brought Han Ji-min success. Her acting garnered a lot of praise, and lead to her being nominated for awards. Fans were excited about her role with Yoo-chun, and not to mention the actual plot of the drama.