Full Profile of Park Yoochun’s Partner in “Rooftop Prince”, Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min


Han Ji min is a 35 year old South Korean actress who started her career in show business while still a high school student. She did various commercial films (CF) and music videos before gaining wider attention in 2003, when she appeared on hit Korean television dramas All In and Dae Jang Geum. Han said she hadn’t dreamed of becoming a serious actress, but changed her mind after starring in All In, where she played the teenage counterpart of the drama’s main character, played by popular actress Song Hye-kyo. Another of Han’s hit dramas is Rooftop Prince, where she played the lead female with Park Yoo Chun, member from boy group JYJ and also a popular actor.

The popularity of that show earned Han a huge fan base in Japan, and won her six awards at various award shows. She was recently featured on many popular shows including ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’, ‘Dramaworld’, and ‘Jealousy Incarnate’. Besides her popular acting skill, she was also an idol guest on numerous shows, including Running Man. She is listed as one of the best female guests on Running Man.

Han Ji-min on Running Man


After gaining much love and appreciation from appearing on the drama Rooftop prince with JYJ’s Yoochun, Han Ji-min greeted fans through a variety show, SBS’s ‘Running Man’. Fans spotted the actress filming for an upcoming episode of ‘Running Man’, and she was seen with a few of the cast members while wearing the usual visible name tag on her back.

A representative of her agency, AM Entertainment, confirmed stating, “The recording for her appearance on ‘Running Man’ began on the 22nd in Jeju Island and is scheduled to continue today (23rd). Han Ji Min is currently enjoying filming with the ‘Running Man’ cast members.”


Many viewers are highly anticipating the upcoming episode, as the actress is known to rarely appear on variety programs. They commented, “I can’t wait to see her interact with the cast members”, “It would’ve been better if she was featured in an episode with Yoochun”, “‘Running Man’ has the best guests!” and more.

Han Ji-min’s List of Movies


Here is a list of Han Ji-min’s movies that you should watch!

  • Keys To The Heart | Geugeotmani Nae Sesang (2018) – Ga-Yool
  • Miss Baek (2017)
  • The Age of Shadows | Miljung (2016) – Yun Gye-Soon
  • Salut D’Amour | Jangsoosanghwe (2015) – Min-Jung (Geum-Nim’s daughter)
  • The Fatal Encounter | Yeokrin (2014) – Queen Jungsoon
  • The Plan Man | Peulraenmaen (2014) – Yoo So-Jung
  • Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow | Joseon Myungtamjung : Gakshituku Ggotui Biil
  • (2011) – Han Kaek-Ju
  • Cadaver | Haebuhak Gyosil (2007) – Sun-Hwa
  • Blue Swallow | Cheung Yeon (2005) – Lee Jung-Hee

Han Ji-min’s Plastic Surgery

Do you think Han Ji-min’s did something to her face? Because she is a South Korean actress, many people are questioning whether Han Ji-min’s face is naturally beautiful or if she changed her appearance through surgery.

Han Ji Min‘s old pictures, entitled “Natural Beauty Han Ji Min’s Graduation Photos”, appeared on several online community forums. The pictures that were revealed are Han Ji Min’s yearbook pictures from elementary, junior high, and high school.


The pictures display Han Ji Min’s unchanging beauty. She does not look any different from current self, just younger and wearing school uniforms. In particular, her starry eyes and firmly pressed lips add some brilliance to her already beautiful face. Netizens commented, “She is a true natural beauty,” “Her face remained the same, she just grew taller,” and “she was so adorable when she was young, too.”

But some people think that Han Ji-min might have possibly had Botox injections in order achieve the young appearance of her face. But it is a more normal for idols and celebrities to have botox injections, because they need to have flawless skin, and look younger than their age.

What do you think about Han Ji-min’s pre-debut pictures?