Full Profile of Han Ji-hye: Husband, Age, Height, Movies and TV Shows

Han Ji-hye’s Movies and TV-Shows

Han Ji-hye’s Movies – Saving My Hubby (2002)

saving my hubby

Saving My Hubby is Ji-hye’s first film as a supporting cast member. The film was written and directed by Hyeon Nam-Seob which was released on October 11, 2002 with a duration of 92 minutes.

The film tells the story of Geum-soon, played by Bae Du-Na, once a top-ranked volleyball player, now a common housewife with a six-month-old daughter and an awkward husband, played by Kim Tae-Woo. On the first day, her husband went to work and she spent the day taking care of her little daughter who never stopped crying. While Gum-soon was busy cleaning her house after hearing her mother-in-law was coming the next day, she gets a phone call from the club that they have caught her husband for unpaid bills. Amid mercilessly threatening the gang at the club, Geum-soon rushes out into the night streets with her baby on her back. It’s past midnight with less than three hours before her mother-in-law arrives. In the bleakest part of Seoul, Geum-soon’s husband is practically arrested for a ransom of alcohol he does not drink. Geum-soon does not know where the bar is, the two gangs that compete chase her, the pot boils at home, and her daughter cries while Geum-jumps over trash cans in the dark alleyways. It’s an all-night job for Geum-soon who’s having the worst day of his life.

Han Ji-hye’s Movies – Singles (2003)


In the movie Singles, Han Ji-Hye plays the role of Ji-Hye. The film was written by Toshio Kamata (novel), Noh Hye-Young, Park Hyun-Soo, and directed by Kwon Chil-In and was released on July 4, 2003 with a duration of 110 minutes.

This film tells the story of Na-Nan who has known her best friends Dong-Mi and Jung-Joon since childhood, and  the trio shares the ups and downs of their turbulent single lives together. But everything gets turned on end when Dong-Mi and Jung-Joon end up in bed together! Should the longtime friends make it official or call it a mistake? Na Nan has a job offer and a marriage proposal from the charming Soo-Heon to consider, and her twenties are fast coming to end.

Han Ji-Hye’s Movies – My Boyfriend is Type-B (2005)


In the film My Boyfriend is Type-B, Han Ji-Hye plays the lead role, Ji-Hye plays Ha-Mi. Ji-Hye and Lee Dong-Gun act as lovers. The film is written by Choi Seok-Won, Shin Jung-Goo, Kang Cheol-Woo, and directed by Choi Seok-Won. My Boyfriend is Type-B was released on February 3, 2005 with a duration of 96 minutes.

This film tells the story Ha-Mi, played by Han Ji-Hye, a university student who believes in destiny and true love. She meets Young-Bin, played by Lee Dong-Gun, by chance and falls in love with him at first sight. Unfortunately, Young-Bin has blood type B, which is believed to be undesirable for Ha-Mi’s blood type A. Young-Bin, though, woos Ha-Mi with presents, but he also shows a cheap and selfish side. Ha-Mi decides to break up with him. Young-Bin realizes he loves Ha-Mi and tries to win her back.

Han Ji-Hye’s Movies – Humming (2008)


In 2008, Han Ji-Hye returned to the big screen, and played a leading role. In the Humming movie, Han Ji-Hye plays the role of Mi-Yeon and acts alongside Lee Chun-Hee. The film is written by Park Dae-Yeong, Jung Sun-Joo, and directed by Park Dae-Yeong. Humming was released on March 13, 2008 with a duration of 96 minutes.

This film tells the story of Jun-Seo, played by Lee Chun-Hee and Mi-Yeon, played by Han Ji-Hye who have been dating for a long time. Jun-Seo grows tired of his girlfriend’s unfailing love, and volunteers to do research work in Antartica. One day, Mi-Yeon visits him, but he runs away, only to find out that she had been injured in a car accident the day before. Did she really come to meet him after falling into a coma? Jun-Seo realizes her love and preciousness by retracing her steps.

Han Ji-hye’s Movies – Blades of Blood (2010)


After her previous films, Han Ji-hye’s name became more popular and known to many in the public as a talented actress. In 2010 in Blades of Blood, Han Ji-hye plays the lead role of Baek-Ji. Han Ji-Hye performs with other actors such as Cha Seung-Won, Hwang Jung-Min, and Baek Sung-Hyun. The film is written by Park Heung-Yong (comic), Jo Chul-Hyun, Oh Seung-Hyun, Choi Suk-Hwan, and directed by Lee Joon-Ik.

This film tells the story of Korea in a state of chaos. Japan will soon invade this land of ginseng, and it seems the king has no power to resist. At such a precarious moment, it takes a figure with high authority and an ability to raise the people’s spirit.

Is a Lee Mong-Hwak, played by Cha Seung-Won who is sure to save Korea from the Japanese invasion. For that he must kill the king, and claim Korea as the country he leads. Lee Mong-Hwak could not have done it alone. He needs help and who else can help Lee Mong-Hwak if not Hwang Jeong-Hak, played by Hwang Jung-Min, a good friend of his.

Although Hwang Jeong-Hak looks like a beggar, he is actually a magical warrior. Hwang Jeong-Hak can not see, but it does not mean he can be underestimated. Initially both are friends, but the death of close friend Hwang Jeong-Hak by the hand of Lee Mong-Hwak make two people who originally reside in the same camp became hostile.

Han Ji-hye’s TV Shows – Sweet 18 (2004)


At Sweet 18, Han Ji-hye plays the role of Yoon Jung-sook. This drama airs on KBS2. It is about Yoon Jung-Sook, played by Han Ji-Hye, who is an eighteen-year-old, dreamy, lively school girl. One day, she encounters a mysterious man in traditional Korean clothing on the streets who carries a piece of literature that her quite famous grandfather treasured. Despite not being able to see his face, she falls head-over-heels in love with him and vows to marry him. Kwon Hyuk-Joon, played by Lee Dong-Gun, is the heir of the Kwon clan. He is ten years older than Jung-Sook, and already a prosecutor. Jung-Sook finds out that Hyuk-joon is the mysterious man with whom she fell in love with and willingly marries him. She becomes a housewife while her friends continue to attend college.

Two worlds clash as Jung-Sook is still an immature teenager and Hyuk-joon is a grown man. However, slowly, they become attracted to each other and fall in love, despite the fact that Jung-Sook is pursued by a school mate and Hyuk-joon meets his first love again, who wants him back. Jung-Sook has a lot to learn about the ancient traditions of the family of her husband and what it means to be married to a first-born son, but in the end, they are deeply in love with each other. Jung-sook gives birth to twins, and starts a sewing business. Hyuk-joon continues working as a prosecutor in the police force in Seoul.