Full Profile of Han Ji-hye: Husband, Age, Height, Movies and TV Shows

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General Information about Actress Han Ji-hye

Han Ji-hye is a South Korean actress who debuted as a model in 2001. Born Lee Ji-hye, she used the stage name “Han Ji-hye” upon learning that her real name would cause confusion among fans because an older actress, Lena Lee, also has the same Korean name.

Han Ji-Hye debuted in the entertainment world as a model. Shortly after working as a model, Han directly crossed into the world of acting. Her first role was as an extras in the TV drama Great Luck Family (2002-2003). In Summer Scent (2003), she appears to accompany the main stars such as Song Seung-heon, Son Ye-jin, and Ryu Jin. From her debut in 2001 until now, Ji-Hye has earned many awards such as in 2001 at Supermodel Contest she was awarded  Dodo Makeup Award, then Best New Actress, Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama at KBS Drama Awards, and many more . Let’s see the full profile of Han Ji-Hye.

Han Ji-hye’s Height

han jihye

Before debuting as an actress, Han Ji-hye worked as a model so she had to have sufficient height, Han Ji-hye has a height of about 171 cm. She uploaded this picture on her Facebook, and wrote, “I wore heels and look at the height difference with the staff .hahaha.”

In the picture, Han Ji-hye is wearing a white tube top dress, and is standing next to two staff members. She was a super model in the past, and she is still showing off her slim and tall body.

Netizens commented, “Wow I guess she’s different since she was a model,” “that’s embarrassing for them,” “she has the best proportions.”

What do you think? Han Ji-hye looks very elegant, does she not?

Full Profile of Actress Han Ji-hye

han jihye

Real Name : Han Ji-Hye (before Lee Ji-Hye)

Date of Birth : June 29, 1984

Profession : Model and Actress

Age : 33 years old

Height : 171 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Blood Type : A

Zodiac : Cancer

Agency :  KEYEAST

Religion : Christiant Protestant

Hobbies : Playing computer games

Skill : Playing flute and dancing

Education : Gyongsin Girls’ High School, Sejong University (Film and Art degree)